What Type of Tattoo Lasts the Longest

What Type of Tattoo Lasts the Longest?

Hey, tattoo lovers! So, for the last few days, we have been getting so many comments asking about the type of tattoo that lasts the longest. And here we are! Today we will be answering this question. This is an extremely common question among tattoo lovers. Don’t worry, guys! Just follow this article till the end and we hope you will know your answer. Moreover, if you want more content like this please follow our site as we are all about tattoos. So, let’s get into the topic.

The color of the tattoo depends on several things. Among them, aftercare is the most important thing. The more you will take care of your tattoo place, the more the color will last longer. 

Are Tattoos Permanent?

Yes, some tattoos are really permanent as they are applied in that way. However, your tattoo’s longevity will depend on how you are taking care of it. As we said before, tattoos are quite permanent but the color of the tattoo fades with time. With time the ink of your tattoo is going to move another area of your body. In that case, you can get it done again or you can remove your tattoo, and then if you want you can do a new one.

What Tattoo Color Stays the Longest?

Well, different types of color fade in different types of people. That means the longevity of the tattoo ink is dependent on your complexion. For example, dark colors like red, yellow, purple, pastel, orange, the green fades quicker on fair to medium skin tone. This type of color stays at max Nine to ten years with amazing aftercare.

Colors like black, grey, brown stay longer on any skin tone. However, this type of color stays most on dark skin tones. With a proper after-care routine, you can make it stay for ten to twelve years.

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Now, light colors will definitely fade away faster in any skin tone. Thus, here our suggestion will be to choose a color which is the best suit for your color complexion. By suit, we mean the color which will not fade away in your skin tone. Also, you can do touch-ups. 

How Can You Make Your Tattoo Color Stay Longer?

Yes! This is an important question. As we all know that the tattoo will fade its color sooner or later. For example, you had a tattoo when you were in your early 20s and now you are in your 40s or 50s then it is normal that your tattoo will not be the same as it was before. It is going to fade day by day.

So, rather than thinking about in which color you will have your tattoo, you should be concerned about how you can make it stay longer! Here our suggestion will be to maintain a proper aftercare routine. The more you will take care of your tattoo the more the color will stay. Also, you can retouch it every two to four years and this will make sure that the color of your tattoo is not lightening away.

Don’t expose your tattoo to sunlight too much! Sunlight is extremely bad for your tattoo color and often it leads to the discoloration of your tattoo. Even if you are exposing your tattoo to sunlight, please use good sunscreen.

Also, due to weight gaining, your tattoo might get blurry. 

Tips You Can Follow to Avoid Fading Away From Your Tattoo

Don’t worry, guys! Just follow these tips and your problem will be solved!

  • Firstly, please make sure you are going to an experienced tattoo artist. In this matter, always do your full research and see his/ her previous work. Also, please don’t think about money in this case as your tattoo is going to be a part of your body. So, it is better to do it properly rather than do it over and over again. 
  • Secondly, do not have a small and complicated tattoo as they have a tendency to get blurry faster than any other tattoo.
  •  Thirdly, do not gain too much weight or do not lose too much weight as these things make your tattoo blurry. 
  • Fourthly, have your tattoo in a sweat-prove area of your body.
  • Moreover, do not have tattoos on your mouth, lips, or on your underarms.
  • Moreover, avoid the sun as much as you can during the healing process.
  • Also, do not rub your tattoo place too much or do not do too much skincare in your tattoo place. 
  • Avoid smoking during your healing process. 
  • Furthermore, do not peel or scratch your tattoo area. 
  • Try to avoid wearing tight clothes during your healing process.
  • Eat healthily and make yourself hydrated. 
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Lastly, do not worry too much about the color fading away as sooner or later it is going to fade anyway. But if you try to follow these rules, your tattoo will at least sustain for twelve to fourteen years or even much more than that. So, choose a tattoo place and have a tattoo. And please ensure that you are following these rules for a better result. Don’t forget to share your tattoo journey with us. Also, you can share your tattoo pictures with us. 


  • Do permanent tattoos hurt?
  • Yes, permanent tattoos hurt a little more than temporary tattoos. Also, after some time you have to do retouches and that’s what makes it more painful. But again, bearing pain is an individual thing.
  1. Do permanent tattoos cost more?
  •  Yes! Permanent tattoos are a bit expensive. But again, you don’t want to get a permanent tattoo from a cheap place as it is better to do your tattoo the first time than do it over and over again. This is an investment, so do your research properly.
  1. How soon do colored tattoos fade?
  • A good-colored tattoo will last for ten to twelve years. But everyone’s body is different. Also, their tattoo types are different. So, it may differ from person to person.         


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