Best Tattoo Travel Cases

3 Best Tattoo Travel Cases to Carry Tattoo Equipment!

Are you tired of your tattoo products making a mess when you travel? From the life of tattoo artists, we have observed that they may have to travel to different locations and they become fussy about carrying a lot of stuff! Tattoo Travel Case provides you with the greatest solutions to your problem! Keep your things organized and secure when traveling. To make yourself confident about purchasing a tattoo travel case, we have showcased the 3 best travel cases with detailed features and advantages and disadvantages.

Budget-Friendly Tattoo Travel Cases

1. Plplaaoo Tattoo Travel Case

The tattoo kit case is a versatile tool suitable for professional tattoo artists, beauty studios, and salons. You can get three sizes. The length and width of the small size are 5cm and 8 cm. Moreover, the length and width of the large box are 13 cm and 16 cm. Lastly, the length and width of the medium-sized box are 9 cm and 16 cm. It features an aluminum frame, medium-density fiberboard, metal-wrapped corners, rubber feet, a molded foam upper tray, and soft padded liners for protection. The box holds a tattoo machine, grip, foot pedal, and power supply, but may not fit all necessary equipment.

It’s well-packaged, fast, and secure, with a professional design for comfortable and safe transport. The case features 2 locks and keys, ensuring safety for your tattoo kit and preventing accidental falls, and is compact, lightweight, and compatible with our kit. From the viewer’s choice, it is the best tattoo travel case.

Tattoo Travel Case

Extraordinary Features


The tattoo travel case is a customizable storage solution for various tattoo machines, with sufficient room for inks and needles, making it appropriate for both individuals and professionals.

Protection Of Equipment

The tattoo travel case features rubber feet and thick egg crate foam, providing protection and customization for your tattoo equipment, while also allowing easy removal of foam.

Lock Design

This compact, lightweight tattoo travel case features 2 keyed locks, a handy carry handle, and a lock design for secure storage of manual and stitching work.

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Quality Material

The item is made of high-quality, wear-resistant, and durable all-aluminum material, and is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry.


The tattoo travel case is designed to accommodate tattoo machines, grips, power supplies, foot pedals, and needles, providing a convenient and organized solution for tattoo equipment and supplies.


Is It Easy To Carry?

Though it is made with aluminum material, it is lightweight. You can carry it easily from one place to another.

2. Icoget Portable Tattoo Travel Case

The tattoo travel case vis versa table is an impressive item with wheels that roll effortlessly, a full-size tabletop, hard-riveted metal corners, key and combination locks, and a built-in Bluetooth speaker. It can hold your entire setup and save you time on the go. However, it may be helpful to change the wheels for easier locking.

Icoget Portable Tattoo Travel Case

Extraordinary Features

Strong & Portable

The case is constructed from metal stand and flame-retardant sheets, featuring metal-wrapped corners for enhanced protection, a stable worktop, and features 4 lockable 360°swivel casters for easy mobility. You can shorten the table legs. You can put away the tabletop. Moreover, it is easy to move.

Bluetooth Supported

The device features a built-in speaker, a charging port, and an HD ultra-white explosion-proof mirror for convenient tattooing.

Sufficient Space

The table vanity case offers ample storage and partitioning, perfect for keeping tattoo equipment.

Safety Lock

The table vanity prioritizes the safety of your case’s contents with locks on every storage compartment, and customs code locks for added security and convenience.

Multi-Functional Usage

This case is useful for nail technicians and beauticians because it may be used at home, at nail salons, and as a temporary beauty table for brides.


Is the top of the tabletop a non-porous surface?

The wrapped metal is the same as the exterior of the case.

What are the dimensions of the Bottom drawer?

The dimensions of the deepest drawer are uncertain, but it is likely the most spacious.

3. BYOOTIQUE Rolling Tattoo Travel Case

The Byootique Trolley Case is a modern and stylish tattoo product carrying case for tattoo artists. It features an expandable floor-standing table, detachable wheels, and an individual mirror for convenient makeup check-in. The case also has a large storage compartment with removable drawers and elastic straps for easy access. It also includes a portable Bluetooth speaker for music playback and a sturdy aluminum frame for support. The case also features lockable latches for tattoo product safety.

Rolling Tattoo Travel Case

Extraordinary Features


You can notice that there are three colors available to purchase. Such as Black, Purple, and Pink. We must say they are very adorable colors.

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The Byootique Trolley Case is a stylish and timeless accessory ideal for nail artists, street performances, temporary make-up rooms, or carrying tattoo equipment. The length, height, and width of the case are 33 cm, 16 cm, and 31 cm.


The product features an expandable floor-standing table, a one-piece trolley with 360-degree rotated wheels, and an individual mirror for convenient tattooing.

Enough Space

The compact tattoo kit organizer features a spacious upper and lower compartment with four removable drawers, dividers for organizing needles, inks, and tattoo machines, and elastic straps for easy access.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker features an AUX cable for Bluetooth music playback, an AUX port for phone connectivity, and a compact design for easy carrying and fully charged music playback.


The product features a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, fire-retardant material, metal-wrapped corners, and lockable latches for tattoo equipment safety.


Does It Come With The Speaker Attached?

No, It didn’t come with the attachment part by the speaker. It came with separate parts and you have to join those.

Is It Worth Buying?

According to the price, it is worth buying. Though it is a little heavy to carry, but you can carry a lot of equipment.

What To Keep In Mind

Flying With Tattoo Equipment

The author suggests carrying small ink bottles according toTSA agents, advising against using equipment as tools. They also advise to carry labeling equipment, as they have not encountered issues with this method in recent times. The author encourages readers not to rely on baggage handlers for carry-on items because everything else is checked. They mention an example where half-empty peanut butter was thrown out owing to its labeling, despite the fact that it was half-full.

Tattoo Travel Case On Wheels

The author has presented two tattoo travel cases that have wheels. You can be assured that they have really convenient prices. They are truly easy to use and carry anywhere you want.

Tattoo Ink Travel Case

Plplaaoo, Icegot, and Byootique Products have developed a custom travel solution for tattoo inks, enhancing organization and safety during trips, based on user feedback and style optimizations. Our suggested tattoo ink Carrying Case is an ergonomically designed, waterproof case with custom memory foam for easy grip and travel, storing 55 1oz ink bottles, providing a secure storage solution.

Tattoo Machine Travel Case

The travel case is designed for tattoo artists to carry valuable tattoo machines. It features compartments for artwork and equipment, a zippered closure, a textured handle, and padded foam inserts. It’s compact, easy to carry, and designed for safe storage.

Final Insights

The tattoo travel case is an important element for tattoo artists. For example, they are attending tattoo conventions and they need to carry tattoo equipment. In this situation, a tattoo travel case can be a great help. It is a vital topic to discuss. But you may not get relevant articles. There are a lot of varieties in the market. Among them, we have tried to acknowledge the best products.

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