3 Red Rose Flower Tattoo from Leg to Anke

31 Beautiful Lower Leg Tattoo Ideas for Females

Do you want to listen to stories? Is there anyone who does not like stories? of course not. Just like that, every leg tattoo designs bear unique stories. For instance, If you want to lead life by Disney land’s inspiration, lower leg tattoo offers designs. If you have immense love for animals, lower leg tattoos will give you options. If you have a preference for floral,  you can get beautiful designs. Are you interested to know more? Keep reading this article to beautify your mind and select your favorite one.

Sunflower Lower Leg Tattoo

Just look at this sunflower tattoo! It illustrates sunflower beautifully with a black ink line. It has beautiful shading inside every petal and flower leaf. It looks too good on the lower legs.

Lower Leg Tattoo

Tiger with Moon Lower Leg Tattoo

Do you think you are as strong as a Tiger? You should try this lower leg tattoo which includes Tiger and the moon to show the speed of your life.

2 Black Ink Line Tiger with Moon Tattoo on Lower Leg

Red Rose Lower Leg Tattoo

Do you ever see such a beautiful red rose tattoo? You can notice how deeply red rose and flower leaves are illustrated. For this tattoo, you have to think of a little more maintenance cost.
3 Red Rose Flower Tattoo from Leg to Anke

Queen Leg Tattoo

What do you say if you have a Queen tattoo on your legs, you will feel like Queen partially? Every girl wants to be a queen to their partner. Girls, you can do a queen tattoo to show your desire.

4 Legendery Black Ink Design Tattoo on Full Lower Leg

Knife within Flower Leg Tattoo

Just watch this tattoo! It looks clearly vibrant on your legs. You will be amazed to see the artwork on the knife as well as on the flower.

5 Beautiful Color Inked Knife with in Flower Tattoo on Lower leg

Rainbow  Heart Leg Tattoo

In this beautiful tattoo, there is a tree man holding a rainbow heart. The heart illustrates with rainbow colors. It looks great on the legs.

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6 Tree Man Holding Rainbow Color Lovely Heart Tattoo on Lower leg

Kanji Large Leg Tattoo

Do you know the meaning of Kanji? Let me tell you! Kanji means a system of Japanese writing with Chinese-derived characteristics. You can show your interest in other languages by doing this tattoo.

7 Black Ink Kanji Tattoo on Lower leg

Kanji Mini Leg Tattoo

If you do not like large kanji tattoos, you can try a mini kanji tattoo on your lower leg. Males and females both are interested to do this tattoo.

8 Beautiful Black Line Art Work Tattoo on Lower leg

Lady Samurai Tattoo

If we watch Japanese series, we will be acknowledged of Lady Samurai character. Are you a fan of lady Samurai? You must try out this tattoo. As it is a colorful tattoo, you have to bear a little high maintenance cost.

9 Japanese Lady Samurai Tattoo art on Full Lower leg

Traditional Dagger Lower Leg Tattoo

Traditional dagger tattoo illustrates colorful knife digging hearts. If you like colorful tattoos, you should try out this tattoo.

10 Traditional Dagger in Heart Tattoo on Lower leg

Small Evangeline Front Leg Tattoo

A small Evangeline tattoo appears from the movie “Ant-man”. Evangeline Lilly was portrayed as the main character of this movie. Naming after the heroin, it represents an ant as an ant-man and multiple color splashes. It looks great on the front legs. Females usually prefer this tattoo.

11 Color Art Small Evangeline Tattoo for Female on Front Lower leg

Floral Skull Leg Tattoo

The skull tattoo looks very beautiful when you combine floral art with it. If you have a love for floral tattoos, you can check out this tattoo. The flowers are intensified with a deep meaning along with the skull. Females prefer this tattoo most.

12 Black Ink Art Floral Skull Tattoo for Female on Behind the Lower leg

Disney Cartoon Leg Tattoo

Are you 90’s kid? Are you fascinated by Disney World? then you should try this colorful Disney cartoon tattoo. Young females are fascinated by this tattoo design.

13 Stunning Color Ink Disney Carttoo Tattoo for Female on Behind the Lower leg

Bat Leg Tattoo

This Bat Leg Tattoo looks stunning on the front lower leg. The Bat is illustrated with black dark ink. If you are an animal lover, you will surely love this tattoo. Girls like this tattoo a lot.

14 Black and Gray Designed Bat Tattoo for Female on the Front Lower leg

Old School Lion Leg Tattoo

Look at the tattoo! How victorious it looks! It reminds you of your school days. The Lion resembles the victory and is shaded beautifully.

