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How to Get Tattoo Clients: Strategies That Will Help to Grow Your Business

The tattoo industry is one of the most luxurious industries in the present world. According to the global report of Fortune, the global tattoo market has increased from USD 1.89 billion to USD 2.04 billion between 2022 and 2023. By observing this field’s growth, we can predict that it may reach up to USD 3.93 billion by 2029-2030.

It is a golden opportunity for tattoo artists who want to build their careers in this field. Though this industry is enormous, most people are unaware of this. So now it’s your opportunity to kick start your tattoo business and flaunt your business ideas. 

But to run a tattoo business more efficiently, you must first understand how to get a tattoo client. Getting a client may be challenging at the beginning. But by following some steps, you can attract more clients to your business despite having a new tattoo business.

Creating a Client Profile

The first step to getting a tattoo client is preparing your client’s profile. A valid client profile will ensure you get more clients than locally done tattoo art. It will add more variety and customization to the tattoos, and the clients will get more options according to their personality and choice.

First, add an option for the client to sign up or register and prepare their profile irrespective of their gender and preference of tattoo pattern they want—one section for their personal information like their address and unique picture on their record.

Creating a Professional Website and Portfolio

 Our generation has the blessing to get the opportunity to build our social media platforms and connect with clients. It will help you to get new clients and to maintain the relationship with older ones. 

The relationship between the older clients will help you to get more clients through their connections, and they will come if they like your work. You can prepare an ideal tattoo website or get professionally done. Important factors like-

  • Style: Add the pattern and theme you offer the clients.
  • Motive: The tattoo motif related to nature, animals, children, sports, nautical, food, gaming, music, architecture, and mandalas are trendy all over the year.
  • Artists: You can also choose the artist by whom you get your tattoo done. The artists are from different countries; you can also select them country-wise.
  • Gallery: A tattoo gallery is a collection that helps clients choose the best tattoo they want. It is mainly the catalog of tattoo art that we have done already.
  • Model: This option is for the clients to understand how a tattoo looks on a person after being done.
  • Tags: This also helps clients to choose minimal tattoos like the tags.
  • Customer Reviews: Reviews are the best thing if you want to advertise and boost your business website. Clients are more attracted to live reviews rather than doing their tattoos from a new business organization, as it can be risky.

The factors should be on your website if you want your website to become more effective. The more you organize your website and aesthetically present it, the more clients you will attract.

Repetitively getting older clients is more profitable than finding new ones. They will refer other people to your business if they like your work.

Adding more options will make the clients more interested as they can see your quality of work.

Some ideas you can add to your website –

  • It is creating a welcoming environment with soulful moderators who will handle the clients in a proper and respected way.
  • You can prepare your website by yourself or get a tattoo website professionally done. Make sure it looks professional and easily accessible.
  • Add the table of contents where they can see the tattoo in different categories based on gender, zodiac signs, or even the type(nature, sports, country, language, elements, etc.).
  • Add an option for customization. It will help clients to get the tattoo that the clients want.

Use Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin are the best ways to create your tattoo profile and get clients more quickly and efficiently. You can profile your business and post the content using hashtags. You also have the opportunity to post images of your works.

  • Reddit: Some online forums may help you to stay connected to other artists on Reddit and also through question answers on your page.
  • Instagram: Instagram is the most popular among all people due to its direct connectivity to each other and Instagram reels. Make your business profile, and post your work and image in your profile. 

Adding different hashtags will help your profile to get more reach to various others. Hiring Instagram influencers and their reels for your brand promotion can be the most beneficial way to introduce your business.

  • Facebook: Like Instagram, you can prepare your business page on Facebook. By posting images and reels regularly, you will attract viewers to your page. Sharing client testimonials and reviews from your Facebook shop will promote your page, as people are attracted mainly by evidence and live art rather than an unknown page.
  • LinkedIn: Create a profile in the name of the  Artist and prepare a company page or studio page creation under your profile. Post your recent works on the studio page.
  • YouTube: share all of the videos of your art as much as you can. You can also share the reviews of the clients there. You will get payment for the videos, and you will promote your brand as well.
  • Pinterest: Making a Pinterest board and making aesthetic pins for your Pinterest will make your business page more interesting. But in this case, a professional photographer and a decent lens are necessary.
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You can give them one opportunity to get their tattoo done professionally and share reviews through their social media profiles. This collaboration will cost you less than the paid advertisements.

Online Tattoo Communities and Forums

If you are new in this field and are considering learning new tricks and finding people to review your work, then you should go to some online forums.

In the online forums, you can ask questions or even upload your artistic work. You can also build connections with experienced and sustained people through many years. Some of the famous online tattoo forums are-

Facebook Group:

You can connect to some Facebook groups that contain experienced tattoo artists and some business pages. If you upload your work there, it will also help you to find clients more efficiently, as many tattoo clients are also members of this group.

  • Tattoo Lovers: This group is among the best places for tattoo artists. Without formality, people love to share their art and experiences. This Facebook group has almost 160k members who actively give feedback on your work.
  • TaTi-TATTOO: This group has a warm and welcoming environment. As most people are new in this group, you can learn from each other’s tattoo art and their mistakes. Some artists are professional and have been reviewing their skills for many years.
  • Tattoo artists: It is also the same type of group for beginners where you can learn about different tricks and the equipment you can use during the tattoo art. There is also a way to get a review and a solution for any problem you face during tattoo art.
  • Reddit(r/tattooing): Reddit is now on trend and the easiest way to browse your work. r/tattooing is a forum that is mainly for beginners. So, if you post here, it will not look silly as everyone is learning.
  • Reddit(r/TattooDesigns): This Reddit page is the space where you can easily find trendy designs and inspirations both from the customers and the clients. This page will help you to get more tattoo design inspirations.
  • Reddit(r/tattoos): This is the best place to seek professional advice from experienced tattoo artists and customers.
  • Tattooing 101 helps me with tattoo forums: This is the largest tattoo community you will ever see to connect with people.
  • Last sparrow tattoo forum: Here, you can get all the news from tattoo artists and trendy tattoos.
  • Big Tattoo Planet community forum: Though this forum is not that consistent in the case of posting, it will help you to get your work done efficiently.

