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14 New Centipede Tattoos That Can Scare You

The centipede Tattoo idea has come from scary look of the centipede. A Centipede is a multi-legged insect found everywhere in the world. In different tribals, the centipede is known differently. People have curiosity about centipedes still in 2022. In tradition, centipedes symbolize power. It has many other meanings. You understand that people are no they don’t ink a centipede tattoo if it has no meaning

A creepy-looking design can be a part of your body. Instead of getting a normal boring tattoo, it is better to ink an insect tattoo design. People use this tattoo differently as they want. There is no rules or restriction to use it. Anyone can ink this design on any part of their body. But the thing is everything has to be consistent. 

Centipede Tattoo Meaning

In North America centipede is known as the symbol of power. You may have seen that this insect doesn’t fear anything. It hides in its place. It has countless legs with its body. This gives him a terrifying look that we don’t see every day. 

In China, it is known as a sign of protection. In Korea, people say Centipede brings good luck. But people don’t think much to ink a tattoo. They just need meaning. Getting a Centipede tattoo means you are having a symbol of power and good luck on your body. 

There are so many styles and trends of Centipede tattoos. You might be looking for a unique design for your body. Don’t worry, here you are going to see a few new and fashionable tattoo designs. These are selected from a huge gallery of tattoos. Show your creative ideas by getting a unique tattoo design. 

Japanese Centipede Tattoo

japanese centipede tattoo


There is no specific Japanese-style tattoo. But it is known that the Japanese use twisted stickers and tattoos on their bodies. This one tattoo design black colored and it is twisted like a dragon. Actually, a centipede moves in this manner. Artists made this centipede movement tattoo design. People are loving this design and are interested to ink this one. 

Tokyo Ghoul Centipede Tattoo

tokyo ghoul centipede tattoo


Tokyo ghoul is an anime series by Japanese creators. If you have seen this series you may fall in love with them. The idea of a centipede with Tokyo ghoul characters is made by many tattoo artists. It has been a creative idea with a creepy look. The character and the centipede both have given this design a unique look. You must use this design if you love Tokyo ghoul. 

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Human Centipede Tattoo

human centipede tattoo


A human with a centipede body looks like a little monster. This latest design comes with a lady having a big centipede body. It has countless legs in its body. Use it if you want to scare other people with your tattoo. It has a perfect look in black color. But change the color if you want. But make sure you keep the details of the design. 

Traditional Centipede Tattoo

traditional centipede tattoo


Your perfect tattoo design depends on your demand. But traditional centipede design is liked by all. There is no one who doesn’t like it. It has a small and easy look. It will fit on your hand and give you a faithful look. You can resize it and use it on your neck or shoulder. But I think it looks cuter in a small size. 

Centipede Tattoo Back

centipede tattoo back


This tattoo design has covered the back of this person. There is something weird and creepy in the middle. The centipede can go in both directions with their legs. You do not show your back all time. But you can ink this tattoo for your self-satisfaction. It can scare the people who live with you. This scary-looking design is fair enough to be inked on your back. 

Centipede Arm Tattoo

centipede arm tattoo


Have you ever thought to get a tattoo on your arm? A creative person doesn’t like ordinary and easy designs. They need a new design for themselves and for their customers. Most of the tattoos are in black color. But this one is in red color which is way better than black. Also, green and yellow colors can be used for this design. 

Kaneki Centipede Tattoo

keneki centipede tattoo


We have seen Keneki as the main protagonist in the Tokyo ghoul series. The idea of him and a centipede is being popular recently. But it is quite an acceptable idea to tattoo. This design contains the face of Keneki and a centipede body. Together they made this design one of the unique tattoo ideas. Kaneki lovers must try this.

Centipede Face Tattoo

centipede face tattoo


A woman’s face is in every stratum of the centipede. The face looks beautiful but still, the tattoo design can scare people who are not familiar with it. It is a small design, you can use it on your face. This design may take a long time to draw. But you will find an unparalleled design after the design is completed. 

Centipede Hand Tattoo

centipede hand tattoo


Most of the tattoos are inked on hands. People knowing the centipede’s meaning started drawing its tattoo. It can give you a realistic feel that the centipede is walking on your hand. Follow the trend by using a tattoo on your hand. This centipede design will be the best for you. 

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Centipede Tattoo Leg

centipede tattoo leg


The leg is the biggest part of our body. It is not a bad idea to get a tattoo on your leg. Here we can see, a black-colored tattoo has been inked on the leg. If you look closer you can this centipede has eyes on his back. You can see fur on its legs which makes it different than others.

You can make your leg scary by using this tattoo design. The black color is perfect for this design. 

Centipede Tattoo Small

centipede tattoo small


A small and minimalistic tattoo is ideal for people who doesn’t like tangled design. The artist has given this a small body and a cute face in this design. It has twisted its body in a circle as real centipedes do.  This design can be inked on your hand, leg, face, and neck anywhere on your body. 

Realistic Centipede Tattoo

realistic centipede tattoo


Among all the designs, this one looks more realistic than the others. Though there are many sizes of the centipede genre it is a perfect size. Also, this design has been made with all the details of a centipede. So, it has been a realistic and unique design. 

Simple Centipede Tattoo

simple centipede tattoo


This design is about just the outer structure of the centipede. It is a black and white design. This simple design has attracted many people. Many people scare centipedes, but a simple design is liked by all. If you were searching for a simple design for your hand or leg, you can take this as your tattoo. 

Tribal Centipede Tattoo

tribal centipede tattoo


]You can’t find the perfect centipede tribal tattoo design. We have told earlier that the centipede is known differently in different places. Tribal people are also familiar with tattooing. Also, they have inked centipedes as tattoos on their body. But their designs were easy to draw. 

A tattoo can show your individuality to others. It represents your taste in tattoos. Only people with fearless minds chose centipede tattoo designs. Centipedes are not found in residential areas every day. The bigger-sized centipedes are found in the jungle. But people have curious minds thinking about insects. Some people change their style by inking tattoos. 

In this article, we have shown you many types of tattoo designs related to centipedes. Anime design, big and small design, traditional and tribal design, etc., and many more designs you have seen already. You may be thinking to get a tattoo on your body. You can choose anyone from this tattoo gallery. If you need any other type of tattoo design, let us know. We are working for tattoos and provide all types of tattoos for tattoo lovers.

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