15 Victorious Old School Lion Tattoo for Female on Behind the Lower leg

Floral Butterfly Tattoo

It is the most beautiful floral tattoo. It includes different flowers as well as a butterfly. It looks great on the lower legs.

16 Feminine Side Lower leg Butterfly Black Inked Tattoo

Leg Matryoshka Doll Tattoo

This beautiful tattoo illustrates the matryoshka doll. It also represents various flowers. Females want to do this tattoo most. It looks wonderful on the front lower leg.

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17 Lower Front Leg Matryoshka Doll Tattoos for Females

Disney Robin Hood Leg Tattoo

Oh! It reminds me of my childhood! Don’t you? You will definitely like this colorful tattoo if you are a fan of robin hood. But this tattoo is little high maintenance.

Robin Hood Leg Tattoo


Lotus Leg Tattoo

The Lotus flower symbolizes the development of temptation to become a better person. Lotus tattoo means purity, beauty, and spiritual things in Hindu beliefs. If you do a lotus tattoo on your leg, it will mean that you are trying to become a better person.

19 Beautiful Black Line with Dot Art Lotous Tattoo on Lower Back leg

Saul Cruz Angle with Wings Tattoo

Do you know the history of saul Cruz angel? If you do not know, we are here to inform you. The thought of saul Cruz angel comes from Spanish culture. Catholic people believe in Cruz angel. This tattoo looks very beautiful. If you are catholic and you want to show your love, you can do this tattoo on your lower legs.

20 Balck Solid Ink Saul Cruz Angle with Wings Tattoo on Front Lower leg

Coconut Tree Tattoo

Do you like traveling to the beach? This tattoo is perfect for you. We all know coconut tree is the common feature of beachside. In this tattoo, black solid ink has intensified the coconut tattoo and looks beautiful on the legs.

21 Balck Solid Inked Coconut Tree Tattoo for Female on Front Lower leg

Evergreen Tree Tattoo

Nowadays, females prefer this type of tattoo. It represents a green tree and illustrates with black ink. You can decorate your lower leg with this tattoo.

22 Balck Inked Ever Green Tree Tattoo for Female on Back Lower leg

Floral Tiger Monster Tattoo

Monster Tiger floral tattoo has a wonderful combination. This tattoo illustrates the mercy tiger hiding in the floral garden. It is a unique black and white design. It looks great on the legs.

23 Balck Inked Moster Tiger with Flower Tattoo for Female on Side Lower leg

Dinosaur Leg Tattoo 

If you have a love for dinosaurs, you can try this colorful tattoo. Dinosaurs are illustrated with blue ink shaded along with green leaves. It looks stunning on your legs.

24 Gorgeous Color Ink Jurrasicworld Dinasaur Holding Gem Stone Tattoo for Female on Side Lower leg

Love And Skull Tattoo

The colorful skull tattoo includes a red heart and a skull drawn with blue color. It portrays a quote along with the design. Girls are fascinated to do this tattoo because it looks wonderful on the side lower leg.

25 Potrait Quote with Red Love Shape Heart and Blue Skull Tattoo for Female on Behind the Lower leg

Skull in Water Glass Tattoo

How realistic the tattoo is! While illustrating a skull floating on the water along with providing 3D vibes, It is really amazing. Girls! You should try out this tattoo definitely.

26 Phenomenal Black Inked Skull in Water Glass Tattoo for Female on Side Lower leg

 Water Color Splash Pussy Cat Paw Print Tattoo 

This tattoo illustrates pussy cat paws along with a splash of colors. It looks wonderful behind the lower leg. As you are a cat lover, you can try this tattoo.

27 Phenomenal Water Color Spash Pussy Cat Paw Print Tattoo for Female on Behind the Lower leg

Embroidery Ankle Tattoo 

Do you love this amazing color-inked tattoo? This design is similar to an embroidery pattern. It is usually drawn around the ankle. It works like leg accessories.

28 Amazing Color Inked Wrapping Embroidery Ankle Cuff Difficult Tattoo on Round Lower Leg

Colorful Floral Lower Leg Tattoo

If you notice attentively, you can see beautiful artwork decorating the flowers. The leaves are designed with a perfectly fine line. The flower looks very lively. Do not miss the chance to get this beautiful tattoo.

29 Amazing Color Inked Floral Tattoo on Back Lower Leg

Multi-color Inked Flower on Female Skull Tattoo

Do you think true love can die? This tattoo has a symbolic meaning. After the death of your partner, you are imagining her wearing a red flower. It is amazing.

30 Incredible Multi color Inked Flower on Female Skull Tattoo for Female on Lower Side Leg

Are you fascinated by our unique collection of designs? What are you waiting for? Pick your favorite one and make yourself beautiful.

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