6 Incredible Floral Gear Tattoo for welcoming New Nice Event on Knees

24 Cool Gear Tattoo Design Ideas

Do you feel stronger in your mind? Gear tattoo designs are for you. They represent real and powerful appearance. Gear tattoos are preferable among young and enthusiastic people. They provide a realistic appearance, 3D designs on your back, arm, legs, hands, and forearm. We have a collection of some beautiful, aesthetic, and stunning tattoo designs. The main theme of every tattoo is gearbox or gear. Additional elements that added value to the designs are the skull, floral pattern, and animal body. We encourage you to read our article to know more about stunning tattoo ideas.

Gear Tattoo Meanings

If you are from an engineering background, you have less field to show off. Gear tattoo sometimes represents that you are from an engineering background. Clockmakers or watchmakers can show their profession through tattoos because gear tattoo bears the meaning that you are a clockmaker. It shows that you value teamwork and cooperation. Gear tattoo can portray that you are a technology freak.

Black Solid Ink  Gear Clock Tattoo

Gear Tattoo

Young people who are obsessed with a mechanical tattoo can do this type of gear tattoo. It illustrates the clock. Black solid ink is used to intensify this tattoo. It looks smart on the sleeve. The gear provides us with a 3D view. The men who are fond of bodybuilding can do this tattoo on their sleeves.

Time Lapse Gear Tattoo 

2 Solid Black Ink Design Full Mechanical Gearbox Representing Time Lapse Tattoo on Half Arm

This tattoo is very unique because solid black ink has intensified the tattoo. It represents a mechanical gearbox. It includes multiple clocks. They have 3D views. It looks great on the arm. A fitness freak person does this tattoo on their arms.

Gear Pocket Clock Tattoo

3 Cool Gear Pocketclock Tattoo Writen Name with Father Pan on Chest

This tattoo represents a pocket clock. The punctual persons can do this tattoo eagerly. It illustrates peacock feathers. You can include your name if you want to.

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Colorful  Mythical Watch Gear Tattoo

4 Amazing Color Ink Cute Cat Holding Mythical Watch in Hand Gear Tattoo Drawing on Forearm

The blue background has beautified the tattoo most. It illustrates a cute cat holding a mythical clock. The cat has blue eyes. The cat is shaded nicely, that is why it looks very realistic. It has a little more maintenance cost.

Broken Car Gear Tattoo 

5 Broken Car Gear Cool Tattoo on Thigh

In this tattoo, the gear is represented perfectly. It illustrates broken car gear. It looks very aesthetic on the thigh. A little maintenance cost is needed to take care of this tattoo.

Floral Gear Tattoo

6 Incredible Floral Gear Tattoo for welcoming New Nice Event on Knees

This gear tattoo is one of the incredible tattoos within floral designs. In this tattoo, the rose is illustrated with red color, and leaves are beautified with green color. It also shows half-car gear. It looks wonderful on the knees.

Gear Biomachine Box Tattoo

7 Gorgeous Gray Ink Art Gear Biomachine Box Tattoo Covering Shoulder to Arm

Multiple gears are illustrated in this tattoo with black ink. It represents a bio-machine box. It covers from shoulder to arm. The gears are shaded very beautifully.

Biomachine Gear Sprocket Tattoo 

8 Phenomenal Gray Art Biomachine Gear Sprocket Tattoo on Half Arm

In this tattoo, designs are done very beautifully with grey ink. That is why it is called phenomenal grey art. It illustrates a bio-machine gear sprocket. It looks great on the arms.

Gear Aid Tenacious Clock Tattoo

9 Exceptional Gray Ink Design Gear Aid Tenacious Clock Tattoo on Full Sleeve

It illustrates an aid tenacious clock. There are multiple gears intensified by gray ink. It looks unique on the sleeves. This tattoo has a high maintenance cost. But people prefer to do it instead of having high maintenance costs.

Tiny Gear Sprocket Tattoo

10 Black Ink Tiny Gear Sprocket Tattoo Behind the Ear

Are you interested to do a tiny gear tattoo? this tattoo is for you then. It illustrates three gear sprockets. Black ink has added another level to this tattoo. It looks cute behind the ear.

