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Best Tattoo Table: Which Tablet Should You Buy?

When it comes to producing stunning body art, having the best tattoo equipment may make all the difference. Professional tattoo materials offer numerous advantages to both artists and clients, ranging from increased safety and hygiene to greater precision and more attractive completed artwork.

Today we are here with some best tattoo tables and work stands which will be helpful for you to make the best type of artwork.

Montclair Pro Portable Message and Tattoo Table

Montclair 31″ is a beautiful, extra-wide, portable table with MEMORY FOAM! It’s very comfortable as it uses a Sculptured Ergonomic Dream Adjustable Face Cradle with Memory Foam Layered Pillow and a completely adjustable, spacious armrest shelf.

Whatever style of tattoo work on your body you prefer, practice or study, the 31″ Montclair portable table is the Best portable table you’ll ever need!

The Montclair offers the Master Massage Equipment hallmark of dependability and great comfort that tattoo Specialists have come to anticipate.

If we talk about the specifications then the Size is 31″ x 84″ (W x L) Height: 24″ – 34″ (adjustable) and Weight: 36 lbs. (table only) The Foam which is used is 3″ Memory foam and exclusive Small Cell Foam (Denser than regular foam)

Montclair Pro Portable Message and Tattoo Table
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Reasons to Buy:

  • All wood is free of formaldehyde and carcinogens and complies with strict California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations!
  • “BIG TOP” TM Bed with Wide Shoulders – provides 26% extra cushioned surface.
  •  Anatomical studies have shown that square corners provide more relaxed support to the shoulder area.
  • 3″ Thick Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam Cushion.
  • Healing Leg Panels are twice as thick as ordinary leg panels for increased strength!
  • Oil and water-resistant, CFC-free PU upholstery with denim-like reinforcing backing for further durability.
  • Auto-Locks Leg System – quickly and easily sets up strong!
  • Clevis Blocks Leg Attachments ensure indestructible leg support!
  • Soft-Touch Leg Knobs – for a secure hold, safety, and stability!


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple leg adjustment system. 
  • The stabilizing bar increases strength and aids in table opening and shutting!

Pack Includes: 

  • 31″ Montclair Portable Table, 
  • Ergonomic Adjustable Face Cradle, 
  • Memory Foam Face Pillow, 
  • Contoured Arm Rest Shelf
  • 4 Pocket Carrying Case.

Master Massage Zephyr Lightweight Portable Tattoo Bed

The Zephyr Portable Table was designed to be strong, silent, and stable. It has an easy-to-use auto-lock leg Opening System, an Aircraft Aluminum Frame, a CARB-Compliant Bed, and Duo-Planet Wrap-Around Hinges to compensate for stress through the table’s center. The Zephyr has an Adjustable Face Cradle, a Contoured Arm Rest Shelf, and Reinforced Upholstery, making it an excellent base for bodywork.

If talk about the specifications Size is 28″ x 72″ (W x L), Height: 24″ – 34″ (adjustable), and Weight: is 27 lb. (table only)

Portable Tattoo Bed
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Reasons to Buy:

  • All wood is free of formaldehyde and carcinogens and complies with strict California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations!
  • The cushion is 1.5″ thick and made of Multi-Layer small-cell foam, which has a higher density than ordinary foam.
  •  Oil and water-resistant, CFC-free PU upholstery with denim-like reinforcing backing for added durability.
  •  Auto-Locks Leg System- simply and quickly sets up strong!
  • The aircraft’s aluminum frame offers optimum strength and portability!
  • Nylon Leg Buffers- prevent the wood legs from squeaking and wobbling!
  • Clevis Blocks Leg Attachments ensure leg support!
  • Claps for double luggage-style table closures
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  • Lightweight. 
  • 1.5″ Exclusive Small CellFoam which gives more density than standard foam
  • Good stabilizing bar to increase strengths.

This Package Includes: 

  • 28″ Zephyr Portable Table
  • Adjustable Face Cradle with a comfy Face Pillow
  • Contoured Arm Rest Shelf
  • Carrying Case.

Sierra Comfort Basic Portable Table

The Sierra Comfort Basic Portable Table (SC-500) is a lightweight, yet robust design made possible by the beech hardwood frame and 2″ of high-density foam. The frame is more stable because of the two support wires and threaded support bar. The adjustable table height has 9 adjustment points ranging from 25.5″ to 33.5″. The SC-500 is an excellent choice for meeting your basic massage therapy requirements.

Please keep in mind that the SC-500 table does not come with any accessories. Any other accessories must be purchased separately.

If we talk about the specifications then the Size is 73″ x 28″ Height: 25.5″ to 33.5″ and the Table Weight: is 30 lbs.

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Reasons to Buy:

  • Adjustable Table Height Beech Hardwood Frame Multiple Frame Support Cables
  •  Threaded Support Bar to Increase Stability
  • Water and oil-resistant PU leather upholstery with a 2″ high-density foam deck
  •  No tools are required for assembly.
  • Basic Immobile Massage Therapies are the intended applications.


  • Lights weight 
  • Easy to use


  •  No tools are required for assembly.

This Package Includes: 

  • Threaded Support Bar
  • Portable Massage Table
  • 2-year Limited Warranty.

Ashata Tattoo Workstation Table

This worktable is printed with black ink, which matches the tattoo business theme perfectly. This worktable has designated slots for painting cups, tattoo needles, tattoo pens, and other accessories. protect the desk neat and tidy and protect paint from leaking.

