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22 Bible Quote Tattoo Designs For The Inspiration

Tattoo lovers do not prefer common design all the time. Sometimes they like to get quote tattoo designs. If you are a very religious person or inspired by religious quotes, you can get quote tattoo designs from the bible. On the other hand, if you are enthusiastic about music, you can get beatless quote tattoo designs.

Holy Bible Quote Tattoo Designs

Tattoos with Bible verses are a popular way to express yourself. It is possible to tattoo the entire Bible verse, or you can paraphrase it so you don’t have to cover so much skin. Nowadays, most Bible verse tattoos convey a message of faith or hope and often include a symbol as well. Several reasons may lead people to choose a certain Bible verse. 

Some of the most inspiring faith quotes can be found in the Bible. In the Bible, we find clarity, hope, and purpose in life. The idea of getting a bible quote tattoo design is a great one. Bible verses can also be used as tattoo ideas to mark a milestone in one’s life, such as marriage, the birth of a child, or death.

When it comes to choosing which Bible verse you want most, you should seek guidance and wisdom from God. The Holy Spirit must enlighten your decision. This is if you don’t already know for sure what verse inspires you the most.

They are now common, from Ohio office parks to Maori settlements in New Zealand. However, the authors of the Hebrew Bible prohibited tattooing in the ancient Near East. According to Leviticus 19:28, “You shall not make gashes in your flesh for the dead, or incise any marks upon yourselves.”

Disclaimer: Images of tattoo designs are only for inspiration. If you like any design please contact the artist to support their work.

Hand Tattoos

Bible verses are very pure. If you want to portray the bible verses beautifully, you can get the tattoo on the hand. The meanings of the tattoo depend on the verses.

1. Bible Chronicles 7:14

Bible Quote Tattoo

God emphasizes the importance of humility in our relationship with Him in this verse. To achieve true spiritual growth and healing, we must acknowledge our limitations and depend on God. It is placed on the arm. It symbolizes survival.

2. Bible Isaiah 6:8

Bible Quote Tattoo

There is a purpose to the use of “Here I am.”. According to Isaiah, he was on earth to serve the Lord. He immediately followed with “Send me,” Instead of waiting for the Lord to tell him what to do, he wrote a blank check, a universal yes to God’s plan. It symbolizes slavery.

3. Bible Philippians 4:13

Bible Quote Tattoo

He has learned to be content throughout his adversity and trials. The word ‘instructed’ (‘I have been instructed to be full and hungry’) signifies ‘initiated into a secret’. It symbolizes adversity.

4. Bible Lute 6: 27-28

Bible Quote Tattoo Arm

Conflict is addressed by Jesus. According to Luke, this is a teaching for the economic world: “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you” (Luke 6:27-28). Luke specifically ties this teaching to lending money. It is semi colorful tattoo. It symbolizes the bridge between teaching and learning.

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5. Bible Romans 8:18

Quote Shoulder Tattoo 2 1

According to verse 18, Paul believes the sufferings of this present time are not comparable to the glory that will be revealed in us. This glory will be revealed to the Christians who suffer just like Christ did. He experienced rejection from the world because He walked in obedience to His Father. It symbolizes the concept of revenge.

Leg Tattoos

The leg is the perfect place to get the tattoo. As bible verses are the symbol of purity, a few people get the bible verses on the leg. Whoever wants to get the tattoo on the legs or not, it is dependent on their perception.

6. Bible Psalms 37:23-24

Quote Leg Tattoo

The teachings of Psalm 37:23–24 about God’s direction, His love for His people, and His sustaining presence are theologically significant. It serves as a reminder that God, who is loving and dependable, is in charge of our lives and that they are not left to chance or fate. It portrays obedience towards god.

7. Bible Isaiah 41:10

Quote Leg Tattoo 1

God instructs the Israelites in Isaiah 41:10 not to be afraid or worried because He is with them. God assures the Israelites that He will protect them from their enemies. In the midst of their difficulties, God promises to be at their side. It is placed on the legs. It reflects protection.

8. Bible Proverbs 31:25

Quote Leg Tattoo 2

According to Isaiah 31:25, woman is a strong, beautiful lady who understands her value and isn’t afraid to work hard or take risks in order to succeed. She sets an example of kindness, provides knowledge, and shows constant trust in everything she does. It portrays power of women.

Neck Tattoos

Short verses can be portrayed on the neck. As the neck area is not so vast, you can not express long verses.

9. Bible Psalms 37:4

Quote Neck Tattoo

True contentment and everlasting happiness can be found in a close to continuous relationship with God, as Psalm 37:4 reminds us. Our prayers will be comparable to His as we take comfort in the Lord, and we will feel the peace and happiness that only He can give. It symbolizes satisfaction.

