Tattoo Care First Night

Tattoo Care First Night: Essential Tips for New Body Art

People think taking decision to get a tattoo is the most sensitive. But this is easy more than taking care a new tattoo for the first night. The tattoo artist thinks tattoo care for the first night is the most sensitive thing you have to do for yourself. You have to take care and do some research for that side of your body.

Today’s article is all about tattoo care for the first night. Those who do tattoos have so many questions regarding this. Hope they can find all their answers through the article. 

  • Should  I wrap my new tattoo at night?

Some tattoo artists will confer you to re-wrap your tattoo with saran wrap or other plastic wraps, whatever you prefer. Some others just advise you to let your tattoo remain revealed all night. Taking decision to wrap your tattoo is the most important for the first night. If your tattoo is vast on your body or in solid color, then you have to rethink the plastic wrapping on your tattoo.

  • Best way to sleep with a new tattoo:

When you are getting a new tattoo you are cognizant of all the procedures to do it right. You should know the aftercare and some other steps. But most people do not know that they should be cognizant of the healing process of new body art. Usually, when people sleep they just do not know if they are turning right or left or tossing over the bed. So, it is important to sleep properly to deal sensitively with a new tattoo.

The first and foremost task while sleeping is you need to be watchful. You have to clean your bed sheet. Getting around putting the arc on that side is important too. Another awareness for those who have pets, especially cats. You need to be aware of your cat as it can be crucial for your sensitive part. Be aware of bacterial attacks on the tattoo which may come from your cat, bed sheet, or other stuff. Bacterial attack can cause infection and ruin your tattoo badly.

  • How to sleep with a new tattoo on your arm?

Immediately after doing the tattoo, the tattoo artist will wrap your tattoo up with a plastic wrap. You will need to put on moisturizer and wrap off the plastic wrap. After applying the moisturizer you need to re-wrap the tattoo. For the new tattoo on your arm, you need to decide the side of your body to sleepover.  You should avoid the arm you have got tattooed and sleep on the other side of your body.

  • How to sleep with a new tattoo on leg?

Sleeping with a new tattoo on leg is as same as on arm. You just avoid the tattooed side and sleep on the other side. It is the tactics to heal properly 

  • How to sleep with a new tattoo on chest?

Those who do tattoo on their chest they should be on the most sensitive aftercare process. Chest is usually covered with clothes and applying ointment or putting on plastic wrapping can be a challenge. For that, you need to talk to the tattoo artist. 

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Though the clean and wrap-up process will remain same you need to care extra to heal the tattoo on the sensitive area. 

  • How to sleep with a new tattoo on back?

If you get a tattoo on your back, try not to squish on the tattoo. It will cause infection. You just need to sleep on the chest or whelmed.

  • Should I wash my new tattoo on the first night?

Excessive washing can be harmful to your tattoo. It will kill your natural bacteria which will help your skin. Washing your new tattoo area in the morning and at night will be enow. You should know that your new tattoo will exude clear plasma. That is natural. So, do not worry. 

You have to wash your tattoo the night before going to bed. That will be enough.

  • Should I cover my new tattoo at night?

Covering a new tattoo at night differs from person to person. Those who are reluctant to wrap up the tattoo, they need to take extra care. Otherwise, it should be wrapped up at night. It will help you to sleep well and help to heal the tattoo without any infection and scabs. 

  • Should I put ointment on my tattoo before going to bed?

Tattoo artist will suggest you put ointment on your new tattoo before going to bed. You should put on healing ointment but in a small portion. There are many kinds of moisturizers and ointments out there. But you need to select according to your ink size and your skin type. You should put on ointments like Aquaphor or A+D.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • When can I sleep on my tattoo again? 

People always ask when they can sleep properly with the new tattoo. It actually varies from person to person. But mostly it can take 4 to 7 days to heal properly and can not get any scabs. So, after 4 to 7 days you can easily sleep on the tattoo and turn it on or toss it on the bed.  

  • Can I sleep on my tattoo with Saniderm?

Saniderm is a medical wrap that is breathable. You have to make sure to remove the medical wrap immediately after you wake up. Otherwise, it will cause too much blood and plasma accumulation. 

  • Can I use sunscreen right after night you have got a new tattoo?

Most tattoo artists will recommend you apply good sunscreen. It will protect your skin as well as your tattoo. You can use SPF 60+ sunscreen. The brand will be your choice but make sure it will be suitable for your skin. 

New tattoo care first night can be a challenge for you. But you have to be mindful of your healing process. Also, you have to choose a good moisturizer, a good sunscreen, and good care for your healing process.

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