A tattoo machine is an essential piece of equipment for a tattoo artist. The power supply for the tattoo machine assists in converting the AC electricity from the outlet into low-voltage DC, which is then utilized to power the tattoo machine. The power supply stabilizes the current for the tattoo machine needle to go up and down smoothly without experiencing any jolts.

Here we are going to discuss three good products. The modern machine includes a foot paddle and wireless connectivity. Tattoo artists frequently have hand problems and put in two to three hours a day of uninterrupted work.

What to Know Before Buying a Tattoo Power Supply Machine?

Before buying a tattoo power machine you need to understand what type of machine you want. Ask yourself a few questions before buying it like,

  • Choosing the voltage that you need.
  • The mood of the display to a power supply
  • Tattoo power source
  • Size
  • Cost performance

Choosing the Right Machine

Investing in expert advice can prevent a lot of wasteful expenditures. Therefore, your best bet is to study the purchasing guide before making a purchase. As power supplies advance, more tattoo artists are using wireless tattoo pens as their first option. Additionally, because it is lightweight, portable, and useful, it may allow tattoo artists to concentrate more on their designs.

1. Peak Surge Tattoo Power Supply Machine with Wireless Foot Paddle Switch

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This is a fantastic package that includes a set of Peak Radix wireless tattoo machine footswitches and Peak Surge tattoo power supply machines. designed with RF technology for wireless pairing. Tap the Radix with your foot to activate continuous mode then tap it once more to exit. Hold the Radix down with your foot to tattoo in momentary mode and pull it up to cease tattooing. The Radix, which is composed of a high-quality zinc alloy, will be able to survive normal wear and tear in your shop.

Technical Specifications:

  • Net Weight: 160g
  • 4” Diameter
  • Rechargeable with USB-C cable
  • Charge complete in 1 hour
  • very robust zinc alloy body
  • Lightweight and small, ideal for artists who travel.
  • utilizes RF technology to wirelessly connect to the Peak Surge Power Supply.

Some key Features of the Surge:

  • Metal tattoo power supply that is sturdy
  • On the touchscreen interface, simple voltage adjustments are possible.
  • includes a full-color TFT display as well.
  • Magnets built within the workstation attach to any ferrous metal surface.
  • 10v in 0.2 seconds for a tattoo utilizing the jumpstart feature.
  • LED rim lighting that adapts to voltage variations in color
  • tattoo utilizing two machines and two RCA inputs
  • further links to conventional wired foot switches
  • Small and light for easy transportation

Some key Features of the Radix:

  • Zinc alloy body with extreme durability; withstands normal wear and tear
  • Using a USB-C cable, a full charge takes one hour.
  • runs for up to two months on a single charge.
  • Small and light for easy transportation
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2. Peak Radix Wireless Tattoo Power Machine with Foot Paddle

 Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

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The Radix can be turned on and off or tattooed in continuous + momentary modes. Tap the Radix with your foot to activate the continuous mode, then tap it once more to exit. When you want to quit tattooing, lift the Radix while holding it down with your foot to work in brief mode. This wireless footswitch’s ultra-durable zinc alloy construction ensures that it will withstand frequent use. Additionally, it has a 2-month battery life on a single charge. The Radix is specifically made to work with our Peak Surge Power Supply for a cord-free arrangement. Since the two couples have reliable RF signaling, there won’t be interferences or power outages.

Technical specification

  • Net Weight: 160g
  • 4” Diameter
  • very robust zinc alloy body
  • utilizes RF technology to wirelessly connect to the Peak Surge Power Supply.
  • USB-C cable-rechargeable
  • Charges fully in around one hour.
  • Runs for up to two months on a single charge.
  • Lightweight and small, ideal for artists who travel.
  • Purchase the Peak Surge + Radix together right here.

