Best Sunscreens for New Tattoos

Top 5 Best Sunscreens for Tattoos to Protect Body Arts from Sunlight

Do you consider yourself a regular sun seeker? Then no doubt, you might need to understand the benefit of protecting your skin from the sun rays. If you don't try proper protection for the sun, you can have serious skin problems.

And when you have got a new tattoo on your skin, you should be double-careful about it. Newly tattoos are like wounds. So you can't apply sunscreen right after doing that. You have to wait to heal the tattoos and find which sunscreen will be best for you.

Though regular sunscreens are workable for your new tattoos, select the best sunscreen for new tattoos for the best result. Applying sunscreen on your tattoos can give your body ink look well. Here are all the details of the best sunscreen for tattoos and comparison tables. You should check out the buying guide to pick your one.

Product Name





CannaSmack Ink Guard




0.06 pounds

Tattoo Care Sunscreen


Coconut flavor


1.35 ounces

INK Tattoo Brightener Sunscreen





Australian Gold SPF 50 Tattoo Stick




14 grams 

Waxhead HUGE Zinc Sunscreen




3.7 ounces

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CannaSmack Ink Guard SPF 30 Tattoo Sunscreen

If you want to get one of the best sunscreens for your tattooed body, you should know about the product. It is unscented, so the sunscreen will not bother you with any artificial scents on your skin. The item is about 0.06 pounds. The provider recommends sunscreen for all skin types. Learn more about some fantastic features before buying your sunscreen.

Protect the Tattoos
Sunscreens can protect your newly made tattoos from fading away in the sun. CannaSmack Ink Guard has SPF 30 to protect all the UVB rays from affecting your tattoo and akin. 100% non-comedogenic and water-resistant formula will give the best result as a sunscreen.

Rich with Premium Hemp Seed Oil
The help seed oil has omega-3, omega-6 and they are best for keeping your skin healthy. The oil also contains vitamins A, B, D, and E. They are perfect for providing the best hydration and nourishment to the skin. And the overall result of having all the ingredients on your skin is, it will let you glow your tattoo more. Your tattoo will be brighter and get protection from sunburns.

Free from Harmful Elements
Though sunscreen has all the modern and valuable ingredients, it has avoided all the harmfulness for the skin. It’s gluten-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free. You will get sunscreen without any chemical colors. The item has refused all the harmful chemicals as much as possible.


  • It’s fragrance-free. Consumers, will not get any irritation from the smell.
  • The sunscreen doesn’t have any artificial color to highlight the applied area weirdly.
  • Easy to use for the mess-free applicator.
  • It has the essential natural ingredients to provide the best glowing skin and tattoo.
  • SPF factors protect the harmful sun rays and block them from hitting the skin.


  • According to the customers’ review, it can sometimes be itchy for sensitive skin; test before using daily.
  • It’s tiny and not suitable for users who have extensive or a lot of tattoos.
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Tattoo Care Sunscreen

The sunscreen is specifically for your tattoo care. It smells like coconut to give you a refreshed feeling. It doesn’t matter which your skin type is. You can apply it on your oily, dry, or normal skin as well. The item weight is 1.35 ounces. Fair, dark, medium, all skin tones are the same for sunscreen. You can go for it if you want to feel the whole summer vibe. Now check its’ other features to match your demand from the below.

Proper Skin Protection in the Sunlight
The main formula of the product is to keep glowing and healthy the consumers’ skin, even on hot summer days. It also has 30 SPF for sun blocking and keeps your tattoo inked. The SPF 30 is the best for filtering UVA and UVB. It works on the skin and tattoos faster than other usual sunscreens. Water resistance and easy-to-use formulas have made the product more demanding.

All-natural Ingredients
It has the most delicate natural elements that the best sunscreen for tattoos should have. You will get calendula, cocoa butter, jojoba if you apply them to your skin. The item also contains vitamin A and E to provide more benefits to the tattoo as it has no allergens, so the sunscreen is suitable for every skin type.

The Best Tattoo Care
If you imagine having the most inked tattoo in your body even for years to come, you need sunscreen. Your tattoo will look crisp and shiny all the time by using it. The sunscreen will also be the best for use in tanning beds.


  • Its’ water resistance more than 80 minutes.
  • The item relieves inflammations ad itching to heal new tattoos faster.
  • Every vitamin and nutrition provides an extra layer of protection over the tattoo.
  • You can protect your skin from UVA and UVB with the product.
  • The item is light and easy to use.