10. Bible Coveless Verse

Quote Neck Tattoo 1

The Lord’s statement that “vengeance is mine” refers to God’s revengeful assessment for those who seek their own vengeance. This action is accompanied by anger or hatred. When necessary, God gives justice to his children in his anger. His fierce rage burns like endless fire. It portrays revenge.

11. Bible Quote Neck Piece

Quote Neck Tattoo 2

You can portray beautiful quotes from the bible around your neck. It looks wonderful.

Chest Tattoos

Boys prefer to get bible verses on the chest. It is considered that when verses are near to your mind, you follow them the most.

12. Bible Psalm 23:1-6

Quote Chest Tattoo

Definition of Psalm 23 The phrase “The Lord Is My Shepherd” Psalms 23:1–6. He emphasizes God’s benevolent care in providing refreshment, guidance, safety, and abundance using a metaphor taken from rural situations that David was familiar with, giving grounds for confidence in His everlasting favor. It symbolizes guidance.

13. Bible Isaiah 54:17

Quote Chest Tattoo 1

But no weapon used against you on that day will be successful, according to God, who states this in verse 17. Every accusing voice raised against you will be silenced by you. The servants of the LORD enjoy these advantages, and I will defend them. When we talk about vindication, we also talk about justification, evidence, and innocence.It reflects god’s justice.

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Shoulder Tattoos

The shoulder area is so vast. You can portray long verses of the bible quotes. It looks very beautiful when you portray bible quote tattoo designs.

14. Bible Galatians 2:20

Quote Shoulder Tattoo

According to verse 20, there is an exchange when a person is convinced of sin and decides to accept what Jesus made for him. He decides to submit by faith to the Lordship of his Sin Bearer instead of continuing to do things his own. It symbolizes god’s will.

14. Bible Psalm 29:11

Quote Shoulder Tattoo 1

He promotes the Lord as King for all time and asks the King to protect and give His people peace. This is an appropriate end for a psalm that praises the Lord’s power over nature. The almighty King, who has the capacity to control nature, also has the power to inspire and pacify His people. It portrays the story of the king.

16. St. Anselm: The Prayer, O Lord My God

Quote Shoulder Tattoo 4

St. Anselm provided one of the most well-known definitions of theology. For many, this is the critical purpose of Christian theology, which he described as “faith-seeking understanding.” Anselm writes his want in the language he uses to achieve the shift from desire to ownership, that is, in the formula itself, in order to prove that the object of his desire actually does exist. It reflects faithfulness towards god.

Back Tattoos

The back has a huge area of space to portray long quotes. It is normal that you are inspired by long quotes. You can get them on the back.

17. Bible Corinthians 13:4-5

Quote Back Tattoo

Paul is arguing that our love for one another must come before our determination on using our talents to get our way. Our love for one another should guide how we function in the church, not our talents. It symbolizes focusing on own instinct.

18. Bible Psalms 46:5

Quote Back Tattoo 1

God is said to be among His people, or in His holy residence (Psalm 46:4), that operate in and through them in Psalm 46:5. God is with His people, so they won’t fail. In their hour of need, they have support and strength (46:1). It portrays strength.

19. Bible Psalms 91:4-14

Quote Back Tattoo 2

Psalms 91:4–14 has Meaning and Analysis, And spiritually it is known as the victory of the Messiah, and of everyone who is completed by him. The greatest way to understand that would be to think of every holy guy, who is always safe because of divine protection. It represents safety.

Bikini Line Tattoos

Some people find out that quote tattoo designs look sexy on the bikini line areas. Especially girls find it attractive.

20. Bible Matthew 19:6

Quote Bikini Line Tattoo

In Matthew 19:6, Jesus continues, “So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore, do not let man divide what God has joined together. “Look, you have got things all wrong,” he said in response. Marriage is more than just a physical connection that can end at any time for any reason. It promotes togetherness.

21. Bible Ephesians 2:8

Quote Bikini Line Tattoo 1

God can give. We cannot save someone else, no matter how much we would like to. Eternal life is a gift that only God can give.No activity can be enough to bring about our own salvation. The sins we have committed cannot be compensated for by good works. Salvation must come from the Lord, and He does so at His will. It represents salvation.

22. Bible Jeremiah 29:11

Quote Bikini Line Tattoo 2

The traditional interpretation of Jeremiah 29:11’s meaning is as a promise made to someone. that I am part of God’s amazing and perfect plan. Many people understand this expression to mean particularly that God has their lives planned out and all they need to do is walk in obedience to Him. It symbolizes god’s will.

Having a quote tattoo design is the traditional thing. There are enormous options of tattoo designs. But sophisticated people prefer to get quote tattoos. If you think you are sophisticated, you can try out the designs from our collection.

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