Some key features of Radix:

  • Zinc alloy body with extreme durability; withstands normal wear and tear
  • Using a USB-C cable, a full charge takes one hour.
  • runs for up to two months on a single charge.
  • Small and light for easy transportation

3. RCA Wireless Battery Power Supple Machine

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It’s a really good product. When fully charged, the Element RCA Battery Pack Wireless Tattoo Power Supply Wireless RCA Battery Pack may be used for 9–10 hours of tattoo time, enabling you to perform smaller or larger tattoos for your clients without having to struggle with RCA or clip cables or utilize clip cord covers. Minimum Voltage: 5.0V Maximum Voltage: 12.0V Adjustable Voltage: 0.1V Display Shows Current Voltage with the Letter “V” Up Arrow Symbol for Increasing Voltage Down Arrow Symbol for Decreasing Voltage

Technical specification

  • Net weight: 70g
  • Material: Acrylic and an alloy of aluminum.
  • Battery: 3 550mAh lithium batteries totaling 1650mAh are used as lithium batteries.
  • Quick charging takes 1.5 to 2 hours, while full charging can take up to 5 hours.
  • The battery power level and output voltage are shown on the LCD.
  • Output voltage: 1-8 gears indicating 5-12V, and it is changeable from RCA or DC interface power to the permanent makeup machines.
  • For this wireless battery’s power source, use a USB cord.

Some key features

  • 8 to 10 hours every day.
  • Voltage Speed, Battery Life, and Timer on an easy LCD.
  • Press a simple, soft silicone button to modify the machine’s voltage or turn it on or off.

4. Darklab Hover Tattoo Power Supply Machine with Two Cordless Digital USB ports

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With its practical spherical design, screen in the center, and, to top it off, Bluetooth capabilities, the Hover makes your life simpler. By connecting to the Dark Lab app, you can monitor the time left on a tattoo, modify the voltage with your voice, get the newest firmware upgrades, and more. With two input ports, you may connect two machines at once, which is ideal for tattoo artists who utilize various machines in a single session. The Hover remembers the voltage you were working at when you stopped tattooing, and you can save up to 9 different programmed banks using the bank management system. These banks are ideal for setting voltages for various tattoo stages including lining, coloring, and shading because they save time.

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Technical specification

  • Net Weight: 224g
  • Dimensions: 84.8 mm (3.4″)
  • Diameter: 33.6 mm (1.3″) Height

Comes with.

  • Darklabs Hover Power Supply Unit
  • Product Manual
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • US Power Cord and adapter

Key features

  • The touch-free power supply that is comfortable and simple to use
  • Avoid cross-contamination.
  • By using air movements, you may change the voltage.
  • You can connect to the Dark Lab mobile app using Bluetooth, which is available for iOS and Android.
  • You may check tattoo time, modify voltage using voice commands, and get firmware updates using the Darklab mobile app.
  • 9 programmable banks allow you to save the chosen voltage and return to it at any moment.
  • Two input ports make it possible to connect two separate tattoo machines, which is ideal for artists that employ a variety of tools.
  • Compatible with the footswitch
  • USB ports for charging devices like smartphones, tablets, and DarkLab power supplies
  • Depending on the type of needle used, the output voltage ranges from 2 to 17
  • readout for machine voltage
  • magnetic anti-slip base
  • Toto keeps track of time and set a timer on the screen.

` FAQs

Is a tattoo power supply machine necessary?

The controlled flow of electricity from each brand’s goods to your machine is what each of the several power supply options offers. As a result, you can tattoo considerably more quickly and steadily than you could if you weren’t using power.

Is it important to have the right tattoo machine?

The same holds for tattooing. Tattooing techniques vary between machines. Having a decent tattoo machine will make it simpler for you to design stunning tattoos on your client’s skin, whether you’re choosing your first machine or expanding to your collection.

What volt is good for a tattoo power supply machine?

The electrical source used for tattoos will have a voltage of between 8 and 12 volts, while some unusual low voltage sources may be as low as 3 volts. Voltages of up to 20 volts are available from other portable power sources.

Why the power supply is not working?

This typically occurs when the worn-out wire in a cord loses connectivity. For instance, a tattoo power machine that had a detachable wire that was supposed to be attached to the voltage switch may have been pulled on while it was still hooked to the wall.


We compare all these four power supply machines then we can see the Peak Radix Wireless Tattoo Power Machine is better and comes with a foot paddle in addition. the key features are fantastic and the customer review is also very good. Plus, its working capacity is nice. Also, it has a quick charging capability and performs fruitfully with a low voltage.


These were in-depth feature discussions about these four tattoo power supply machine products. All of them are good basically. Different prospects have their point of view to buy these products. Hope you liked this article and let us know your thoughts. Share it with your friends if you think he/she will be benefited from this.


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