Penguin Surfboard Tattoo

20 Most Popular Penguin Tattoo Ideas

If you are looking for a tattoo that has a both strong and spiritual meaning then getting a penguin tattoo might be for you! Although these majestic birds are unable to fly, that does not resist them from ruling the bird kingdom as the best swimmers. Being capable of surviving in the harshest environment, signifies strong adaptability. Here are some 20 unique penguin tattoo ideas for you.

1. Soulmate Penguin Couple Tattoo

Penguin also symbolizes ‘love’. These birds are devoted to one another and committed to only one partner, the male reunites with the same female every year during their mating season. So, getting a soul mate penguin tattoo can be a great gesture of love toward your partner. You can have this enchanting tattoo of two penguins holding each other’s hands as a symbol of always staying beside each other.

Soulmate Penguin Tattoos for Couples

2. Tribal Penguin Tattoo

Nowadays tribal arts have taken a popular place among tattoo lovers of their perspective of aesthetics and conjointly uphold different cultures and visual arts of indigenous peoples. By mixing your spiritual animal penguin along with tribal art, you will not only be showing respect to heritage, but also will get a feeling of spiritual guidance from ancient times through it.

Tribal Penguin Tattoo

3. Emperor Penguin Tattoo

An emperor symbolizes wisdom, leadership, headstrongness, stability, and immense power of controlling the entire kingdom. Similarly, getting an emperor penguin tattoo will give you feelings of royalty, wisdom, and progress and make you feel like, you are the only king of your universe and the only controller.

Emperor Penguin Tattoo

4. Penguin Parents Protecting Their Kid Tattoo

 Here this tattoo reflects two parents fully focusing on their baby penguin and protecting the nestling. You can merge the Japanese theme (as Japanese parents teach high moral standards to their kids) and a mixture of ocean blue and yellow to enhance the beauty.

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Penguin Parents Protecting Their Kid Tattoo

5. Geometric Penguin Tattoo for Guys

You can also choose this geometric penguin tattoo on your back with a floating iceberg, in order to remind yourself of the iceberg theory or the theory of emission.

Geometric Penguin Tattoo

6. Penguins of Madagascar Tattoo

 Remember Skipper, Rico, Private, and Kowalski? From penguins of Madagascar? Who performs commando-like missions to protect their home? Well, by having a tattoo with these four amazing characters, you can be Realistic like Kowalski, optimistic like Private, fierce and loyal like Rico, and born to be a leader like Skipper.

Penguins of Madagascar Tattoo

7. Pittsburgh Penguin Tattoo

Are you a big fan of the American professional ice hockey team “Pittsburgh Penguins”? Then this Pittsburgh Penguin sticker tattoo is perfect for you. This serious-looking, goal-oriented penguin tattoo can show your enthusiasm toward the sport.

Pittsburgh Penguin Tattoo

8. Minimalist Penguin Tattoo

Minimalist style only focuses on the basic elements of a design. You can also get a minimalist penguin tattoo on your wrist, or ankle. As minimalist tattoos are done with a very limited palette for people who love simple and elegant stuff. It would give you less distraction, less stress, and a more freedom vibe.

Minimalist Penguin Tattoo

9. Cartoon Penguin Tattoo

Getting a cartoon tattoo would make you feel happy and carefree at the same time. Classic cartoon tattoos are never out of style. If you are looking to have something that would make you nostalgic and bring you back to your childhood then choose any cartoon characters that you used to enjoy, whether it’s Pingu or Octonauts or you can customize and make your own cartoon character with a red ribbon tie like the attached photo.

Cartoon Penguin Tattoo

10. Penguin Tattoos for friends forever

 Penguins act indifferent to one another. They love to spend every minute together with their circle to conserve heat and protect themselves from the cold. It is an excellent idea to get the same tattoo as your friends.

Penguin Tattoos for friends forever

11. Penguin Heart Tattoo

 As mentioned earlier, penguins are great symbols of love, Design your wrist or bicep or your leg with two penguins heading toward one another making a love shape and holding hands.

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Penguin Heart Tattoo

12. American Traditional Penguin Tattoo

 Well, American Traditional tattoos are a bit of a colorful combination. If you want something that is a bit colorful and gives you a chill vibe, then this ice-cream-eating chilling penguin tattoo design can be a life savior. Look at those colors vibrant and spending some me time vibe.

American Traditional Penguin Tattoo

13. Abstract Penguin Tattoo

The theme of getting abstract art abstracts you from reality and express your hidden emotions and ideas in a different way. So, why not get an abstract penguin tattoo?

Abstract Penguin Tattoo

14. Watercolor Penguin Tattoo

 Apart from traditional tattoos, watercolor tattoos make your tattoo colorful and mimic actual classic watercolor painting (which is why it got the name watercolor tattoo). Just look at this dancing little penguin, the colors around it signify the aura of happiness.

Watercolor Penguin Tattoo

15. Chilly Willy the Penguin Tattoo

Remember the diminutive penguin chilly Willy and his adventure living in Alaska? Well, you can make your tattoo look super adorable and prankish by making Chilly Willy hold a gun on your wrist. Oh! Do not forget to keep the dynamite bomb set beside him!

Chilly Willy the Penguin Tattoo

16. Evil Penguin Tattoo

 Here is another design to make your tattoo look a Lil bit devilish. You can bring a change making it wear a red Japanese mask and applying gray and black shading to express your bold characteristics.

Evil Penguin Tattoo

17. Fleetwood Mac/ John Mcvie Penguin Tattoo

Who doesn’t love the British-American band Fleetwood Mac and their songs from the penguin album? Also the British guitarist John McVie and his fascination with penguins? Here is a simple light gray wash tattoo idea for you to carry your favorite band’s identity with you.

Fleetwood Mac/ John Mcvie Penguin Tattoo

18. Mother-Daughter Duo Penguin Tattoo

 The bond of mother-daughter relation is indescribable, and one of the most irreplaceable ever. To portray your relationship with your daughter or mother, you both can have a matching tattoo of a mother penguin and its nestling sharing an affectionate look with each other.

Mother-Daughter Duo Penguin Tattoo

19. Penguin Surfboard Tattoo

 Penguins always know how to grab some waves and if you are a great wave collector aka surfing lover, then this adorable sweet little fearless watercolor penguin tattoo is a must-have for you.

Penguin Surfboard Tattoo

20. Polar Bear and Penguin Tattoo

 Polar bears and penguins don’t mix, but one thing that is very common for these species is, they both are capable of thriving in the harshest climate in the world. To remind you how much strong you are, you can draw this adorable tattoo on your ankle with a four-dot diamond dust snowflake symbolizing uniqueness.

Polar bear and Penguin Tattoo

So, for which penguin tattoo you liked the most?

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