  • Not enough for larger tattoos.
  • Some consumers may dislike the coconut flavor smell.
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INK Tattoo Brightener Sunscreen 

Sunscreen can protect your tattoo’s skin from fading away. It has come up with sun protection 50 SPF that can give you the best result of protecting tattoos and skin from sunburn. The weight of the sunscreen is at least 0.17 kg. You can apply it to your skin with every skin tone and type.

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Collection of All Applying Forms
Everyone doesn’t like the same method of applying sunscreen to their body. You may like to spray on the skin or use it with the sticks. If you are so picky about using the product, the sunscreen is best for you. It has a collection of sticks, sprays, or balms. So, you can select any form from the list and use the item easily.

Better for the Tattoo Details
When you have created the most impressive and detailed art on your skin, you have to keep it fresh as the first day. The sunscreen lets you have the chance to have an inked tattoo with its complete structure. And the item is not sticky or oil at all. You will look good and feel good after using it.

Brighten Your Skin
The skin and tattoo care sunscreen has vitamin C and vitamin B3. Both vitamins are best for keeping the skin nourished and ink exfoliated. If you want to brighten your skin and make your tattoo more visible, you should try the item at least once. Make your skin even-tone and vibrant with it.


  • 50 SPF factors give the best protection from harmful sun rays.
  • It is sweat and water-resistant.
  • It is free from artificial colors and dyes.
  • Amazingly effective even on the colorful tattoos.
  • SPF factors protect the harmful sun rays and block them from hitting the skin.


  • Don’t work appropriately for the ancient tattoos.
  • Hard to remove quickly right after applying to the skin.
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Australian Gold SPF 50

If you want to make your body art display perfectly, then Australian Gold is the sure answer to get it. The item is 15 grams and is applicable for all types of skin.
There is no scent in the sunscreen. If you use the item before going outside and wait for 20 minutes, you’ll get the best result from it.

Suitable for All Skin Tone
People with tattooed skin get confused about what they should try as their regular sunscreen. And the problem they find about their skin tone. All the sunscreens for tattoos are not perfect for applying to different skin tones. If you also have the same problem, you can quickly go for it. You can make any skin smooth with it.

Benefit of 50 SPF Factor
The main aim of applying sunscreen is to protect your skin from the dangerous sun rays. UBA and UVB can damage your skin, and your tattoos also can fade away for it. If you want to keep your tattoo fully inked, you must protect it correctly. And you will get the perfect protection of the SPF 50 factors. And the sunscreen contains the element to give your tattoos a better condition.

Easy to use
The sunscreen is very small and has a cozy stick to apply it all over your tattoo. If you have a detailed tattoo with tiny arts or body art on your fingers, you can try the item. People with tattooed eyebrows should try sunscreen by using a stick. It will give you the proper process to apply for the tattoo.


  • It works for more than 8 hours.
  • The small stick makes a great way to apply it to detailing tattoos.
  • Best for applying on the eyebrows and fingers tattoos.
  • 50 SPF factors prevent sun rays from causing any damage to the tattoo.
  • Brighten the tattoo and skin color.


  • The small stick is not suitable for users with more extensive tattoos.
  • It doesn’t work faster; you need to wait before going outside after applying.
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Waxhead Waterproof Tattoo Sunscreen

The unscented sunscreen for the tattoo is safe for all users. It is 3.7 ounces and comes with 25% non-nano Zinc Oxide. The item is not only suitable for adults; you can usually apply it to your kids’ skin. Oily, sensitive, dry, or average, you can try it on any skin type if you want. The product is worth it for any skin tone or age.

Safe to Use
The product has natural ingredients and has 25 % non-nano zinc oxide. That means the sunscreen is safe for adults. There is no oxybenzone. You will also not get any petrochemicals. So it is clear that sunscreen is safe to use for any skin type, even in sensitive skin.

Best for Tattoo Protection
If you want to get the UVA and UVB’s full coverage, you need to apply the item regularly on the skin. It is also gluten-free and cruelty-free. The sunscreen is not sticky and stays on the skin so easily. Get the best-moisturized skin with the help of sunscreen for tattoos.

Kids also need protection from the sun. As a careful parent, you should buy sunscreen for your children and apply the item to their skin. It is very smooth and gets absorbed into the bloodstream. So your children will not feel any itchiness. Give your babies the best summertime by using sunscreen.


  • 30 SPF factors protect your skin from sunburn.
  • Easy to apply with the stick.
  • Water resistance and non-toxic.
  • Safe for baby use.
  • Give the best result for all skin tones.


  • Consumers may find it thick to apply on the face.
  • Sometimes it remains visible even after rubbing much.