Marketing Strategies:

In 2023, if you want to do marketing about your business, there is no alternative to add to the online platforms. Make an account for your tattoo business on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Facebook, and start posting continuously.

Start making a schedule to post ideas, lives, paid advertisements, and tattoos that are trendy nowadays. You can create a poll and ask the audience which type of tattoo they want more. You can work more on the most demanded tattoos. You can also contact newspapers and magazines to advertise your tattoo business.

Developing a Marketing Plan: Online Advertising

  •  Social Media Advertising: Facebook ads, Instagram ads, image ads, mainstream video ads, and YouTube for short video ads help you to reach most of the clients as they reach a large number of audiences. 
  • Client review video ads: You can take video reviews from your clients, and streaming them will attract the clients.
  • Search engine ads: While browsing anything, you will see ads popping up beside the pages. These are the payable search engine ads and an excellent source to introduce your page to a maintenance hole.
  • Content Marketing: you can write some good articles for tattoo aftercare, costing, removal, and more about your tattoo marketing. It will boost your business through the marketing of your artwork. 
  • Email Marketing: Collecting the clients’ and sending mail monthly for promotion is excellent; in this case, you write one mail and send it to many communities for your business’s publicity.

 Display advertising ads in social media, search engines, and other online portals, and running PPC campaigns for your business or studio are effective marketing strategies for the present tattoo market.

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 Showcasing Your Work:

Showcasing your work will help the clients better understand your tattoo business. Preparing a portfolio is the precondition in this case. A professional tattoo artist portfolio will help you to get a certified post in this huge tattoo industry.

  • High-quality portfolio photography: The more your business account looks professional, the more people will divert towards your profile. It is a great idea to hire a professional photographer for your profile, as it makes your tattoo art more distinct and attractive.
  • Sharing clients’ testimonials and reviews: Sharing the assessments of your client along with your art helps to convince your clients about the capability and quality of your work. As long as you give your clients services, ask them to review your page and add an option to check in the personal tattoo website.

First, prepare a portfolio of your tattoo business and then add your works there. Adding the job will help you to have more clients as it gives the customers clear ideas about your business, and you can showcase your work there. 

High-quality photography of your portfolio: need a good camera or mobile. Make some videos and edit them for sharing on social media. 

Another thing is adding videos to social platforms. You can add videos of your work and post them on your social media account. There is a Facebook group called Tattoo Showcase, which might help you to show your artistic creations.

Networking and Collaboration:

Networking is the key. In this modern era, networking has become comparatively more manageable than before. Globalization and the emergence of the internet have connected the people of the whole world.

tattoo convention

Note: Attending a tattoo convention is most helpful in building vital networking with artists and clients.

You can hire influencers and collaborate with famous brands for your brand promotion. If you have a tight budget to bring your favorite celebrities, then collaboration with the influencers might be the best option for you. You can also collaborate with other tattoo business pages and the tattoo forums.

Legal and Licensing Considerations:

Legalizing your business is the foremost thing before starting your business. Registering your company or forum is the main thing if you want to run your business safely. Though it requires some time, patiently register your business account and get the validity certificate to avoid further problems.

  • Understanding local tattoo regulations and licenses: The rules and permits for your tattoo business may differ from region to region and country to country. First, check out the rights of this field as per your country’s regulation to legalize it.
  • Insurance for your tattoo business: Insurance will give you a backup if something worse happens to your company, and you have to restart it from scratch, as it will provide you with monetary support.

Staying Updated on Industry Trends:

Moving with the ongoing trends will give you more facilities to attract more clients. People who go with the flow of the movementIf you stay updated with the trendy designs, then you can organize your business page more efficiently.

Starting a new business may not be easy, but you can follow some strategies and start your business. It will take some time, but your intelligent steps will help you to achieve success faster than you think. All the best for your journey!!


  • How do I get more tattoo clients on Instagram?

First, open your business account and organize it more efficiently. Some apps will aesthetically prepare the poster and posts of your account, like Canva, Vsco, etc. The more attractive way you organize your account, the more you will attract people to your account. Paid advertisements will also help you with your brand promotion.

  • What social media do tattoo artists use?

There are tattoo forums to stay connected to the tattoo artists. You can add to the tattoo forums, Reddit, and Facebook groups to increase connectivity. Instagram is nowadays most famous as it is easily accessible to most people.

  • What is the target market for tattoo artists?

The tattoo industry mainly targets youngsters and young adults as they tend to get more tattoos than those under age and older adults. Young people tend to express their personality through the way they look. And tattoos add more value to their looks. It may be for self-expression, fashion, memories, or even spiritual beliefs of the youngsters.

  • How can I promote myself as a tattoo artist?

At first, you can do some courses on tattoo art and get certified through any organization. Add yourself to the online tattoo forums and groups to connect with other tattoo artists, build more connections with experienced tattoo artists, and build your portfolio. 

Working with some tattoo organizations will help to gain you more experience and also get you certified; hence, it will boost your portfolio.

  • How can I promote my tattoo business?

You can promote your tattoo business on social media through paid promotion and collaboration with other famous tattoo brands.

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