The witch was once a term used to donate evil and black magic. It is currently recognized as a fierce identity. Witches are enigmatic and skilled at harnessing the power of natural elements including earth, air, fire, and water.

The idea of a ‘Witch’ was first developed in the male-dominated patriarchal culture. Medieval Europe’s ignorant populace was greatly offended by the bright and gorgeous exteriors of females, who were frequently harassed since red-haired ladies were thought to be witches.

Early witches were those who engaged in witchcraft, casting spells and conjuring up the dead to aid them or effect change. The majority of witches were believed to be pagans working for the devil. However, that does not imply that they are all bad. They are just human like us, but with supernatural powers. But, they should not be trifled with.

Witch Arm Tattoo
Witch Arm Tattoo (Credit)

Witch Tattoos

In the world of tattoos, witch tattoos have both positive and negative connotations. it stands for both the emblem of possessing greater knowledge, insight, and wisdom as well as the symbol of the human dark side employing wicked mystical power. To assist you, we have collected some meaningful stunning witch tattoos.

Witch Chest Tattoo
Witch Chest Tattoo. (Credit)
Medusa Thigh Tattoo
Medusa Thigh Tattoo. (Credit)

Burning Witch Tattoos

In Germany and other parts of Europe, witches were sometimes burned alive, but in Scotland, the condemned were often hanged before their bodies were burned and tortured. This type of tattoo serves as a reminder that in the past, individuals might just decide to murder women and used to think of them as witches as they started protesting for their rights, and there was nothing you could do about it. Now that women may express themselves without fear of being killed, they owe it to those who died to bring them here. A few more burning witch tattoos are attached below.

Burning Witch Tattoo
Burning Witch Tattoo (Credit)
Witch Moon Tattoo
Burning Moon Witch Tattoo (Credit)
Witch Tattoo on Belly
Witch Tattoo on Belly (Credit)

Hecate Tattoo

Hecate possesses the usual Titaness and Goddess abilities. Hecate has divine authority and absolute control over magic, witchcraft, and sorcery as the Titaness of Magic. Her magic is less potent during the day and more potent at night. Her presence spreads magic throughout the space she is in. She is a complex figure who also represents the Moon and is associated with magic, sorcery, and crossroads. The fresh, waxing and full phases of the moon are among Hecate’s three facets. She is also referred to as the goddess who guards shepherds, children, hunters, and soldiers. Because of this, throughout Greek history, people offered sacrifices or even food to Hecate at the crossroads at the beginning of each new moon. She also represents a woman’s stages, from Maiden (the virgin) to Mother and finally Crone (the witch).

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This tattoo is for you if you’re looking for something significant and seeking unending spiritual direction from Hecate’s spiritual realm. The goddess is typically depicted with two candles, a key, snakes, or in the company of dogs. So, you can convince your artist to ink her triple-face body with a snake surrounding her neck.

A few additional samples of “Hecate Tattoo” is attached below:

Screenshot 2022 11 29 210423
Hecate Tattoo. Credit: Instagram
Burning Hecate Tattoo
Burning Hecate Tattoo (Credit)
Full Hecate Tattoo
Full Hecate Tattoo (Credit)
Hecate Back Tattoo
Hecate Back Tattoo (Credit)

Gypsy Tattoo:

A Gypsy is a member of a race that travels from place to place, generally in caravans, rather than settling down. She is a free spirit who does what is good for her. She embraces her instincts and her soul. Gypsy tattoos symbolize fortune, autonomy, auspiciousness, aspiration, and living, in addition to the gypsy style of life and the freedom of travel. So, embrace your inner gypsy and appreciate the beautiful gypsy tattoo samples provided below-

Gypsy Witch Tattoo
Gypsy Witch Full Arm Tattoo. Credit.
Gypsy Thigh Tattoo
Gypsy Thigh Tattoo. Credit.
Small Gypsy Tattoo
Small Gypsy Tattoo. Credit.

Sea Witch Tattoo

Sea Witches are human-like sea monsters with magical abilities who have long been portrayed in many regions of global mythology. They are also referred to as ‘Mermaid Witches.’ Mermaid images, mermaid deities, and sea magic are all used by this type of witch.