Only getting the best tattoo you’ve thought and waiting to heal is not enough. Make proper decisions and care after having your new tattoo.
If you miss following the necessary skincare routine, you may face any skin infections. But all the problems you can vanish like that by using the best sunscreens for your new tattoo.
Pick the sunscreen by checking all the best features of the product you should get in your sunscreen, then grab it from the store. Your body art will always remain alive when you give it the best care with perfect sunscreen. Using sunscreen will prove many benefits. As it will protect your tattoos from sun rays, your skin will glow more than before.

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Buying Guide for Best Tattoo Sunscreens

Yes, as you can see, many products can be the best options for your new tattoos. But every sunscreen from them will not be worth it for you. You have to pick your product wisely and according to your skin demand. At the same time, all products don’t contain all the necessary items you should have in your sunscreen.

If you don’t choose the right one for your skin, you might not get the best result. Your skin and tattoos will not be safe from the sun’s rays. You can even have skin cancers for the insincerity.

So before you go to the store and buy your sunscreen for tattoos, read the guide to get the best help for this.


Guide 1 - Pick with the Label of “Broad Spectrum Protection”:

It’s a widespread and proven science that the sun provides vitamin D to our bodies. But you will not get it all the time in the daylight. If you want to give your skin the element, you have to wait for the morning sun. 

And in the rest of the day, the sun spreads UVA and UVB rays. Both of the rays only increase the risk of skin cancer. And they are less suitable for your tattoos too. 

So, you should be wise enough to go for all those sunscreens which have the label of “Broad Spectrum Protection.” The critical feature of the sunscreens will block both of the rays from entering your skin.


Guide 2 - Think Which Type of Sunscreen You Should Try:

You may find mainly two forms of sunscreens for your tattoos. One type is lotion, and another one is spray. Both of the types are easy to apply and effective for your body.

But if you want to ask about the doctors’, skin, and tattoo experts’ recommendations, they prefer the lotion over spray-type sunscreens. These types are durable, and you can apply them by rubbing gently on your skin and tattoos. 

Sometimes when you spray sunscreens on your newly made tattoos, you can get hurt a little bit for it. So it is better to go for the safe option.


Guide 3 - Consider the SPF Factor

The SPF factor is the most critical when buying sunscreen, especially for your new tattoos. The main reason for sunscreens is blocking the sun rays from affecting your bare skin. Skin Cancer Foundation says that if you buy sunscreens with SPF 30, they will block more than 97% sun rays.

You also can try sunscreens with SPF 50. But they are expensive and don’t differ much from the first one. So if you want to buy sunscreens for your tattoos, you should check the product if there is an SPF factor or not.

Guide 4 - Check the Sunscreen’s Ingredients

Look for those sunscreens that don’t contain any harsh chemicals and are non-toxic for your skin or tattoos. Sunscreen has a lot of ingredients to provide the best service to the consumers. They can have vitamins, antioxidants, or aloe vera to give your skin more glow. All the things are the best to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays and keep your tattoo healthy, protecting your skin.

When you are about to buy sunscreen, don’t forget to check all the elements of the product. Avoid chemicals from the sunscreen as much as possible.

FAQs of Best Sunscreens for Tattoos

  • What should I be careful about after having new tattoos?

You need to avoid chemicals that can be harsh for your skin. Try to avoid any fake fragrances. Before your tattoos heal, you should prevent yourself from scratching, applying petroleum to them. Be careful while wearing a dress or moving a specific part of your body.

  • Can I apply sunscreens on my new tattoo?

You should “Never” apply sunscreen on your newest tattoo. Give much time for healing, and then you can buy the perfect sunscreen you have got recommendation above in the list. You must find out the best one for your skin; otherwise, it can worsen. When you feel that your tattoo is ready and not wounded after that, apply the sunscreen you think will be best for your skin. 

  • Should I use sunscreen regularly?

If you have to go out regularly in the sunlight, then yes. You should apply sunscreens every day, especially before going outside in the day. If you don’t apply sunscreens as a usual routine, your tattoo will lose its glow. You can keep sunscreens in your bag in case you forget about applying in-home. Please keep it in your daily skincare routine to get the best result.

  • How can I save my tattoos from the sun?

You can save your tattoos by applying sunscreens, covering tattoos. You also can try moisturizers regularly. If you drink lots of water every day, it will be best for your health and your tattoos too.

  • Are spray sunscreens better than lotion sunscreens?

Though using spray sunscreens seems easier and more effective, for the new tattoos, you need to apply lotion sunscreens. They are durable and safe for your skin. You can apply them safely and efficiently find if you get any problem with the issue. Spray sunscreen can hurt your wounded new tattoo.

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