Is Aveeno Good for New Tattoos?

Is Aveeno Good for New Tattoos?

After getting new ink on your skin, your tattoo artist may have advised you regarding aftercare. Even so, it would be best if you were extra careful about using any products on your new tattoo. You might think, “Can I use Aveeno on my tattoos?” Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion is a basic, accessible, and efficient moisturizer that fights drying skin. They won’t irritate or harm your tattoo; additionally, they will provide you with the moisturization it needs.

Dermatologists recommend this lotion and say it’s gentle enough for daily usage, even on new tattoos. Find out if it’s appropriate for your healing process by reading on to determine if this moisturizer is right for you.
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Using Aveeno on a Tattoo

To heal appropriately, your tattoo needs to be moisturized. It must be done correctly, causing no damage to the skin.

Your tattoo should be cleaned entirely before applying any moisturizer. This should be done by just using water or a fragrance-free cleanser. Never rub your tattoo to dry it, always be careful and pat it dry. Also, rubbing can tear the skin and cause scarring.

Aveeno works fine on tattooed skin as it’s created for sensitive skin types and includes soothing colloidal oatmeal to treat dry, irritated skin.

What Defines a Good Tattoo Lotion?

To understand if Aveeno is suitable for tattoos, we first need to see what an appropriate lotion for tattoos should (and should not) contain: 

  • Buy fragrance-free – Lotion fragrances may contain chemicals that can irritate your tattoo. Avoid them and buy unscented lotions instead.
  • Avoid petroleum products – Petroleum products like petroleum jelly mess up air movement over the tattoo, which is necessary for proper healing.
  • Use dispenser bottles – Purchase lotions in dispenser bottles with a pump on top. This is safer than a tub, where there is a potential that bacteria will be spread after each use.
  • Look for a non comedogenic – Non-comedogenic method. The lotion will hydrate your pores and skin without clogging your pores. This additionally aids in assisting your pores and skin in breathing.
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These abide not just Aveeno but also consider which lotion you want when purchasing tattoo lotion.

How to Apply Aveeno on a Tattoo

To ensure your tattoo is completely clean, wash properly before applying Aveeno to your tattoo. Do not rub the tattoo vigorously, as it may irritate the tattoo.

  1. Please turn on the shower and make sure it’s slightly warm.
  2. Wet the tattoo and lightly rub the part with a suitable soap.
  3. Pat dry the region with a smooth towel or paper towel. Now no longer massage the part, be cautious.

You can thoroughly clean your tattoo and prevent infections and sweat, blood, or plasma from clogging your pores. After drying your tattoo after taking a shower, apply Aveeno to the affected region.

How Frequently Should You Use It?

The bandage applied to the tattoo by the tattoo artist should remain in place for approximately 3 hours. Remove these, and you’ll see plasma, blood, and excess ink. This is a normal phenomenon and part of the healing process that is released from the body.

Afterwards, wash the tattoo area with water and an unscented cleaner and rinse thoroughly. Then pat the area dry.

After ensuring his hands are clean, he applies a thin layer of Aveeno lotion to the tattooed area. Allow this to air dry and allow the lotion to fully absorb into your skin.

Lotion should be applied every 4-5 hours for the first few days until the skin begins to flake and dry. The area should be cleaned before each application.

Some tattoo artists recommend wrapping the tattoo at night for the first few days to avoid damaging it while you sleep. They are experts and know what they are doing, so always seek their advice.

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How Much Should You Apply?

Only apply a little lotion to your tattoo. It should be used rarely and often, and all lotions should be able to pass through your skin. Excess lotion can interfere with the healing process, clog pores, and cause damage and infection to the tattooed skin.

How Much Time Should You Use It For?

Since the first day of the tattoo, Aveeno lotion can be applied to it. Your skin may itch as your tattoo begins to heal. Using Aveeno lotion to keep it moisturized will aid in the healing process. Tattoos need to be maintained moisturized even after they have fully recovered. The colors will remain brilliant and in the best condition thanks to this.


Using lotion on your tattoo is your decision; however, before using any lotion or any other product doing a skin patch test might give you a clear idea. We all want to avoid allergic reactions, but if such a product does not possess chemical reactions with the ink of your tattoo.

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