Sea Witch Tattoo
Sea Witch Tattoo (Credit) 
Sea Witch Hand Tattoo
Sea Witch Hand Tattoo (Credit) 

Flying Witch Tattoos

The picture of the witch flying on a broomstick initially originated in the 15th century, its connotation was filled with sexual and spiritual perversion. The broom, on the other hand, is used figuratively for protection or to represent a specific energy. Witches have long been connected with broom flight. A few more flying witch tattoos are included below:

Sexy Witch Tattoo
Flying Witch (Credit)
Flying Witch
Flying B&W Witch Tattoo (Credit)

Witch Doctor Tattoo

A “witch doctor” is someone who employs magic or sorcery to heal those who are ill or have a sickness. He also has power over the weather and is frequently alluded to as the “rainmaker,” on whom the community’s well-being is reliant. He is usually the most intellectual tribal member.

Witch with mask
Plague witch Doctor Tattoo (Credit)
Witch Doctor Tattoo
Witch Doctor Tattoo (Credit)

Witch’s Hat Tattoos

Screenshot 2022 11 29 210640
Witch Hat Tattoo (Credit)

 The cone-shaped hat that wizards typically wear is said to represent knowledge and insight. Its pointed form is a representation of the cone of power, which is linked to the triangle, the sun, eternity, unity, and the circle. If you’re seeking a major and meaningful witch tattoo, this one could be a good choice because it includes not only the significant witch’s hat but also a spider and a snake with a flicking tongue. The tattoo also has a retro feel about it. So, if you’re looking for a vintage witch tattoo-wearing witch’s hat, we’d recommend this one. A few more witch tattoo with wizard hat is given below-

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Aesthetic Witch Tattoo
Vintage Witch with Wizard Hat (Credit) 
Witch's Hat Witch Moon
Witch’s Hat Witch Moon (Credit)
Small witch Tattoos
Witch’s Hat with Flying Broomstick Tattoo (Credit)

Forest Witch:

A Green Witch, sometimes known as a Garden Witch or Forest Witch, is a witch who practices with organic substances and energies. Green Witches are frequently competent herbalists who like gardening and wildcrafting as part of their practice. If you enjoy nature, a green witch or forest witch tattoo is exactly what you should have right now. Nature, healing, and caring are all important to these magical workers. Adding a raven and a rabbit, on the other hand, might increase the elegance of the tattoo. Animals like as snakes, ravens, rabbits, black cats, frogs, red pandas, and so on are known as witch’s familiars in the realm of witches.

Forest Witch with Raven and Rabbit

Evil Witch Tattoo

Evil witches utilize their dark supernatural abilities to cause damage to others. They use their ability to disrupt positive energies and spread an eerie atmosphere. These evil witches have short tempers, are furious, and are continually plotting to take over the entire world. If you want an evil witch tattoo, we recommend this one, in which the witch is comparable to the figure of Snow White’s evil queen, or ‘Queen Grimhilde,’ who was also a witch. You can make your tattoo exceptional by making the witch one-eyed and a skull assistive cane. Place this unique tattoo on your leg to make it more visible.

One Eyed Full leg Evil Witch Tattoo
One-Eyed Full leg Evil Witch Tattoo (Credit)


Coven Based Witch

Coven-based witches are individuals who work as part of a larger group of witches, sometimes led by a high priestess, to combine their magical talents and skills in order to cast stronger, larger spells and actualize consequences for the group and beyond. Covens are mainly concerned with ceremonial and ritualistic magic. People often prefer simple or minimalist tattoos to blackout tattoos. They want tattoos that are clear and have little shading. So, if you want a covens tattoo but are frightened of having blackout tattoos, go for this one. The tattoo is modest and profound, demonstrating how women are associated with connecting the dot in nature. These witches in the image also resemble pixies and are good luck symbols.

Coven Based Witch
Coven Witches (Credit)
Covens Witch Dancing on Fire
Covens Witch Dancing on Fire
Burning Coven Witches.
Burning Coven Witches (Credit)

Crystal Ball Tattoos

Crystal Ball Tattoo

 A crystal ball, often known as an orbuculum or crystal sphere, is a glass or crystal ball used by ancient fortune tellers. A purple crystal ball is a color that has long been connected with spirituality and creativity. A tattoo of a purple crystal ball with a purple cloud represents that you are almost certain to embark on a path of self-discovery. You can incorporate ‘Apatite’ gemstones into your tattoo because they are known for their positive use of personal power to attain goals. Continue to scroll down to discover more crystal ball tattoos.

