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16 Angelina Jolie Tattoos with Pictures & Explanation

Who doesn’t know the Oscar winner goddess of Hollywood, Angelina Jolie? But do you know the brunette beauty is also a tattoo enthusiast and has more than dozens of meaningful tattoos on her body? The actress has been passionate about getting tattoos since her early teenage. Although many of those tattoos were removed or modified as the days went on, but the lady never disappointed us with her appearance. So if you are looking for the meaning of each tattoo the actress has gotten, then you have arrived at the right place. Let’s dig into the blog and commemorate those tattoos.

Angelina Jolie

The Famous Buddhist Spell Tattoo

Ever since she adopted her son Maddox Chivan, she has considered him a Buddhist and believes Buddhism is part of her son’s Cambodian endowment. The actress has openly shared her view about Buddhism. She has commented, “We spend a lot of time. And I’m learning about Buddhism and I’m teaching him what I can. He spent a lot of time in temples with monks and he is learning.” Shortly after the adoption, she inked her most famous tattoo, “The Buddhist Spell Tattoo,” on her upper back in Khmer script to seek protection for Maddox. She said, “I asked for it to be done in Buddhist Sanskrit, which is part of Maddox’s history.” The protection tattoo translates as, “May your enemies run far away from you. If you acquire riches, may they remain yours always. Your beauty will be that of an Aspara. Whenever you may go, many will attend, serve, and protect you, surrounding you on all sides.”

Angelina Back Tattoo

Sak Yant Tattoos

Jolie had her Sak Yant Tattoos, or Traditional Thai Tattoos, during the filming of the movie “First They Killed My Father” in 2017. Sak Yant tattoo is a unique tattoo for her that was inked by the Thai monk Ajarn Noo Kanpai, who especially flew to Cambodia from Bangkok to tattoo it. Jolie and her ex-husband Brad Pitt visited several times to this Thai monk regarding obtaining Sak Yant.

  • Hah Taew- 5lines/ Buddhist Mantras: it’s one of the most wanted Sak Yant designs and carries a significant solid meaning which reflects major characteristics of a person’s life. It contains five rows. The first row prevents the wearer from getting unjust punishments and protects one’s home—the second-row wards off bad luck or evil. The third row is basically to save the wearer from the harm of black magic. The fourth row exists to enhance prosperity and good luck. The fifth or final row works like a booster to increase attraction and charisma. This one is inked on the right side of Jolie’s back.
  • Buddhist Temple and The Four Element Tattoo: Jolie carries a Buddhist temple between the ‘Know your rights’ tattoo and the grid design tattoo on her back to remember having mercy on her and the people surrounding her. This is also done on the center of her back by the same monk Ajarn Noo Kanpai. The tattoo is also regarded as ‘Master Taslisman’ carrying multi-purpose meanings. Under the Buddhist temple, the grid design or most enormous tattoo on the star’s back represents the four elements of life earth, water, wind, and fire.
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Buddhist Swirl Tattoo

‘Buddhist Swirls’ Tattoo

She got these Buddhist Swirls on her left forearm. This tattoo, also known as Unalome, represents the pathway to enlightenment and is associated with Theravada Buddhism. Jolie inked this to attract good luck and blessings and to seek protection.

Coordinates and Brad Pitt Tattoo

Coordinates and Brad Pitt Tattoo

After erasing the Billy Bob dragon tattoo, she inked the coordinates of the birthplaces of her children along with Brad Pitt’s birthplace tattoo on her left arm. However, Brad Pitt’s home or the seventh coordinates was added in 2011. Even though there is a rumor that she had removed the seventh coordinates as it was missing when she attended the premiere of Eternals. It is still unclear whether the actress removed it or was covered with makeup.

Tiger Tattoo

Tiger Tattoo

It is the most prominent tattoo that was done in July 2004, covering up her entire lower back. To celebrate getting Cambodian citizenship, she decided to do it. The 12-inch Bengal tiger tattoo took two hours to be inked in a traditional Thai style using a Thai manual needle by the tattoo artist “Sompong Kangphai.” However, citizenship was granted in 2005.

Tiger tattoojpg e1667918008660

Human Rights Activist Tattoo/ the Clash Tattoo

On her upper back (in between her shoulders, on the base of her neck), she has another tattoo using Gothic letters that states, “Know Your Rights.” It is also a song written by ‘Joe Strummer by her favorite band, “The Clash.”

