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8 Meaningful Scarlett Johansson Tattoos For Inspiration

Scarlett Johansson is adored by everyone. We are stunned by the power of talent that is this actress, whether it is due to her superb acting abilities, flawless taste in movies, or her overall stunning appearance.

Johannson Tattoo

A talented American actress, Scarlett Ingrid Johansson was born in Stockholm in 1983. In 2018 and 2019, she was named the highest-paid actress in the world by Forbes Celebrity 100. She was ranked number 100 in the 2021 list of the world’s most influential people by Time magazine.

The highest-grossing film of all time is Johansson’s Dark Phoenix, which grossed over $14.3 billion worldwide. Numerous awards have been given to her, including a Tony Award and a British Academy Film Award. She has also been nominated for two Academy Awards and five Golden Globes.

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Scarlett Johansson has eight tattoos on her body, each of which has a unique meaning. Scarlett Johansson has never been shy about showing off her tattoos. Among the eight tattoos she has, she has barely-there micro inks to a huge piece on her back that made headlines when she showed it off. Here’s a thorough overview of the Avengers’ tattoos, from a tiny A to the tattoo that connects (nearly) all of the Avengers.

Scarlett Johansson Tattoo Symbolism

  1. Circles Locked Together and the Letter A: Meaning can be mysterious. She may have any dear one name starting with A.

2. A Floral Lamb: She may get this tattoo to promote her elegance.

3. A Flying Owl: Symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, and transition.

4. Meaningful Bracelet: Symbolizes her love for her birthplace

5. Colorful Sunrise: Symbolizes optimism, faith, and novelty.

6. Avengers Logo: Symbolizes friendship

7. A Horseshoe: Symbolizes good luck

8. A Rose: Symbolizes memory of her daughter.

Scarlett Johansson Tattoo Designs

1. Circles Locked Together and the Letter A

Johansson has a different “A” inside two circles that overlap on her right ankle than the one she has for the Avengers. This tattoo, which is located on the inside of Johansson’s right ankle and is less visible than many of her other ink designs, is one of her more modest designs.

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What the A might stand for has not been disclosed by Johansson. She has never discussed the tattoo’s relevance.

2. A Floral Lamb

Johansson’s back piece appeared at the Met Gala in 2018, but viewers didn’t get a better look at it until a year later. Fans are convinced that her first tattoo, which takes place on the top of her back and has roses on a vine, may be a tribute to her daughter, Rose.

In addition, the second tattoo, which is below the roses on her right shoulder blade, appears to be a lamb. The meaning of the design has not been disclosed by Johansson.

3. A Flying Owl

Johansson has an owl in flight on her lower right ribcage that was visible at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscars party. Although she has never disclosed the underlying meaning of this pattern, owls are thought to stand for wisdom and understanding.

Confused about the meaning of this bird’s wing, but truly concerned for the lamb on her back. How entertaining admirers can be!

4. Meaningful Bracelet

In addition, the ‘I love NY’ bracelet tattoo on her wrist and the Avengers tattoo on the inside of her right arm were also on display in the Asteroid City premiere clothes. At the Asteroid City premiere on Tuesday, the actress made a rare red carpet-appearance alongside her 40-year-old husband Colin Jost.

At the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, Johansson’s bracelet tattoo was on reveal. The design of the weapon reportedly pays homage to Thor’s hammer from the Marvel film “Thor.” Despite appearing to be merely a small chain, the detailed bracelet tattoo on Johansson’s right wrist is more than that.

The writing stated “I [heart] NY.” Johansson was born in New York City, so it makes sense that she would pay the city a lovely tribute.


5. Colorful Sunrise

The sunrise tattoo on Johansson’s left forearm is a vibrant, colorful design unlike any of her previous tattoos, and she has spoken about it. Johansson has a tattoo of the sunrise on her left forearm, which is the only one of hers with color.

She has never explained the meaning of the tattoo, which shows the sun rising behind a body of water and surrounded by clouds. According to her, It makes her happy when she looks at it, but the reason she had it done is very personal. She prefers to remain the reason private.

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6. Avengers Logo

Along with to having a kid named Cosmo Jost who was born in 2021, Scarlett and Colin have been married for three years. The French journalist and the Hollywood star’s ex-husband Romain Dauriac also have an eight-year-old daughter together named Rose Dorothy.

The inside of Johansson’s right arm is where her tattoo is located. Her co-star provided a little additional information about the memorable bonding experience. The design looks like an A in a circle. Robert Downey Jr. quoted that it was Johansson’s idea. He added that he, Johansson, and Evans got the tattoo in New York.

7. A Horseshoe and “Lucky You”

Johansson hired French tattooist and graffiti artist Fuzi Uvtpk to draw another tattoo on her ribs, which features an upside-down horseshoe and the words “Lucky You.” This tattoo is not as noticeable as some of her other, visible tattoos because it is placed high up on her ribcage.

A Horseshoe

8. A Rose

Johansson has a rose design on her body. It complements the roses on her back and might possibly be a piece of the same tattoo, possibly. With this point, you’ve probably realized that ScarJo loves wearing clothes with peekaboo features that display her tattoos. That tattoo may be expensive!

Scarlett Johansson’s colorful rising sun tattoo was seen missing when her controversial Soda Stream ad aired during the Super Bowl. Scarlett admitted in an interview earlier this month that she almost gave up acting when Sandra Bullock won a dream role. After being rejected for the main role in Gravity, she spoke about feeling “hopeless.”

In his version of Girl With A Dragon Tattoo, director David Fincher claims he rejected Scarlett Johansson for the leading part because he thought viewers would find her distracting. He stated in an interview with Vogue that Johansson had “a great audition” for the role of the sociopath Lisbeth Salander.

Even though she has been known as a celebrity for more than 20 years, many people might still be unaware of the star’s incredible tattoo collection. Johansson remained silent about the meanings of many of her tattoos, which is unfortunate for those looking for more details of each one. Since Johansson hasn’t had any new tattoos in a while, at least that we are aware of.

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