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Tattoo Twist: Helpful Guide to Tattooing

Short Description: Meaningful tattoo design, getting guide, aftercare tips, and more about tattooing for artists & lovers.

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About Founder:

I am James Dalton specializes in developing research-based content on the body art industry. And has 2 years of good experience in blogging.


  • IBMS Body Art (Tattoo) Certification


My Contribution (Tattoo Twist)

  • Content Editing
  • SEO Friendly Writing
  • Topic/Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
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Authors & Members:

Amelia O’Kelly: I am Amelia O’Kelly working with this tattoo site for more than 1 year. My contribution to this site started with writing user-friendly tattoo content based on good technical research. I did not stop then instead I engaged more strategically with the tattoo industry. I am not bragging about myself, but those are my capabilities to create something innovative I have adequate experience working in the tattoo industry, such as joining a few tattoo places in California & New York.

Edwin: Hi, this is Brown Edwin,
I’m crazy about finding beauty. I’ve always liked discovering beauty in everything, even as a little child. In everything, actually, including the meals, people, places, and interior design. Since my childhood, I loved to scratch whatever comes to my mind. No matter if it was real or fake. Since I’m a very visual person, visiting the New York Tattoo convention 2008 was like finding the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for me. Whenever I had some free time while traveling, whether in the morning or at night, I always used to read articles about Tattoo conventions to find new sources of inspiration. I participated in several tattoo conventions in the USA where I was able to meet experts and share my ideas with them. It helped me to learn a lot!

If I describe myself, I’m technical excellence, Esthetic tastes, Skills to draw and design, and an attitude to serve. My objective is to produce stunning, enduring artwork that will remain in the public eye and be cherished forever by our customers. With a little more than six years of experience, I’m eager to take on tasks that will challenge him, bring attention to his sharp lines, and highlight his imaginative designs. My passion to study is a major aspect of who I am, and I frequently attend conferences and guest spots to broaden my knowledge and abilities.

I had tattooed almost everywhere in the United States and I had been a guest at more than 15 convocations.
Currently, I’m working with this awesome team of Tattoo Twist where I can explore more with these fantastic people. Every day is a fun day when we work. I wanted to be an Engineer but my hobby made me a Tattoo artist. I think I made a good decision!

Besides that, I’m a photographer and like to travel a lot. Also, I started blogging regarding tattoo stuff which you can read on this website. It feels good to give answers to your questions and sometimes difficult questions also help me a lot to learn something new properly.

Looking for a good future trying my best to learn more from experts and also create something big for myself. Probably an own shop. But let’s see. Still enjoying where I am. My only motto is to make my clients happy and make a perfect piece of art just like how they want me to make it.

I also like to customize tattoos for them. I’m happy with some of my regular clients and I’m good at networking to make my people happy with the service. Very soon I’m also going to participate in the upcoming Tattoo convocations in USA and Taiwan. Hope the upcoming years will be better to learn and deliver you guys something more special works and articles regarding different types of tattoos. Stay connected and let us know your thoughts. Catch my other friends from Tattoo twists who are also doing very well in this sector. Surely their stories will be also interesting.

Mark Ray: I have been working as a tattoo-related content developer for 1 year. And I have a good experience with research and editing.

Michael Elijah: I’m Michael Elijah, and I’ve been a content writer for this site for over a year. I create SEO-friendly content after conducting extensive technical research. I’ve been learning and gaining experience in the tattoo industry since day one. My ability to create detailed and interesting content has improved throughout the day. In addition, I have prior experience in this field, such as working at a tattoo parlor in Las Vegas.

Sophia: Hello, myself Sophia! I am an enthusiastic content writer who writes SEO-friendly content only and has been associated with this website more than one year. Working on this website has expanded my knowledge about body ink. Following that, I have also spent a long time working in the tattoo industry. This industry has provided me a whole new world of learning opportunities for me. Besides being a body art-focused content writer, I am an expert in writing other contents as well including educational, instructional, business and so on.

Our Mission

  • To enhance the tattoo industry with quality content
  • To make the tattooing interesting writing diversity
  • To link the tattoo designs with the human personalities
  • To bring creativity to the tattoo industry
  • To create a signature style for tattoo artists
  • To fulfill the customer needs in the fashion industry
  • To connect the customers emotionally with the tattoo trend
  • To promote the outcomes of good tattoo articles as well as tattoo artists
  • To prove our ability to sustain in tattoo industry through our innovativeness
  • To make the tattoo contents informative towards our potential customers


  • To portray the customer’s personalities in tattoo designs
  • To define possible solutions to destructive tattooing issues
  • To identify the customer’s issues regarding tattooing
  • To enhance the ability of tattoo artists by learning
  • To promote the positive sights of tattooing
  • To tap the untapped sights of tattoos

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