Screenshot 2022 11 30 090558
Witch Playing With Fire Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball Tattoo on the Back
Crystal Ball Tattoo on the Back
Screenshot 2022 11 30 090824
Crystal Ball Tattoo on Dorsal
Screenshot 2022 11 29 234628
Crystal Ball Tattoo with Half Moon-Skull


Skulls can represent conquering great challenges, including death. The Luna or half moon, on the other hand, is a sign of womanhood, intuition, intellect, sovereignty, and fertility, and is associated with life and death. So, If you desire to receive good fortune, this tattoo can come in handy.

Screenshot 2022 11 29 233647
Minimalist Crystal Ball Tattoo

 For good reason, the wrist is a favorite spot for tattoos. While the wrist is small, it is an open area with relatively straight lines, making it a simple location for practically any design. If you’re seeking for a smaller and more delicate crystal ball tattoo, consider this wrist tattoo. Here are a few more minimal crystal tattoo samples for you-

Screenshot 2022 11 29 234313

Here is another crystal ball tattoo on the forearm with a little edge.

Crystal Ball Tattoo

This little tattoo was placed just below the knee. So, if you want a minimalist tattoo on your leg, this could be a possibility.

Witch Broomstick Tattoo

Many contemporary depictions of witches have an overtly sensual undertone and are likely intended to convey their owner’s frivolity. Images of witches flying on broomsticks are a good illustration of this, despite the fact that this feature has long stood for domestic comfort and merriment. A broomstick might also represent the tattoo wearer’s desire for happiness and life changes. If you want a vibrant broomstick tattoo, look no further. then take a look at this one! A wizard hat, tiny flowers, a moon, a spider web, flying bats, and stars can be added to further its captivating qualities. The blue-purple blended shadow all over the tattoo is what gives it the nickname “Witch Cosmic Broomstick”.

Here are a few more ideas for broomstick witch tattoos-

Hedgehog tattoo
Hedgehog with Broomstick (Credit)
Frog Witch Tattoo
Frog with Broomstick (Credit)

Cauldron Tattoo

The inner spurs of the tattoo wearer’s soul are represented by a cauldron. The lack of significant elements from the past in the present is expressed by an empty one. A tattoo owner loses control of his life if it is overturned. A cauldron over the flames represents improvements.

Cauldron Tattoo
Cauldron Tattoo (Credit)

Witch Finger Tattoo

In the past, people referred to the forefinger or index finger as the “Witch’s finger” since it was used to cast spells when pointing toward unfortunate people. This finger was also referred to as the “poison finger” since it was thought to be poisonous. You can ask your artist to ink a green finger right below your elbow.

Witch Finger Tattoo
Witch Finger Tattoo (Credit)

Hedge Witch Tattoo

Hedge Witches, also known as Hedges, are Magicians who practice magic without a formal degree from a Magical school. Hedge witchcraft is typically done by solitary practitioners and entails extensive research into plants and the natural world. Hedges utilizes tattoos with stars to indicate rank among Safe Houses.

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Hedge Witch Tattoo
Hedge Witch Tattoo (Credit)

Witch Sternum Tattoo

Sternum tattoos are eye-catching and appealing but can be painful to ink on. These lovely designs can be enormous and dramatic, or small and delicate, and they can be both easy to conceal and easy to show off. You can have a minimalist tattoo as well as a tattoo that spans the entire chest.

Witch Sternum Tattoo
Witch Sternum Tattoo

Classic Wizard Hat Tattoo

In portrayals of witches in popular culture, hats with conical crowns and broad brims are known as “witches’ hats”.Witch hats for women provide you the opportunity to infuse your body and soul with your love of the idea of practicing witchcraft and discovering your true power as a witch. On the internet, you can easily locate a ton of witch hat tattoo ideas. But for the time being, we have selected a classic tattoo for all those tattoo enthusiasts searching for a straightforward classic tattoo. Check out more ideas for witch hat tattoos-

Witch Hat Tattoo
Classic Wizard Tattoo (Credit)
Small and Minimalist Witch Hat Tattoo
Small and Minimalist Witch Hat Tattoo
Witch Hat Tattoo on Ankle
Witch Hat Tattoo on Ankle

