Why You Should Not Use O'Keeffe's Cream On Your Tattoo

Can I Use O’Keeffe’s Cream On My Tattoo?

Various moisturizing creams around the world make your skin soft and do not let your skin dry. O’Keeffe’s cream is one of those softening creams. A question may be crossed your mind “can I use O’Keeffee’s cream on the tattoo?”. The answer is dependable on your skin because O’keeffe’s may soften your skin and keep your hand moisturized, but they are not beneficial for removing the tattoo. There are ways to explain why you should & should not use O’Keeffe’s cream on your tattoo.

Starting Journey Of O’Keeffee’s

O’Keeffe’s was introduced about 25 years ago by a pharmacist called Tara O’Keeffe. She started the brand for her father, who was suffering from dehydrated and cracked hands. She was concerned about her father due to it would not heal with any other hand creams. She started the journey with the brand’s famous hand cream.

It is recognized as ‘Working Hands’. This product is helpful for people with Eczema. The O’Keeffe’s is the product of the Gorilla Glue Company. It’s a family-owned chain of companies. It introduces brands such as Gorilla Glue, O’Keeffe’s, and Sapadilla.

Ingredients Used In Making O’Keeffe’s Cream

Glycerin is used in Working Hands Hand Cream by O’Keeffe. It not only protects your skin from dryness but also softens your skin. The cream creates protective barriers that remove dead skin cells from your skin. You must not use O’keeffee on your tattoos for the purpose of removing them. It will not be helpful but rather damages your skin where the tattoo is. O’Keeffe has petrolatum, lanolin, natural waxes, and oils. These ingredients irritate sensitive skin. For this reason, it should never be used on tattoos.

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Benefits Of O’keeffe’s Cream

It will be beneficial for your skin if your skin is hypoallergenic. The hand cream moisturizes your skin and protects you from dryness. It will soften your skin by keeping your skin young. It ensures the longevity of your mighty skin that you love all the time. Usage of this cream is safe for diabetes patients. The cream will not be beneficial to your tattoo.

O’Keeffe’s hand cream will produce moisture on your tattoo areas. It is helpful for quick healing. As the cream is a water-based product, it will work more effectively.

O’Keeffe’s healthy feet is a dermatologist-tested product. If you have any tattoos on your feet, It will your feet moisturized. Glycerin will prevent your skin from becoming dry because dry skin may delay the healing process. Allantoin will soothe and heal the skin.

The Way O’Keeffe’s Cream Healing Your Skin

O’Keeffe working hands hand cream heals and relieves your skin by repairing extremely dry and cracked hands. It creates a protective layer on your skin’s surface that boosts moisture levels. You must apply it after washing hands, bath and Before bedtime for the best result.

Skin Reactions Due To Usage Of O’Keeffe’s cream on the tattoos

O’Keeffe working hands hand cream is merely a softening lotion. There are no other usages on the tattoos. We can show you unique reasons why O’Keeffe is ineffective and they are-

  • O’Keeffe’s cream can not fade your tattoo
  • It is harmful to your tattooed skin.
  • It makes the tattooed area damaged
  • It makes your skin sensitive
  • It makes skin irritation when you use it on your tattoo
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If you are facing skin problems with O’Keeffe’s cream, you can try out Aquaphor Healing Ointment.


For the reasons, we have mentioned already, tattoo artists and dermatologists do not prefer using O’Keeffe cream on the tattoo strongly. They have already known about its side effects faced by their other clients.

At a glance, it may show skin reactions but actually, it is effective. It may be possible that you used it on your older tattoos and faded sometimes. But it is not beneficial in the long term.

So, we want you to decide if you use it or not. It would be better if you did not use it on your tattoo for short-term relief. If anyone suggests you use it, you should take your decision according to your skin.

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