The tabletop height can be freely adjusted between 66 and 92cm to reach a comfortable operation height. This worktable’s four corners are equipped with silicone anti-skid pads, which help to keep the table steady and balanced: very useful!  Adaptable Table Tabletop is approx. 50 x 35cm / 19.7 x 13.8in and Storage Slot is approx. 50 x 6 x 5cm / 19.7 x 2.4 x 2in. Height is approx. 26 to 36.2in / 66 to 92cm

Tattoo Work Table
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This Package Includes: 

  • Anti-Skid Pads: The four corners of this worktable are equipped with silicone anti-skid pads, which help to keep the table sturdy and balanced.
  • This worktable has unique slots for paint cups, tattoo needles, tattoo pens, and other items. protect the desk neat and tidy and protect paint from leaking.
  • Steel Material: Made of superior steel, this worktable is strong and stable, resistant to rust, and simple to clean.
  • This worktable is portable and easy to install and disassemble, making it ideal for carrying around while working. 


  • This worktable is made of superior stainless steel 
  • It is strong and stable
  • Not prone to rusting
  • Simple to clean.

This Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Tattoo Worktable, 
  • 1 x Storage Slot, 
  • 2 x Telescopic Rod,
  • 1 x Base
  • 1 x Basket
  • 1 x Storage Cup
  • 1 x Storage Board Under Table
  • 1 x Plastic Wrap Fixing Rod
  • 1 x Hex Screwdriver
  • 1 x Wrench.

Pissente Detachable Tattoo Desk Stand

This item is professionally made with an integrated design, a stylish and elegant appearance, and is professionally created for tattoo machines. It is simple to install and operate, with no complicated steps. It has an ergonomic design, a large external volume, great work productivity, and is easier to use. Durable and dependable: Integrated design, long-lasting and practical, ideal for tattoo parlors.

The Adjustable height is 61-107cm / 24.0-42.1 inch and the tabletop dimensions are  50 * 35cm / 19.7 * 13.8inch. 

Tattoo Desk Stand
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Reasons to Buy:

  • Disassembled design for easy and quick travel
  • It is lightweight and portable, allowing you to set it anywhere you need it.
  • The tripod base is strong and adaptable, allowing you to work swiftly and comfortably whether sitting or standing anywhere.
  • It has a unique and beautiful shape, a robust and reasonable structure, and it is flexible and easy to use.
  • Separate pigment placement box, simple to use and arrange pigments
  • Removable back tray for storing all necessary tattoo items
  • It is appropriate for professional tattoo shop use.
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  • Adjustable height enables speedy work.
  • A retractable back tray keeps all of your necessary ink bottles.
  • This tattoo table is detachable and portable.

Mind Reader Storage Drawer

The cart has a simple but attractive design with a black and silver color scheme. It is mostly used to store tattoo equipment such as tattoo machines and pigments. It mixes perfectly with any environment, bringing a touch of refinement to your area. This cart’s strong drawers and structure are intended to last.

Simply remove the drawers and clean them as well as the frame with mild dish soap and warm water as necessary Dimensions that save space.

This cart fits wonderfully in most places, measuring 24.25 inches long x 15.25 inches broad x 26.25 inches and in height (61.60 x 38.74 x 66.68 centimeters). It provides enough storage without taking up too much space.

Mind Reader Storage Drawer
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Reasons to Buy:

  • Covers versatile storage needs
  • It has nine separate drawers which saves time
  • Durable and easy to clean 
  • Space friendly  


  • Cheap 
  • Multi-purpose use

InkBed Black Steel Air-Lift Tattoo Tray

This station is lightweight and portable, with a solid tripod base that is fully adjustable, allowing you to work swiftly and comfortably while tattooing! This black steel all-purpose tray with a utility cup can be used for a variety of tasks in your salon, spa, or tattoo studio.

With its adjustable height, smooth moving wheels, and compact design, you can easily keep it nearby to hold your colors/dyes/inks/products while treating your customers. Height can be adjusted from 28 1/2″ to 47″ Inside tray dimensions are 15″ x 11″ and Tray Dimensions (with Lip) are 17 1/2″ x 13 3/4″.

Tattoo Tray
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Reasons to Buy:

  • Tray made of 24 gauge steel
  • Product, ink, or cleaning solution removable utility cup
  • Barricade 1 3/4″ thick The tray’s lip prevents spills and secures the tray’s contents.
  • Casters that glide smoothly for simple mobility

This Package Includes: 

  • Options include a polished steel tray or a solid black finish.


  • Steel with a black powder-coat finish that is easy to clean
  • Casters that roll smoothly for simple mobility

Which One is the Best Tattoo Tabel for You?

Well, there are two categories of products here. One is a tattoo table or bed and the other is a Tattoo stand. All of the items are good and it basically depends on the artist what exactly he/she wants.

You can go to any of them and it will be good. But if you take our recommendations then here it is-
If we choose one from each then, then for bed table we will go for Zephyr. The main reason is it is cheap. It comes with the almost same features as the other 2 products but at a very reasonable price. So, as almost everything is the same then why go for the bigger price?

And if we talk about the tattoo stand, you must go for the Ashata Tattoo Workstation Table. It is strong, portable, easy to use and the most important thing is just look it comes with so many other stuffs. So you’re getting a fine package which will be very helpful for an artist.

So, these were our suggestions and we hope that these products will be helpful for you to make your tattoo work more smooth and beautiful. Please let us know your thoughts!

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