Tattoo During Pregnancy

Can You Get A Tattoo During Pregnancy? Acute Risks & Guidelines

Getting pregnant is a beautiful moment for a woman. When she gets pregnant, she is responsible for the fetus growing inside her. For the sake of the child, she avoids high-risk activities. The burning question is “Can you get a tattoo during pregnancy?”.The answers to this question are given in this article.

Getting a tattoo is not activities like dying the hair or piercing. It is related to injecting inks inside the body. It is quite risky to inject heavy metals when your situation is sensitive. During pregnancy, your skin becomes delicate and as a mother, you have a responsibility to use products thinking about that.

If you are interested in getting a tattoo during pregnancy, you should follow this article. You will learn a lot!

Is It Safe To Get A Tattoo During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a vital moment in a woman’s life. High risks are also associated with pregnancy time. According to American Pregnancy Association, A pregnant woman can get a tattoo, but she should reconsider it due to its small risk factors. They advise getting a tattoo after the baby is born. So, getting a tattoo during pregnancy is not safe according to further research and if guidelines are followed, a pregnant woman can get a tattoo.

Probable Risks that Pregnant Women Can Face

  • Infections

Unsterilized needles can result in infections. Gradually, a pregnant woman can be attacked with Hepatitis B and Syphilis that can be transferred through the mother. There is a 90% chance of developing a lifelong infection that causes the baby’s life in danger. HIV can be transmitted from unsterilized needles that can risk the baby’s life.

  • Contamination Of Heavy Metals

Heavy metals like Mercury, Arsenic, and Lead can be transmitted inside the womb. It can affect the baby’s brain development. Due to getting a tattoo, a baby can be born with brain problems. So, it is better to avoid if there is a chance of contamination.

  • Skin Reactions

A lot of skin changes occur during pregnancy. A pregnant mother’s skin becomes dilated as the baby is growing inside. Her skin becomes sensitive and using products on her body smartly is a good option. Melasma can darken your skin. When she gets a tattoo during pregnancy, tattoo designs can be distorted after the baby is born. The probable reason is when the baby is born, the body reforms to its previous shape and squeezes the skin.

  • Epidurals Issues

An epidural can be provided as pain relief during labor. Lower back tattoos can cause a few issues for the pregnant woman. If your tattoo is infected and fluid is leaking, you must consult with your doctor. He/she will not provide you epidurals because it will be risky.

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Guidelines That Can Be Followed

  • Choose The Professional Tattoo Parlor

Before getting a tattoo, a pregnant woman should consider whether the artist is professional or not. She should check if he/she is a registered artist or not. It is important because professional artists know about safety measures that are needed for the woman and her baby’s safety.

  • Consider Its Hygiene System

Doing the tattoo with a clean hand is important for the pregnant mother. She should check the place if they maintain hygiene or not. The floor and surfaces should be clean and she should ensure that her artist sterilizes the equipment before using them. The artist should wear latex gloves during the procedures.

  • Inquiry About The Inks

A pregnant mother should inquire about the inks during consultation. If there are possibilities of containing heavy materials like mercury, arsenic, and lead, she should avoid getting a tattoo and wait till the baby is born because heavy materials can affect the baby’s brain development.

  • Decide The Placement Of The Tattoo

It is very important to decide where a pregnant woman can get a tattoo. As the baby stays around the stomach area, she should not get a tattoo on the stomach and hip area. The skin of these areas dilates a lot during pregnancy. It can be the cause of the new ink distortion.

  • Inquiry About The Equipment And Procedures

Before getting a tattoo, a pregnant woman must check if there are using autoclaves or not. Autoclaves are sterilization machines. The sterilized needle must be opened in front of the customer so that customer can be ensured of the procedures.

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Final Thoughts

According to other research, there is no evidence that can clarify that getting a tattoo during pregnancy is safe. But if you have a question crossed your mind ” Can you get a tattoo during pregnancy?”, your primary answer will be no. For safety, you can consult with your doctor before getting a tattoo.

In our opinion, you can not forecast whether you will suffer from infections or not. To stand on the safe side, you should avoid getting a tattoo during pregnancy.

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