The tattoo has been known as art for over a decade. For many reasons, people like to wear tattoos for religious purposes, for protection, to show love to their favorite person, and so on there are many types of tattoos, like black rose, traditional, watercolor, Japanese, etc. In this article, you will be able to learn about tiger tattoos.

Tiger Shoulder Tattoo


 What Is It?

For many, tiger tattoos represent more power, strength, and good luck. Getting a tattoo on your body with the face of a traditional tiger is considered a tiger tattoo.  According to Japanese history, the tiger tattoo was a charm for protection and spirituality. Moreover, the tattoo was used as a punishment for criminals and enslaved people while directly referring to the social status of social groups. But now, it has become a part of their culture.

Types Of Tiger Tattoos!

There are many types of tiger tattoos. For example

  • Tiger face tattoo
  • Black face tiger tattoo
  • Roaring tiger tattoo
  • Korean tiger tattoo
  • Tiger flower tattoo
  • Samurai tiger tattoo
  • Tiger lily tattoo
  • Chinese tiger tattoo and so on….

What Is The Meaning Of A Tiger Tattoo?

As we know, tattoo symbols make people feel more powerful, strength full like the black tiger symbol makes people feel more like royalty, unique, protective, and generous. A black tiger tattoo helps people overcome their trauma and become confident.

Tiger Black Design


What Is The Symbol Of A Tiger Tattoo According To Japanese Culture?

In Japanese culture, the tiger symbolizes autumn and the north. It generally comes from Chinese culture. In Chinese culture, it was believed that the tiger controls the wind, the dragon controls water, and the turtle with a snake tail contains the earth.

Angry Tiger Tattoo


Does A Tiger Tattoo Consider As Good Luck?

As in Japanese history, Tiger tattoo makes people feel strong and courageous. It also protects people from bad luck and evil spirit. It also stands for long life. Moreover, in Chinese culture, a tiger tattoo is considered good luck.

In Which Body Part Can People Get A Colorful Tiger Tattoo?

People usually prefer tattoos on their chest, back, upper arms, forearms, and ankles. Getting a colorful tiger tattoo on the shoulder will make people more unique; it shows a person’s confidence and strength.

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Tiger Green Eye Tattoo


What Kinds Of People Should Get Tiger Tattoos?

While getting a tattoo, you don’t need any public opinion. It’s your opinion, your choice. If you feel unsafe, lack courage, and think you should get a tattoo that could help you become confident, you should get a tiger tattoo. And for placement, it’s obviously up to you. You can get it on your arms, chest, or ankles wherever you like. The main things that should be in mind are the design and the size.

What Kind Of Tattoo Ink Should Be Used On A Tiger Tattoo?

Suppose it’s a colorful tattoo; it should be standard orange with black stripes. It will make the tattoo looks more realistic. If it is not bright, black ink should be applied.


1. Tiger Hand Tattoo

Tiger Hand Tattoo


a colorful tiger face tattoo on the hand makes the hand look more efficient and attractive. Moreover, it helps to be courageous. With the different colors of ink, the tiger tattoo looks more beautiful.

2. Tiger Arm Tattoo

Tiger Arm Tattoo


In this picture, the black face tiger while roaring in position on the arm reminds us of strength and confidence. 

3. Japanese Forearm Tiger Face Tattoo

Japanese Forearm Tiger Face Tattoo


This tattoo is designed with black and gray ink by an experienced tattoo artist. The incredible color match of black and gray competition up with Japanese culture. The Tiger tattoo on the forearm has been on trend for a long time. The tiger face tattoo has a different reflection on the forearm. It gives cool vibes with incredible looks.

4. Black and Gray Ink Thigh Tattoo

Black and Gray Ink Tiger Tattoo


In tattoo art, colorful inks play an essential role. Most Japanese artists prefer to use black and gray tattoos because these two inks give a different vibrant to the tattoo, especially if it’s a tiger face and tiger body tattoo. The artwork’s various details are highlighted with black ink, and the eyes are highlighted with gray ink.

5. Yokai Japanese Tiger Tattoo

Yokai Japanese Tiger Tattoo


It’s a famous Japanese tiger tattoo. In Japan, ‘yokai’ means demons or ghosts. Now tattoo artists are drawing yokai with the mixing of tigers’ faces or bodies. Japanese people believe that demons are real, and it’s a part of their culture. To show their beliefs, they get this kind of tattoo with a mix of a tiger’s face and body. 

