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20 New Coi Leray Tattoos for Inspiration

The rising queen of the hip-hop world, COI Leray has recently got the attention of tattoo lovers by showing off her latest new name tattoo while twerking on her IG! We all are familiar with her bold and colourful style along with her obsession with body ink. Today we are going to cover up the star’s both latest and existing tattoos for tattoo enthusiasts.

Let’s start with the newest Coi Leray tattoo!

Coi Leray’s Fresh Ink: The Name Tattoo

on August 5, the New Jersey-raised star showed the latest tattoo of her own name, “Coi Leray” on the back of her right thigh. While showing so, she also did some twerks! shaking her fan’s mind with the new ink. The tattoo was done by Dave Tattz and comes in pink featuring graffiti-style font with a bubbly vibe. And, to make it more cute, it is adorned with small red hearts, stars, and a pair of cherries in it.

Coi Leray New Tattoo

She not only posted about her new ink once! but twice! which blew off the comment sections of these clips by her fans. They are deeming it as “Cute”, “Fire”, and “Adorable”. Similarly, on the other hand, some of them are eliciting it as a ploy for attention. However, the rapper seems to be not bothered by the negative feedback at all and enjoying her best by expressing sassiness all around social media and making her see both of her lovers and haters’ gazillions time by her appearance.

However the 26 years old American rapper has a number of body ink to discuss, let’s move into that!

Playful Spongebob Flower Ink

Just like her playful characteristics, her tattoo selections are funky as well!

She started her 2023 by getting a new tattoo which is a bunch of SpongeBob flowers on her right shoulder, with a colour combination of pink, blue, purple, and yellow with sparkling small stars. No matter how busy the star is, she is always active on her Tiktok with followers amounting to 11.3 Million. She posted of doing the tattoo with the caption, “2023 needed a new tattoo by @Davetattz (Also did my Koi and Power puff girls)”

Playful Spongebob Flower Ink

Coi’s Koi Tale

Koi fish are known to hold profound symbolic meanings for their capacity to leap waterfalls and swim upstream and also come with various myths and cultural beliefs. Seems like our Coi is captivated by these aquatic creatures enough to sink them permanently into her skin with ink!

Cois Koi Tale

Moreover, the fish also symbolizes “Courage”, “Transformation”, and “Growth”- as not all fish can navigate upstream. Coi literally deserves all the claps for her tattoo choices.

Holy Cross

The holy cross tattoo is one of the oldest tattoos in the tattoo world, From the ancient time to till now, people inking it as a symbol of faith in Jesus Christ. Just like this, Coi follows the tradition! She got this tattoo in the midst of her chest with a quote that says, “Not all those who wander are lost”. The singer loves displaying her cross tattoo in bold.

Coi Leray Tattoo

Barbie Tattoo

To celebrate her collaboration with the Queen of Rap ‘Nicki Minaj’, the hip-hop star got a Barbie tattoo on her right wrist!

Barbie Tattoo

The tattoo is the famous Barbie head logo in the colour pink and with a funky and playful gun! Coi uploaded the picture of this ink on her Instagram, just a couple of hours before the drop of their collaborated song “Blick Blick”. The joint track was dropped on March 18, 2022.

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Leray’s Mandarin Message

Till now, you might have understood Coi’s tattoo patterns by her tattoo selections. To take you one step further and highlight her passion for tattoos and how those carry profound meanings, we are going to disclose the meaning of her ‘Mandarin’ tattoo on her right wrist!

Lerays Mandarin Message

Coi has chosen three Chinese symbols to characterize her. The first word at the bottom is ‘智’ which pronounces ‘Zhì’ and means “Wisdom” or “Knowledge”.

The second character situated in the middle one signifies the word “Courage” and the upper character embodies “Peace”.

Just how thoughtful she is!

Dynamic PPG Tattoo

Coi loves being nostalgic and reveals her unwavering cheerfulness by adding childhood cartoons permanently to her skin. Remember the PowerPuff girls? from Cartoon Network? Coi has proudly inked the super trio combo exactly on her left leg! She not only kept the girls but also kept the greatest, formidable supervillain Mojo Jojo!

Dynamic PPG Tattoo

The dynamic girls represent more than just animated cartoon characters! we all are well aware of our attachment to these girls. Besides being kindergarten aged with superpowers, we all have our own favourite scene from the series. No matter what time of age it is, People will not forget Blossom with her great leadership skill, Bubble with her kind heart and innocence, the fierce and fearless Buttercup and the primary antagonist to make the series funnier, the evil chimpanzee ‘Mojo Jojo’.

Blessings on Ankles

Coi not only made one but two tattoos on both of her legs just above the ankles that combine into one sentence- “God’s Gift”. It’s quite impressive of her how she wears tattoos in such a way!

Blessings on Ankles

However, the tattoo contains a strong message for every hater of her out there and that is, no matter how much the individual hates her talent, she is obviously a rising queen who receives blessings from the higher realm.

Butterfly and Blue Flames

On her left hand, she has got two tattoos in a row, one is a blue butterfly and another one is blue flames.