Witch Moth Tattoo

Tattoos of moths are popular right now because of their symbolic representation of change. It has a strong emotional impact and primarily represents four things: consciousness, optimism, spiritual awakening, and mortality. They represent life transitions and how they can transform you into a new person. Of course, another reason why people acquire moth tattoos is that the design fits their unique aesthetic. You can persuade your tattoo artist to ink a moth tattoo with a witch sword and chrysoprase stone, which is a stone that typically represents joy, business, and wisdom. It is a potent stone that bestows luck. It is one of the birthstones for May, which is extremely significant if it is your birth month.

witch hand tattoos
Witch Moth with Chrysoprase Stone (Credit)

Witch Cat Tattoo

Witch Cat Tattoo

The cat’s reputation for evil also has a lot to do with witchcraft. Witches frequently kept cats as pets because being at one with nature was a key component of their witchcraft. Due to their nocturnal nature and propensity for prowling at night, cats have long been thought of as the supernatural servants of witches. To keep mice and rats away from the grain, herbs, dried fruit, and yeast, they had cats all the time. Others thought that cats were actually humans who had done evil actions and had to be released back into the world again. Compared to other cats, black cats have experienced more hardship. Due to their perception of black cats as outcasts, it is thought that witches only choose black cats to use in their witchcraft. Your witch cat tattoo can be adorned with a purple witch hat, magic herbs, and a purple moon pendant. Here are a few more witch cat tattoo ideas for you-

Screenshot 2022 11 30 085755
Bengal Fortune Teller Witch Cat with Crystal Ball
Summoning Positivity from the Spiritual Realm of Cats
Summoning Positivity from the Spiritual Realm of Cats

Witch Potion Tattoos

Love Potion
Witch Potion Tattoo (Credit)

Making potions is a crucial skill for both witchcraft and creating treatments for illnesses and disorders. In the magical universe, potions have been used to cure disease, alter someone’s appearance, and even make people fall in love. The creation of various potions and salves was a frequent practice of alchemy and was usually associated with sorcery. A potion is a mystical concoction created by a magician, fairy, or witch that has magical abilities in mythology and literature.

Now, we’ll share some mind-blowing potion tattoos inspiration with you-

Luck Potion
Luck Potion Tattoo (Credit)
Black Potion
Black Potion (Credit)
Healing Potion
Healing Potion (Credit)

Tarot Card Tattoo

The Tarot cards are used to forecast future events for individuals. Witches and fortune tellers frequently utilize these cards for witchcraft and future prediction. If you are looking to get a tarot card tattoo then here are a few samples:

  • The World: The world, the last card of the major arcana, is one of the tarot deck’s most upbeat and inspiring cards. when does the card show up? It denotes accomplishment, totality, and completion. It might also represent a lack of ability to proceed.
Tarot Card Tattoo. witch card tattoo
The Card (Credit)
  • The Fool: The Fool advises you to approach life with excitement, an open mind, and a sense of wonder. Throw caution to the wind and prepare yourself to embrace the unknown, putting all worries, fears, and anxieties about what might or might not happen behind you. This is about having new experiences, developing personally, and going on adventures.
The Fool Tattoo
The Fool Card (Credit)
  • The Chariot: The Chariot tarot card is all about conquering obstacles and triumphing by keeping control of your environment.
The Chariot Tarot Card
The Chariot Card (Credit)
  • The Moon And The Sun: The Moon is a fantastic card to obtain since it emphasizes insight. if you have an interest in healing or psychic growth. The card exhorts you to follow your instincts and provide for your body’s necessities. The Sun Tarot, on the other hand, represents success, vitality, contentment, and happiness. It indicates wonderful things and successful outcomes to existing difficulties and is occasionally considered as the best card in tarot.
The Moon and The Sun
The Moon and The Sun Tarot (Credit)

Matching Witch Tattoos:

Couples enjoy getting matching tattoos as a pledge to make their relationship continue as long as the tattoo. For a variety of reasons, couples get matching tattoos. Some people get a pair of tattoos to commemorate a significant relationship milestone or to share an experience with the other person.

Witch Matching tattoo
Matching Cat Tattoo. (Credit)

Sea Witch Tattoo

Sea Witches are human-like sea monsters with magical abilities who have long been portrayed in many regions of global mythology. They are also referred to as ‘Mermaid Witches.’ Mermaid images, mermaid deities, and sea magic are all used by this type of witch.

Sea Witch Tattoo
Sea Witch Tattoo (Credit)
Witch hand Tattoos
Sea Witch Hand Tattoo (Credit) 

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