6. Girl And Tiger Face Tattoo

Girl And Tiger Face Tattoo


In this tattoo, a tiger in a roaring position and the face of a beautiful girl make the tattoo so perfectly gorgeous with the use of black and white ink. The artist uses white ink to show the clear, sharp line, which adds extra glamor to the tattoo.

7. Tiger And Butterfly Tattoo

Tiger And Butterfly Tattoo


The butterfly is a beautiful nature creation, and the tattoo artist is now trying to art this beautiful creation in their artwork with a mix of tiger faces, which was shown in this picture.

8. Japanese Samurai Tiger Tattoo

Japanese Samurai Tiger Tattoo


In Japan, samurai means nobility or warrior. If people want to show their sovereignty with courage and strength, they could have this mixed tattoo, which helps them represent themselves. This kind of tattoo allows people to overcome challenges in their own life.

9. Large-Scale Tiger Tattoo

Large-Scale Tiger Tattoo


This picture represents the tiger with nature in the back of the person. It’s also called a full-body tattoo, which takes the whole backside for the artwork. A simple full-body tiger tattoo with unique art or a tattoo artist

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10. Japanese Tiger Paw Tattoo

Japanese Tiger Paw Tattoo


 The tiger’s paw is prolonged, prepared to snatch anything in its lane. Tigers’ paws are the most dangerous thing in the world, and it’s a deadly thing. And those people that like to show their danger have this kind of tattoo on their arm. With colorful ink on the paws, the tattoo looks amazing.

11. Traditional Japanese Tiger Dragon Tattoo

Traditional Japanese Tiger Dragon Tattoo


The Japanese tiger dragon tattoo is one of the alternatives of Yin Yan symbols representing the reality of the universe where the dragon and the tiger are opposite fighters. These two different straight whole animals with courage have now become a part of Japanese tattoo design.

12. Japanese Tiger Back Tattoo

Japanese Tiger Back Tattoo


This picture shows that the tiger is approaching from behind as if it’s going to attack someone. Nowadays, females are also becoming interested in getting tattoos; most females get tattoos on their necks, back, and shoulders. This picture shows a tiger full body tattoo on the back that looks attractive and courageous

13. Black & White Ink Japanese Tiger Arm Tattoo

Black & White Ink Japanese Tiger Tattoo


In this small-size tattoo, the tiger looks more affectionate because of using black and white ink on the tiger’s body. The black ink highlights the body structure of the tiger with an apparent sharpness. Usually, tattoo artists use black ink to highlight the tattoo line, but nowadays, they also use white ink to make it gorgeous.

14. Tiger Lily Tattoo

Tiger Lily Tattoo


Tiger’s face with a colorful blooming lily makes the perfect combination for tattoo artists. Nowadays, it’s on-trend. The Tiger lily tattoo symbolizes wealth and positivity.

15. Tiger Leg Tattoo

Tiger Leg Tattoo


With incredible artwork, this full-body tiger in hunting looks tattoo design flows from the hip to the portion. This piece would look great as part of a sleeve or forearm design.

16. Snake And Tiger Tattoo

Snake And Tiger Tattoo


a snake and tiger tattoo can be some symbol of overcoming the toxicity of life as tiger means bravery and snake means temptation. It could be a unique, meaningful tattoo.

17. Tiger Crown Tattoo

Tiger Crown Tattoo


Tigers are called the king of the jungle. The crown shows leadership, dominance, and power. So both these things naturally go with each other.

18. Tiger Stomach Tattoo

Tiger Stomach Tattoo


It can be painful to get the tattoo on the stomach, but it will let you get creative with the finishing. You can choose a small, simple tiger tattoo to reduce your pain. Getting a stomach tattoo will help you cover your stomach and let you show your body art whenever you want.

19. White Tiger Tattoo

White Tiger Tattoo


The white tiger is a symbol of beauty. White tigers have always been popular since then as they symbolize autumn. Getting a white tiger tattoo shows pride, power, sensuality, and passion.

20. Tiger Cub Tattoo

Tiger Cub Tattoo


Tiger cubs look innocent and fragile. This can be done for the sake of cuteness or can be a symbol of power. A tiger cub tattoo represents youth, playfulness, and many other things.


The tiger tattoo is an aesthetic symbol providing unusual designs that inspire people to become braver and more confident. The information given above about tiger tattoos will help you make a decision.

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