Horseshoe and Daddys Girl Tattoo

Top 12 Amy Winehouse Tattoos & Meaning

English songwriter and singer Amy Winehouse was famous for her amazing tattoos. Amy Winehouse’s full name was Amy Jade Winehouse. She used to be famous for her vocal and Jazz & soul mixers. This British woman owned 5 Grammy awards. How amazing she was! She died in 2011 because of alcohol poisoning.

After her death, one of her albums became one of the best-selling albums in UK history. Amy had around 12 excellent tattoos on her body. All of Amy Winehouse’s tattoos were meaningful.

Amy Winehouse was a celebrity icon. She was not only famous for her singing but also for her non-controversial personality and humble nature. Some people disliked her drug and alcohol-consuming habit.

She got more familiar to song lovers after the release of the “Back-to-Back” album in 2006. Her death in 2011 extremely shocked her fans and the music industry. Amy’s most famous 12 meaningful tattoos till now quite searching fact to her fans. Let us explain.

Blake and the Pocket Tattoo

Amy Winehouse Tattoo

This Amy Winehouse tattoo was dedicated to her ex-husband. Blake was Amy’s ex-husband’s name. The name “Blake” was tattooed in a pocket on the left side chest. After her divorce from Blake Fielder-Civil, she thought to remove the tattoo but never did it. Amy frequently wore bowler shirts with initials above the pocket, and she did own a shirt embroidered with the words “Blake’s Girl.”

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Heart and “A” on Finger Tattoo

Amy Winehouse Finger Tattoo

Amy had a heart tattoo on her finger with one alphabet “A”. Some of Amy’s fans believe “A” referred to her ex-boyfriend Alex. Some others say this tattoo represented the Ace of Hearts.

Horseshoe and Daddy’s Girl Tattoo

Amy Winehouse Horseshoe and Daddy’s Girl Tattoo

Amy Winehouse’s tattoo also included a daddy’s girl noted tattoo on her left shoulder with a horseshoe sign. This tattoo was an absolute dedication to her dad. Peoples believe the horseshoe was Amy’s lucky charm. But Amy Winehouse never talked about the fact.

Pin Up Girl Tattoo

Under Amy’s Horseshoe tattoo, Amy had a Pin Up Girl tattoo. Basically, it was a bold lady inked on her hand’s upper side. But after some time she had to re-edit it because of a performance. So, later she just adds a bra to this tattoo.

The Feather Tattoo

Amy Winehouse Feather Tattoo

Amy Winehouse’s tattoo also included a feather tattoo on the inside of her left hand. According to this American songwriter, her feather tattoo symbolized bravery and courage. There was no stop of her tattoo, she also had 5 tattoos on her right hand.

The Girls and Hearts Tattoo

Amy Winehouse Girls and Hearts Tattoo

Amy Winehouse also had a standing girl tattoo on her right-hand arm. The tattoo is also inked with the name “Cynthia” beside the girl. This tattoo also had two hearts over the girl’s head.

Pin Up Girl with a Fan in Hand

Amy Winehouse Pin Up Girl with a Fan Tattoo

Beside the name “Cynthia” Amy also had another pin girl tattoo. In this tattoo, the girl was in a sitting position and holding a fan in her hand.

The Bird Tattoo

Amy Winehouse Bird Tattoo

On the inside side of Winehouse’s right forearm was a tattoo depicting a bird seated on a branch alongside musical notes with the phrase “Never Clip My Wings.” The tattoo depicted a bird chirping with musical notes, and the words represented the emblem and website of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

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Lightning Bolt Tattoo

amy winehouse lightning bolt tattoo

Amy Winehouse also had a lightning bolt inked on the inner side of her right wrist. Once she said this lightning bolt tattoo represents disaster and as she liked it, she just inked it on her wrist.

The Anchor Tattoo

Amy Winehouse Anchor Tattoo

The anchor belly tattoo was inked over her right waist. It is linked with two words, “Hello Sailor”.

The Betty Boop Tattoo

Betty Boop Tattoo

This Betty Boop tattoo was her first tattoo. It was inked on her lower back.

American Eagle Tattoo

Amy Winehouse American Eagle Tattoo

The tattoo on her back was the most amazing and unusual. It was an Ankh symbol draped in the American flag, with an American bald eagle perched on top. The latter represented strength and spiritual development. The American flag was meant to represent her mother’s birthplace, Brooklyn, New York.

The Egyptian mythology, which her father & grandmother were greatly interested in, inspired the Ankh sign, a symbol of endless life. Quite appropriate, given how her lyrics made her immortal.

Ending Note

Amy Winehouse’s tattoos were not entirely permanent. She also had a dove temporary tattoo on her neck at times. It was one of her last tattoos she put on. Do you want Amy’s appearance as well?

Do you want to honor Amy by getting one of her tattoos on your body You certainly can! Several of her tattoos have been turned into temporary tattoos and are now obtainable to the general public.

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