Can You Donate Blood After Laser Tattoo Removal

Can You Donate Blood After Laser Tattoo Removal?

One of the most famous questions that we get asked is “can people donate blood right after their laser tattoo removal process?” Well, this is a common concern among tattoo lovers. If this is your concern too, welcome to our site. Let us tell you whether you can donate blood after removing your tattoo or not.

What Is Laser Removal Process And How It Works?

Most people think that the laser tattoo removal process is the best way to remove tattoos as it not only removes the tattoo properly but also it is cost-effective. However, sometimes instead of removing the entire tattoo, laser removal lightens the color of the tattoo so that it becomes less visible. Though sometimes it may take several sessions to get it removed completely. Normally, 5-6 sessions are needed for intense tattoos. 

Blood Donation Before Having a Tattoo

Well, according to the experts, you can not donate blood right after getting a tattoo as you may have some skin irritation. As a result, you may have some skin issues including skin infection and skin diseases. If you have a skin disease, you CAN NOT donate blood. First, you have to wait at least 24 weeks to get your tattooed area properly healed. Without waiting for 6 months, you can not donate blood as it will be life-threatening for the patient.

Blood Donation After Having a Laser Tattoo Removal

Similarly, if you just got your tattoo removed, you must delay your blood donation plan. Due to laser treatment, your skin may have some reactions like infection, itching, itchy bump, etc. So, you must wait for a couple of weeks so that all the reactions from the laser removal process get better. According to experts, it’s better to wait for at least three to four weeks to start donating blood.

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But first, you must make sure that your infection has completely healed. Here to heal your infection or skin irritation, you may need more than three to four weeks as this time can vary from person to person. The only advice here will be to make sure that you are completely healed from any skin issues. But that does not mean that if you get healed in 3 days, you can donate blood. No, you can not do so. You still must wait for three to four weeks to make sure that you are free from all types of skin problems. And you are good to go. Now you can donate blood after a checkup.

Things You Should Consider

We hope we could answer your question. One thing you must note is that if your infection is not getting better even after three to four weeks, please consult a doctor. And before having a laser tattoo removal always research about the place and their experience. Here you must choose the place which is safe for you as it will reduce the chance of getting an infection or any other diseases. Lastly, have a safe blood donation! 

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