Eyeliner Tattoo Gone Wrong

Eyeliner Tattoo Gone Wrong: How Can You Rectify?

Why do women prefer permanent eyeliner tattoos? Every day women have to wear make-up due to work or go to any place. Eyeliner is a common element of makeup. When you have permanent eyeliner, it will save you time. But you can face an eyeliner tattoo gone wrong situation.

That is why, we have presented its aftereffects, risks, correction process, and removal process. Along with this, we have added frequently asked questions at the end. It will help you to judge more specifically. To know in detail, focus on this article.

When has the eyeliner tattoo gone wrong?

Eyeliner tattoo is the permanent design on the eyelid to decorate the eye. The eyeliner tattoo can be gone wrong for many reasons. When the outline does not set on the eyelid correctly, it can be destroyed due to sweat. Moreover, when the color pigments do not match the skin, it can cause infections and as a result, the design may spoil. Finally, after getting the permanent design, when you do not like the output, it is costly to remove the design and painful also.

  • Oops! You get the wrong shape accidentally!

After reaching home, you find out that the artist has created the wrong shape of eyeliner. You must be dissatisfied with this work. But there is no room for worry. Minor imperfections can be edited after a few weeks.

  • Oops! You get the wrong color accidentally!

Choosing a color is a difficult decision. When you choose pitch black, there is a chance of turning to grey, blue and green. It may happen your tattoo color turns to a cool tone after healing. Sometimes your body reacts differently toward the tattoo colors. That is why you do not get the perfect color.

  • You experience pigment migration!

Some inks contain such pigments that include high carbon. That is why they migrate more. Your tattoo artist should have this knowledge. They should aware of using it on the corners of the eyes.

Aftereffects of eyeliner tattoo

Though eyeliner tattoo is a permanent solution, they will carry a few aftereffects also. Your eyes may become red due to skin irritation. Your eyelid skin may swell due to the reaction. Your skin tenderness may decrease and as a result, your eyelid skin may become loose. You may suffer from itchiness. Whenever you face such types of problems, you have to contact a tattoo artist as soon as possible. You can learn in detail-

  • Redness
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Your eyes may become red due to irritation. You will feel your eyes burning.

  • Skin Irritation

The ink pigment may not suit your eye skin. As a result, your skin can not adapt and skin irritation started.

  • Swelling

Swelling is puffiness on the eyelid. After an allergic reaction, your eyelid may swell and you will feel uncomfortable.

  • Skin Tenderness

When your skin is tender, it looks like healthy skin. After getting an eyeliner tattoo, your eyelid skin may lose tenderness. Your skin will not look healthy at all. Moreover, your skin will not be tight as before.

Risks Of After Getting Eyeliner Tattoos

  • Infected by germs

After getting an eyeliner tattoo, your eyelid skin may be infected due to germs. The causes can be not using sterilized tattoo needles and the color pigment do not suit the skin. As a result, a customer can be infected due to using those inks.

  • Allergic irritation

Your tattooed skin may swell up due to allergic irritation. The reason can be not suiting color pigments on the tattooed skin.

  • Discoloration

The pH level of every skin is not the same. Sometimes you can not get the exact color of the ink due to constant changes in the pH level in your body. As a result, you will be dissatisfied as a customer. But the fault is not of the tattoo artist rather you are responsible for this.

What happened when winged eyeliner gone wrong?

The wing is the beautified part of the eyeliner. When the wing is perfect, your tattoo will be seemed perfect. When your winged eyeliner has gone wrong, you have to wait for a little. You can not fix it overnight. After a few weeks, you have to go to the tattoo artist to fix it,

Ways of fixing The Eyeliner Tattoo

Fixing the eyeliner tattoo is not so easy. When you are experiencing an eyeliner tattoo gone wrong situation, you can fix it. Actually, it depends on the design how much thick or how much thin. When you draw a thick line and a few problems with your design, the artist can fix it easily but outlining the design. The problem with discoloration, they can fix it by color correction.

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Removal Process Of Eyeliner Tattoo

When you are facing an eyeliner tattoo gone wrong situation, you may think of removing them. You can take the help of laser treatment to remove the tattoo. This process is popular among customers. You may choose saline removal and acid removal process also. The tattoo removal process may be a little costly for you.


  • Who should not do a permanent eyeliner tattoo?

Those who have Eczema, dermatitis, or rosacea should not get a permanent eyeliner tattoo. their skin texture will not support this type of design.

  • How long do eyes swell after a permanent eyeliner tattoo?

You may face eyes swelling for two to three days. It will disappear after a little time.

  • How much time take to heal the eyeliner tattoo?

Healing time differs from person to person. But generally, we can say, the permanent eyeliner tattoo heals completely within 3-6 weeks.

  • How painful getting permanent eyeliner is?

If you consult with an expert, it is quite a painless process. But a few customers feel pain while getting a permanent eyeliner tattoo. You have to be concerned about its after-effects. If you feel pain, you can use numbing creams.

  • Can you wash your eyes after a permanent eyeliner tattoo?

You can rinse the eye area gently with water. You should avoid using cleansers and soaps. You have to give pause wearing contact lenses for 72 hours.

  • Can you drink alcohol after an eyeliner tattoo?

It is recommended to avoid drinking for 2-3 days after getting a permanent eyeliner tattoo.

  • How much does cost to bear a permanent eyeliner tattoo?

You have to bear $200 to $400 for a permanent eyeliner tattoo according to the design. If you get any fancy eyeliner design, you have to bear up to $600 also.


I hope you have gathered enough knowledge about permanent eyeliner tattoos and ways of saving from an eyeliner tattoo gone the wrong situation. Now you can decide which situation and how you can get a permanent eyeliner tattoo on the eyelid.

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