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54 Knee Cap Tattoo Ideas That Will Impress Your Friends

The knee is a strange part of our body. People have endless curiosity about the knees. That’s why the knee cap tattoo has been a fashion in many countries. You are here because you need to see some variants of the tattoo of the knee cap. For you, I have brought a collection of classic knee cap tattoo ideas. 

As a human being, you want something new and different than others for yourself. This wish of yours is the same when you think of getting a tattoo. If you are looking for a tattoo design that will catch others’ eyes, then you are in the right place.

A tattoo truly has an impact on your behavior. Ask how? As human beings, we all like to get attention from other people. What if the attention you can get just for a tattoo design on your knee? That sounds great. So, what is stopping you from getting a tattoo on the knee?

Knee Cap Tattoo Meaning

The knee cap tattoo idea is much popular. But it would not be so popular if it had not any meaning. The tattoo of the knee cap has a particular meaning. The principal meaning of this design is to hate discrimination. 

Normally, people are used to drawing tattoos on their hands, faces, necks, chests, and shoulders. A knee cap tattoo indicates trying something new. But you know that the meaning of a tattoo varies for different people. There are many secrets that our mind knows but we cannot realize. 

Do knee Cap Tattoos Fade?

Well, this is a question that people keep asking regularly. The answer is yes, Knee cap tattoos fade away. Because the knee is an always-moving part of our bodies like the elbow. It has to move every time we are at home or the workplace. You can notice that whenever you walk or sleep, your kneecap is in motion. 

However, that tattoo can have a long life if you use the perfect shape and color for it. Full saturated color can be used to draw a tattoo on a knee cap. 

Do Knee Cap Tattoos Hurt?

Like other tattoo designs, knee cap tattoos also hurt. But this pain becomes worthwhile when you see the tattoo on your knee. It is also painful for the artist to portray the design into the knee because of its round shape. If you only think about the pain it will be fully for you. You also have to think about the admirable design you are getting.

Knee Cap Tattoo Ideas

After knowing the meaning of knee cap tattoos you have a magnet interest to draw them. Your interest will go higher after you see the designs.  The fact is, a tattoo on the knee looks more perfect than other body parts. One of the specialties of knee tattoos is, that these are unique and you may have not seen them before. Rather than listening to my sayings, you should see the designs by yourself. 

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Skull Knee Cap Tattoo

skull knee cap tattoo


skull knee cap tattoo 2


skull knee cap tattoo 3


A skull tattoo is always accepted by both men and women. Because it seems to be scary and beautiful at the same time. People have another level of emotion for skull tattoos. There is no reason to unlike knee cap skull tattoos. Some outlines can be drawn with the skull as you can see in these designs. It enhances the beauty of the tattoo. 

American Traditional Knee Cap Tattoo

american knee cap tattoo


american knee cap tattoo 2


american knee cap tattoo 3


Americans are always different. They like authentic and dissimilar tattoo designs for them. So, American tattoo artists keep upgrading tattoo designs with their creativity. They always try to ensure the quality of the tattoo for their customers. Here are some of their works presented. You can follow them by getting one tattoo design from here.

Under Knee Cap Tattoo

under knee cap tattoo


under knee cap tattoo 2


under knee cap tattoo 3


To show your knee cap tattoo to others, you must wear pants that do not cover your knee. You cannot draw big-sized tattoos on your knee. Because there you get limited space to ink. You may select a medium or small-sized tattoo for the knee cap. 

Above Knee Cap Tattoo

above knee cap tattoo


above knee cap tattoo 2


We have presented some under-knee cap tattoos. So, it was important to bring some above-knee cap tattoos for you. 

Lion Knee Cap Tattoo

lion knee cap tattoo


lion knee cap tattoo 2


The lion symbolizes a sign of power. The lion is the strongest living animal on the ground. On the knee, you can only draw the face of the lion. The rest of the lion’s body will not look so nice on your knee. Dont forget to add the furs to the lion’s face. Without the furs, it will remain unfinished and it will look abnormal. 

Spider Web Knee Cap Tattoo

spider web knee cap tattoo


spider web knee cap tattoo 2


spider web knee cap tattoo 3


The spider web tattoo is one of the most complex tattoo designs in the world. This design takes a lot of time to draw. Prepare yourself when you go to the artist for a spider web tattoo on your knee. This tattoo idea came from the spiderman character. Though it looks perfect in the black color you add another color to it. 

Butterfly Knee Cap Tattoo

butterfly knee cap tattoo


butterfly knee cap tattoo 2


The butterfly is mostly loved for its colorful wings. It files slowly from here and there. People especially women cannot deny or ignore butterfly tattoo ideas. A small butterfly portrait on your knee will look more charming than you think.