Tenacious Engineering Gear Sprocket Tattoo

11 Gorgeous Color Ink Tenacious Engineering Gear Sprocket Tattoo Covering Full Hand

This tattoo is very colorful to look at. The gears are represented with blue ink. It illustrates a tenacious gear sprocket. It is usually done from arm to full hand. Maintaining this tattoo is quite expensive.

Gear Denver Skull Tattoo

12 Trimendous Solid Black Ink Fixed Gear Denver Skull Tattoo on Forearm

In this beautiful black tattoo, the human skull is illustrated and shaded with black ink. It also represents gear. This tattoo provides a scary look. It looks different on the hands.

Geometric Gear Pattern Tattoo

13 Cute Fine Black Line Ink Geometric Gear Pattern Tattoo for Girl on Forearm

Do you love mathematics? If yes, this tattoo is perfect for you! It illustrates a geometric gear pattern. It looks cute on the forearm. The black fine line has made the tattoo beautiful. Girls prefer to do this tattoo

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Gear Sleeve Tattoo

14 Amazing Gray Work Gear Tattoo on Sleeve

Gear sleeve tattoo illustrates four and more gears nicely shaded by gray ink. It looks very beautiful on the sleeves. If you have muscles, you can surely try this tattoo.

Gear Shaved Head Tattoo 

15 Excelent Black Work Gear Tattoo on Shaved Head

This is the most realistic tattoo you have ever seen! This tattoo is illustrated on the shaved head. It seems as if gears were inside of the head! Surprisingly it looks great! Boys are much interested to do this tattoo.

Compass Gear Tattoo

Compass Gear Tattoo

Gear and compass tattoo includes multiple gears. It also illustrates a compass and a quote sentence. It looks great on the hands. The tattoo is shaded beautifully which provides an aesthetic view.

Mechanical Metal Gear Tattoo

17 Outstanding Mecanical Metal Gear Tattoo on Leg

Are you a car lover? you must be acknowledged mechanical metal gear. You can do this tattoo and it looks stunning on the legs. It represents mechanical metal gear. Dark ink has intensified the design. It helps you get outstanding praises from your peer groups.

Mysterious Gear Puzzle Tattoo 18 Mysterious Puzzle Mechanical Bio Gear Tattoo on Foot

Solving puzzles is everyone’s childhood memory. Do you want to show love for the puzzle? You can do a puzzle tattoo with gear. It illustrates puzzles along with gears. It looks wonderful on the foot.

Black Ink Art Gear Tattoo 19 Superb Black Ink Art Gear Tattoo Idea on Half Hand

The black ink art tattoo looks beautiful on the hands. It illustrates gears and they are shaded with gray ink. It seems the gears were inside the insect body.

Small Gear Box Tattoo

20 Amazing Black Art Small Gear Box Tattoo on Finger

The small gearbox tattoo looks amazing on the fingers. In the tattoo, every finger represents a small gearbox. New generations easily get attracted by a black and white tattoo. It also illustrates the faces of humans.

Gearbox Back Tattoo 21 Loucrativ Black Art Gear Box Tattoo on Back

Gearbox back tattoo has created a fusion of black ink and a beautiful design. It is called black art. It represents a gearbox. It looks very lively on the back.

Gear Clock Forearm TattooGear Clock Forearm Tattoo

Gear clock forearm tattoo represents the engineering gear clock. Within the black background, gears are illustrated with gray ink. The gear clock is portrayed beautifully. It looks great on the forearm.

Motorbike Gearbox Tattoo

Motorbike Gearbox Tattoo

The motorbike gearbox tattoo includes a motorbike gearbox. It illustrates a scary skull. It takes place on the chest as it is a large tattoo. A rider can add their favorite quote with this tattoo.

Simple Gear Rider Tattoo 

Are you a rider? This simple rider gear tattoo is for you! It illustrates a gear. It also represents a gear meter. It looks great on the legs.

24 Simple Design Gear Tattoo for Rider on Leg

Gear tattoos are not as popular as other tattoos. But none can deny the fact that gear tattoos are beautiful tattoos. Maybe few people have an appeal for gear tattoos. Indeed they want to do gear tattoos genuinely. We hope you have liked our tattoo design collection!

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