can you tattoo over stretch marks

Can You Get A Tattoo Safely Over Stretch Marks?

It is a burning question for everyone “Can you get a tattoo safely over stretch marks?”. The answer is yes. But stretch marks area is very sensitive and need to get the tattoo safely. There are a few reasons like pregnancy and weight gain can cause stretch marks. You have too few things to remember before getting the tattoo over stretch marks.

There are some risk factors which you have to reconsider like scarring and infections. We have mentioned a few tips for aftercare that may help you in the long run. To know more about this topic, keep reading this article.

Do You Know What Is Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are a form of scar lines that are visible on the abdomen, breasts, hips, buttocks, or other places on the body. They’re commonly seen during pregnancy, even after the delivery of the baby. stretch marks arise due to increased secretion of collagen and elastin secretion. They are not harmful to the body. But a few women think they decrease their beauty.
What Are The Reasons Behind The Stretch Marks?

After 9 months of pregnancy when the woman delivers the baby, she can get stretch marks. During puberty, teenagers can get stretch marks. When you gain weight in a short time, your body can create stretch marks to adjust the substantial amount of weight.

Sudden weight loss can get your body marked with stretch marks. Collagen strengthens the skin. When the secretion of collagen increases, stretch marks may arise. Marfan Syndrome and Cushing’s syndrome can cause stretch marks.

Can You Get A Tattoo Safely Over Stretch Marks?

We agree that you can get a tattoo safely over stretch marks. It is another version of hiding the stretch marks from outsiders. To be honest, getting stretch marks is not about shame. When the stretch marks are fully healed, you can get a tattoo over them without any doubt.

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What should you think before getting tattooed?

There are a few things to reconsider about getting the tattoo. But we support the opinion on the side of “Can You Get A Tattoo Safely Over Stretch Marks?”. You can get the tattoo over stretch marks, which may be a little painful.

The Condition Of The Stretch Marks

Healed stretch marks do not cause pain and are easier to put on designs. When your stretch marks are not healed, the discoloration can not make the design outlook perfect. Sometimes artists face difficulty to blend the colors.

The Color Of The Stretch Marks

When stretch marks look reddish-brown, it means the stretch marks are new. It is difficult for the tattoo artist to outlook the tattoo color combination. Such discoloration may turn into normal skin. You should use an ointment to get results faster.

The Width And Length Of The Stretch Marks

Before getting tattoos over the stretch marks, you should consider the width and length of the stretch marks. You have to choose a tattoo design according to the width and length of the stretch marks. If the stretch marks area is very wide, you have to accept that some marks will not conceal.

Future Body Changes

In the future, you can lose weight or gain weight. The tattoo design can be squeezed or faded due to these changes. Your tattoo design can be damaged if new stretch marks arise. So, you should aware of it.

How To Choose A Tattoo Artist For It?

Firstly, you have to consider that tattoo artist have expertise in tattoo over stretch marks. As it is sensitive, a little cautiousness is needed. If the tattoo artist has a gentle hand, you can do the process gently.

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Secondly, He/she must know how to adjust the tattoo designs and colors. If he/she does not know, he or maybe mismatched the design, and the perfect look will not come.

Finally, You should talk with your tattoo artist about monitoring during the healing process. Any time emergency can arise. The client can face skin problems and need to take advice from him/her. After watching the problems, he/she should adjust the designs.

Do getting a tattoo over stretch marks hurt?

If your stretch marks are fully healed, you will not feel hurt while getting a tattoo. If your stretch marks are fresh and need time to heal, your skin becomes sensitive. When you inject ink there, the skin becomes more sensitive and painful for you also.

Risks of getting a tattoo over stretch marks?

Tattoo ink can damage the skin’s stretch marks depending on the stretch marks. If you do not maintain proper hygiene, you can be affected by infections. If you are allergic to using dyes, you should avoid getting the tattoo. You may experience scarring on the stretch marks due to getting a tattoo. If tattoo needles are not sterilized, you can catch bloodborne diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B & C. Yet the justification of “Can You Get A Tattoo Safely Over Stretch Marks?” is positive.

What Are Aftercare Tips After Getting A Stretch Marks Tattoo?

You may use petroleum jelly to cover up the bandage. Before removing the bandage, you should wash your hand first. You can clean the area with mild antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. After it dries, it is effective to use antibacterial cream.

It is important to keep the area hydrated. We suggest you use O’Keeffe’s working hand cream. It is advisable to wear loose clothes for a few days because tight clothes may irritate the skin. You should avoid enjoying yourself in the swimming pool for some period.


“Can You Get A Tattoo Safely Over Stretch Marks?” the answer is yes, you can! You should not be ashamed of your stretch marks. Stretch marks in pregnancy, it is a natural process. You should not be worried about it. But if you feel confident covering up the stretch marks with tattoo designs, it will be great for you. When you love yourself and believe in yourself, you will glow differently. If it makes you happy, you will be healthy.

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