Mandala Knee Cap Tattoo

mandala knee cap tattoo


mandala knee cap tattoo 2


mandala knee cap tattoo 3


mandala knee cap tattoo 4


Many religious or traditional activities are committed with mandala symbols. People have spiritual beliefs in mandala designs. As mandala is a group of geometrical configurations, mandala tattoo is highly searched by people. Also, this tattoo idea is unique and it is spreading worldwide day by day. 

Bear Knee Cap Tattoo

bear knee cap tattoo


bear knee cap tattoo 2


bear knee cap tattoo 3


bear knee cap tattoo 4


An animal lover will never let the chance of getting an animal tattoo to go. The bear tattoo idea is new and it is being popular among the young generation people. You can try it if you are familiar with bears. Many people are showing interest in bear tattoos only by loving bears. 

Death Star Knee Cap Tattoos

death star knee cap tattoo


star knee cap tattoo


The knee is round in shape, that’s why it is better to get a tattoo that fits perfectly. If you get a tattoo that is too big or too small that would be odd. The knee area is the most eye-catching part of your body. A natural element can be a good idea for your knee. The star is the most amazing thing that can be used as a tattoo. 

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Dot Work Knee Cap Tattoo

dot knee cap tattoo


equality knee cap tattoo


Different people take the knee tattoo idea differently. Some people take this as a part of their lifestyle. Some other people get knee tattoos as just a different thing. It is a positive thing that you can portray your imagination through a tattoo design on your knee cap. When your tattoo is done; you look at it and feel it is pain-worthy. 

Elephant Knee Cap Tattoo

elephant knee cap tattoo


An Elephant has enough power to harm people. But elephants always maintain peace and they just live their lives. Many people get elephant tattoos on their knees to remark elephants as powerful but calm animals. 

Flower Knee Cap Tattoo

flower knee cap tattoo


flower knee cap tattoo 2


flower knee cap tattoo 3


The flower is the most beautiful thing. You will not find a single person in the world who does not like a flower. The smell of flowers has another level of power to make one’s mind pleasant. You may think only girls use flower tattoos for their knees. But that is not right. You will find many boys who got a flower tattoos on their knees. 

Knee Cap Lettering Tattoos

number knee cap tattoo

knee cap letter tattoo

The number is a common content for getting a tattoo.`The interest in the tattoo goes high when it has a number in it. Also, a letter can be added to the tattoo design if your thought says so. In some communities, people have spiritual beliefs in numbers and letters. You have to find out your lucky number or letter that you can add to your tattoo design. 

Knee Cap Rose Tattoo

knee cap rose tattoo

knee cap rose tattoo 2

knee cap rose tattoo 3

You have seen flower tattoos on the knees. Among all the flowers Rose is the most loved and respected flower. It defines many things. A Rose can define love, peace, respect, and many other things. The knee cap rose tattoo idea is one of the best tattoo ideas. The rose on your knee will easily catch people’s eyes. 

Knee Cap Tattoo Geometric

knee cap geometric tattoo

knee cap geometric tattoo 2

knee cap geometric tattoo 3

Geometrical symbols are being used since ancient age times. These geometrical symbols can be used for many things. In a geometrical tattoo design, you will find circles, squares, and triangles. A geometrical tattoo can be inked on your knee if you are going to get a tattoo for the first time. 

Knee Cap Tattoo Leopard

knee cap leopard tattoo

knee cap leopard tattoo 2

The leopard sketch on your knee can significantly increase your personal value in front of others. Because the leopard itself is a powerful fighter in the jungle. The bold outlines of the leopard look more enhanced when the tattoo gets sunlight. If you feel hesitant about getting a leopard tattoo that will be an absurdity. 

Knee Cap Tattoo Tiger

knee cap tiger tattoo

knee cap tiger tattoo 2

knee cap tiger tattoo 3

knee cap tiger tattoo 4

The tiger and the leopard look about the same. But there are a lot of differences between them. I am not here to tell the difference between tiger and leopard. I am here to show you some excellent tattoo designs and ideas you might love. 

Simple Knee Cap Tattoo

knee cap simple tattoo

knee cap simple tattoo 2

knee cap simple tattoo 3

Small Knee Cap Tattoos

knee cap small tattoo

knee cap small tattoo 2

knee cap small tattoo 3

Simple and small tattoo designs are always appreciable. You can see here some traditional tattoos as simple and small knee cap tattoos. Simple tattoos take less time to ink and it is also cost less than other designs. At the same time, both men and women would prefer a small tattoo for the knee. If you are looking for a low-cost and easy tattoo then A simple and small tattoo is suggested for you by me.

When you decide to get a tattoo, you have to think of many other related things for it. Like: what will be the color, what size is perfect for you, what type of tattoo would suit you etc. Thinking about your need, I have brought a good number of tattoos here. I am pretty sure, you will choose one design from these portraits.

You have seen a good number of tattoo designs. I have tried my best to cover all the related tattoo ideas that you may like. Now simply chose the design, select a color, prepare yourself, and get inked.

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