Human Rights Activist Tattoo/ the Clash Tattoo

Roman Numerals Tattoo

On her left arm, she has inked the Roman numerals XIII (13), and later she added V MCMXL along with the previous one. XIII Was inked to prove her disbelief in superstition, as the number thirteen is believed to be an inauspicious number. It is also for the remembrance of May 13, 1940, when the great leader Winston Churchill offered his famous speech- “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.”

Tennessee Williams Quote

It is pretty apparent that the actress loves to get adorned with quotes and phrases on her body. One of the most famous quotes by Tennessee Williams -“A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages,” also takes place on her left arm. Though It is the subtitle of Tennessee’s 1941 play “Stairs to the Roof” Moreover, she has revealed that she did it in the presence of her mother, who died from ovarian and breast cancer on January 27, 2007, at the age of 56. Regarding the tattoo, in an interview, she added, “I don’t I know one person who I think can completely be who they are, every second of the day, who feels completely free. So, it’s kind of a prayer for everybody to find their happiness, to break out anything that makes us comfortable, those things are cages around us.”- This also predicts how much the actress is concerned about mental health and finding inner peace.

Billy Bob Dragon Tattoo

Left Arm Billy Bob Dragon Tattoo

Earlier, the actress had a dragon tattoo on her upper left arm with the name of her second ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton. But the tattoo was lasered off when the pair divorced in 2002 and commented, “I’ll never be stupid enough to have a man’s name tattooed on me again.”

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Later, the brunette beauty inked the coordinates of the birthplaces representing her children. She also discloses that it took five visits to the tattoo removal clinic to erase the dragon.


The Latin Phrase and Cross Tattoo

Latin Phrase & Cross Tattoo

She also has a cross tattoo on her hip where a Latin phrase has been added saying “Quod me nutrut me destruit” meaning “what nourishes me, destroys me.” It was done just before the day she married Jhony Lee Miller in 1995. The tattoo was meant to hide her other tattoo, a little dragon with a blue tongue inked when she had a trip to Amsterdam. She made a public statement based on saying, “It was all symbolic, and it was a good thing, nothing dark.”

The 'H' Tattoo

The ‘H’ & ‘M’ Tattoo

She has the alphabet ‘H’ on her left wrist, dedicating her brother James haven, and ‘M’ on her palm, dedicating her mother, Marcheline Betrand. The ‘H’ Tattoo is a standard Norwegian style, and many of her fans believe it was the reminiscence of her ex-boyfriend, Timothy Hutton. However, Jolie has not made any public clarification regarding this.

The Rumi Quote Tattoo

Persian/ Rumi Tattoo

Over the years, the actress has read plenty of religious and spiritual books. She inked a philosophical quote by the divine poet Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi that says, “There exists a field, beyond all notions of right and wrong. I will meet you there.”

The Arabic Tattoo

Arabic Tattoo

There’s an Arabic tattoo meaning “Determination” on her right forearm below the elbow. It is intended to cover up the regrettable abstract tattoos created during her marriage with Billy Bob Thornton.

The Japanese Tattoo

Japanese Death Tattoo

The actress used to carry a Japanese symbol symbolizing “Death” to remind her to fight for life, which was her first tattoo. Later, she replaced it with the Buddhist spell tattoo.

The Eyebrow Tattoo

Eyebrow Tattoo

Getting an eyebrow tattoo is one of the most painful experiences and demands courage. Since it stays for a lifetime, one wrong decision can bring lifetime regret. However, this didn’t stop our star from getting one! And has become one of the best examples of eyebrow tattoos. It’s hard to differentiate the tattoo and her natural eyebrow.

The Galileo Tattoo

Galileo Galilei

In June 2021, the stunning beauty appeared with a new tattoo. It’s a small Italian quote from Galileo Galilei that states, “Eppur si Muove” Translating, “And yet it moves.” The selection takes us back to 1633, when no one ever wanted to believe Galileo for his true statement regarding the Earth and the Sun. This quote or tattoo always shows faith in yourself, no matter what others think.

So, that was so far for the tattoo enthusiasts, and we know that every tattoo that was inked on the Oscar-winning actress has held significant meaning for her.

One thing is obvious she is a memory keeper, values and is grateful for places and the people who have blessed her with their appearance. Each story carries stories meaning and also has an astronomical history behind it. From her first Japanese tattoo ‘Death’ to Galileo’s universal quote, the never-fading beauty has shared her journey with us. If you are one of her fans, you can take inspiration from her tattoos and your own pattern. However, ensure you have enough research and follow the safety guidelines before getting any!

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