Dog doodle tattoo

17 Simple Doodle Tattoo Ideas

Before talking more about doodle tattoos first we need to know what is a doodle tattoo. A doodle tattoo is created while someone is attending to something else. Doodle tattoos are straightforward works of tattoo art that can either be made up of haphazard, abstract lines or forms or have a clear, symbolic significance. Doodling tattoos are most frequently linked with small infants and toddlers, but because it was a childhood habit, older people are now continually interested in getting them as well. It can be very challenging for any young child to keep their coloring their bodies within the line art of the subject due to their poor hand-eye coordination and lesser mental development. Nevertheless, it is common to see such behavior among grownups, in which case it is usually done amicably and bored.

So now let us talk about some different types of doodle tattoos from which you can have a good idea of how sweet these are.

1. Funny Doodle Tattoos

Here you can see a funny ghost riding on a skateboard which can bring a smile to any random person’s face. It is drawn on the hand of a male who seems like the ghost is having a good time with his skateboard. Some people love to create fun stuff.

Funny doodle tattoos

2. Doodle Pad Tattoo

Doodle pad tattoos are often set on the thigh or in the biceps. Here we can see a cute creation of Disney on her thigh which made her thigh cuter and eye catchy. Disney characters are famous and some people love it since their childhood and the affection remains when you are elder.

Doodle pad tattoo

3. Doodle Tattoo Sleeve

It’s funny to see this kind of picture on sleeves, especially on men. Creating doodle tattoos on your sleeves makes it catchy and cute. Here we can see a doodle on a sleeve where a funny mushroom is holding a skull bone with a cute smile as she’s happy enough. Also, we can see a weird kitten that looks like a turtle with multiple legs.

Doodle sleeve tattoo

4. Simple & Small Doodles

Sometimes simple doodle art makes your body parts a bit charming. It can be done beside your other tattoos also. Simply, these artworks could be short and won’t contain a lot of space. Here we can see a chicken pointing a gun at another chicken. Simple, short, and funny. Also, charming. You can make this kind of tattoo very easily and quickly at a low cost.

Simple tattoo doodles

5. Minimalist Doodle Tattoo

Crisp black or colored lines, negative space, and limited color palettes are all used in minimalist doodle tattoos to depict a clean, uncomplicated design. The point being communicated by these pretty attractive tattoos influences their impact and overall design, and they can be pricey or inexpensive. Here we can see a fantastic piece of art on hands.

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Minimalist doodle tattoo

6. Cute Doodle Tattoo

Most of the doodle tattoos are cute enough. Some are charming to watch. Adults like to draw these childish ideas on their good bodies. Here is a little cute doodle tattoo. We can see a frog with a funny face holding a leaf on its head to cover itself from rain. These types of tattoos can put a smile on the viewer’s face. Nowadays children also love to puts on this type of tattoo.

Cute doodle tattoo

7. Dinosaur Doodle Tattoo

A creature like a dinosaur always seems to be an angry and scary animal whose mood is always off. But in this tattoo, we can see something funny. A cute little dinosaur. We can see an unknown animal, probably it\s a bear, riding on the dinosaur. Also, it’s having a flower on its head. You can add your thoughts and customize them in your way.

Dinosaur doodle tattoo

8. Dog Doodle Tattoo

Dog doodles are famous among doodle lovers. Surely dog is a cute and human-friendly creature. In this tattoo, we can see a dog’s tattoo on the triceps. The dog is in a hot dog. This means a pair of buns are put on both sides of the dog instead of sausages. It looks cute and the tattoo can have a clear view from behind as it is located on the triceps.

Dog doodle tattoo

9. Doodle Bob Tattoo

In the episodes “Frankendoodle” and “Doodle Dimension” as well as the computer game Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition, DoodleBob, a live two-dimensional sketch that resembles SpongeBob SquarePants, can be seen. Many peoples especially a lover of Spongebob SquarePants make this tattoo. Here we can see a little doodle bob tattoo on the leg which looks pretty and cute.

Doodle bob tattoo

10. Cool Doodle Tattoo Hand

You will adore this lovely drawing of the island on the top there is a flag waving since it would make a killer tattoo design on your arm. This lined art has excellent doodling, rich details on all three patterns, and perfectly straight lines. It would make a wonderful tattoo on your arm. You may make your tattoo sleeve even more caricatured by including additional natural features.

Cool tattoo doodles

11. Flower Doodle Tattoo

Everyone will comment on the cute floral design on your arm, from children to botanists. It is certain to be near and dear to your heart if you wish to add or share your material to this design and alter it. The flower is drawn in line-art black work with excellent motion-line drawings to represent grief while still blooming, which makes for a fantastic tattoo design. You’ll adore it.

Doodle flower tattoo

12. Doodle Tattoo on Arm

Great sleeves will have patterns of various kinds covering the entire arm. If you want to get a tattoo that runs the entire length of your hand, choose one that looks like graffiti. This graffiti design has a ton of various tattoo options from which you may choose, so it’s sure to be a hit. If you don’t like the intricate black work, you can add some color here and there to make it appear even more vibrant.

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Doodle tattoo arm

13. Easy Doodle Tattoo

Some doodle tattoos are easy to make these are not that much hard to make. Most people like to make it cutely because doodle tattoo lovers have a separate fanbase. Here we can see a doodle tattoo that is made simply. It’s not a known character probably the owner customized it in his/her way. We can see here a cute little duck holding a bag. On the other hand, it’s holding a drill machine like a gun.

Easy tattoo doodles

14. Little Red Color Doodle Tattoo

This lovely, colorful work of art has a pink-colored balloon-made dog, and you can share and add your ideas to it to make designs that are sure to garner positive feedback of all types. The crisp pink borders on this tattoo make it easy to make. To make this design cooler, you may also alter it, add your material, or share it with others.

little doodle tattoos

15. Mikey Doodles Tattoo

Mikey is a character from Tokyo Revengers. Your satisfaction with this abstract black work tattoo design will be unwavering. If you want to acquire something creative and different, you might choose the material with a scene from a cartoon or comic featuring the anime character It’s Mikey. Here, the drawing of the face which seems just like a hand-drawn doodle catches your attention. Additionally, you can use your imagination to add other suitable designs to it.

Mikey doodles tattoo

16. Skull Doodle Tattoo

Skulls are always scary to look at. But some skulls are made in a cute way that it doesn’t seem very much scary. Here is a skull doodle tattoo on the arm which is not that much colorful just drawn in black lines. Skulls’ tattoos don’t look that much attractive if it is colorful. Keeping it black is good enough. This tattoo looks good and is created by covering a short space on the hand.

Skull doodle tattoo

17. Doodle Monster Tattoo

Some like to make monster tattoos on their body. You can make this type of monster doodle tattoo on your hand or feet. We can see here a monster similar to the ghost rider which looks scary riding a bike. It’s a beautiful artwork by using both black and a bit of red touch which is eye catchy. You can customize it to your style.

Tattoo doodle monster


Why do people make Doodle tattoos?

Doodle is an art and a lot of people like this type of art piece. Simple drawings known as doodles can be made with a specific, symbolic significance or they might simply be made up of arbitrary, abstract lines and forms. Doodle tattoos idea came from these drawing practices as some people likes to draw it on their body.

Is there any specific Idea behind making Doodle tattoos?

There are no specific ideas behind making doodle tattoos. Doodle art has a separate fanbase. Now, these fans like to create their desired art on their body. Sometimes it’s funny little cute art also which we already have shown in this article.

Do children make doodle tattoos?

Some children like to make doodle tattoos on their bodies if they want to do temporary tattoos. They can buy fixed characters or pieces of art for their body.


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