Butterfly and Blue Flames

The symbolism of blue butterflies and flames differs from culture to culture and belief. Butterflies are known as the symbol of ‘transformation and growth’ representing the journey of an egg from becoming a caterpillar to its final transformation as a free butterfly.

On the other hand, ‘blue flames’ are considered as being associated with ‘Intense energy’. Coi’s combination of these two makes the tattoo more appealing signifying a strong meaning.

The Rainbow Flower Tattoo

If you find yourself in being interested in getting a rainbow flower tattoo, then consider being inspired by Coi’s rainbow flower tattoo which is placed on the behind of her right arm. Because of all the colorful and vibrant approaches, a good number of people are going for this tattoo style. so did our Coi!

Cheer Bear Tattoo

Remember the carnation pink-colored bear from the 1980’s animated cartoon series “Care Bears”? Well whether you kept remembering the character of Cheer Bear or not, Coi has not forgotten her and rather has chosen to immortalize the character forever in her right arm!

Cheer Bear Tattoo

Although all the bears in the series represent each positive trait, Cheer Bear plays the most crucial role. Throughout the series, she delivers heartwarming messages and is courageous, which led her to be the leader of the group! Her special ability is the “Rainbow of Sunshine”.

Classy Music Note and Heart Tattoo

Coi’s love for tattoos did not leave her behind from getting tattoos on her face. On the right side of her cheek, she has gotten three music note tattoos and on the left side, she got a little red heart. Both of the tattoos are just below her hairline and close to the ears.

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In the left one, she added two Eighth notes ( Quaver) and middle of those two, she put one ‘Beam note’.

Heart Tattoo

and, here’s the cutest one! the little red heart promoting love and affection.

Combining these two, she expressed her passion for music.

Coi’s Words Tattoo

Just on top of her rainbow flower tattoo, she has another tattoo that quotes, “It Could Be Worse” in Capital letters.

Cois Words Tattoo

The tattoo seems short but the statement holds powerful thoughts. No matter how hard the situation is, always remember that it could have been worse! so buckle up yourself and keep fighting.

Roman Numeral Tattoo

Getting a new name tattoo ain’t the first act of her expressing her self-love! the talented singer has a Roman numeral tattoo on her left forearm. The Roman numeral “V.XI.XCVII” represents 11 May 1997, which is her birth date!

Roman Numeral Tattoo

‘Zero Two’- Anime Tattoo

Coi is a huge fan of the anime, “Darling in the Franxx”. And the anime girl, whose tattoo she has on her hand is known as “Zero Two”. Zero Two is one of the central characters of the series. It premiered in 2018 and soon gained popularity for its compelling story.

Anime Tattoo

The character is the most mysterious and carries a bold personality, which goes with Coi’s personality! doesn’t it?

Saturn on the Neck!

In the middle of her neck, she has inked an entire planet Saturn!

Saturn on the Neck

The planet Saturn represents ‘Concentration’, ‘Ambition’, and ‘Productivity’. This signifies Coi’s early career fight to reach the peak of her career. Coi must have taken responsibility for her own, which is quite visible in her early success!

Rose Beneath the Ear

She also has a rose tattoo just beneath her left ear!

Rose Beneath the Ear

Rose symbolizes love and beauty! and is enough lovable to get inked in Coi’s skin! It is a timeless symbol! you can choose any color of your own, but Coi went for the red roses!

Roses are red, Violet’s aren’t blue, funk up your life, with Coi’s red roses!

“Girls Don’t Cry” Tattoo

It’s really impressive, how Coi breaks the social stereotype “Boys don’t cry” to “Girls don’t cry”. Although, where “Boys don’t cry” means not expressing boys’ or men’s emotions and putting their headstrong or not being vulnerable! girls don’t cry expresses emotional resilience! it’s Coi’s personal message for girls not to lose their guts in difficult situations and being courageous. The ink breaks gender stereotypes that believe crying is associated with weakness!

Girls Dont Cry

Temple with Chinese Characters

Coi also has a temple tattoo with sakura flowers on her spine and under that temple is written “升鸟升”, which is in Mandarin Chinese. The character refers to “Rising Bird” or “Bird Ascending”.

Temple with Chinese Characters

The temple represents spiritual awakening and letters indicate to rise up! The word “升” (shēng) means “to rise”, which emphasizes the concept of moving upward. However, the combination of both temple and Mandarin letters expresses her artistic choice!

About Coi Leray

Coi Leray

Coi Leray has been a great inspiration for women all around. She was born in Boston and was raised in New Jersey. Her father Benzino is also a rapper and media mogul, and being inspired by her father, she also started walking on the same path at the early age of 14. Even after her father’s reputation, she had to go through challenges and hardships to establish herself.

At the beginning of 2021, she made her debut on the Billboard Hot 100’s top 30. Her collaboration with the Queen of Rap ‘Nickey Minaj’, was a pivotal moment and a turning point in her career. To commemorate the ‘Blick Blick’ collaboration, the rapper permanently inked Barbie on her wrist.

Every Ink that is on her body, is just more than art. Each of the ink holds Coi’s identity and expresses who she is. From inking her name to choosing childhood nostalgia to adorn her body with a temple that empowers her to rise, Coi Leray strikes!

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