"Never Ending Love" Tattoo

What Tattoo Designs Neymar Has on His Legs?

Naymar Jr. is a Brazilian professional football player. He is considered the best player among different competitors. In World Cup 2022, While playing with Serbia, he was severely injured on her right ankle. While spreading this news through social media, his fans saw her beautiful leg tattoos. Let’s see what meanings symbolize Neymar’s leg tattoos.

Neymar Leg Tattoo Designs

“Never Ending Love” Tattoo

Neymar has the design on the right thigh. It mentions ” Never Ending Love”. Though he said that it was a secret, the fans guessed that the design was for Bruna Marquezine as he was dating the actress Bruna Marquezine.

"Never Ending Love" Tattoo


Ankle “Name” Tattoo

Neymar portrayed two words on the left and right ankle. On the left ankle, he mentioned Ousadia and on the right ankle, he mentioned Alegria. Ousadia stands for Courage and Alegria stands for Joy. The tattoos are connected with his transition to FC Barcelona.

Ankle "Name" Tattoo


“Motivational” Tattoo

Neymar portrayed motivational quotes and words on her right leg. The design mentions words like work hard, focus, fashion, and faith. The design was totally meant to encourage him to work hard in order to grab success.

"Motivational" Tattoo


“Champion League & Emoji” Tattoo

In order to remember the incident that Barcelone beat Juventus in the Champions League final, he illustrated the cup design with the date “6/6/15”. Along with it, there is an emoji with its tongue out. It shows that Neymar is naughty as a person.

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"Champion League & Emoji" Tattoo


“Birth Year” Tattoo

Neymar was born in 1992. To make the year special, he got the number on the left and the right leg. When his ankle was injured, this was more visible to the supporters.

"Birth Year" Neymar Leg Tattoo


“Football & Crown” Tattoo

Neymar’s left leg was inked with a football, Along with that, there is a crown on the top of the football. It represents his love for football and how football has given him everything in return.

"Football & Crown" Tattoo


“Dreams” Tattoo

Neymar got a dream tattoo on his left leg. It portrays a boy holding a football, standing on the ground looking at the favelas in Brazil dreaming of football. It proves that he did not forget his background. He was inspired by this tattoo design.

"Dreams" Tattoo


Neymar is an inspiration for the young generation. He can reach success at such an early age due to his hard work and integrity. He was showing his level best performance during the world cup 2022. But During the match between Brazil VS Siberia, he got injured. But he does not lag behind. He has announced that he will sit on the bench and give his performance ignoring injury when the team needs him.

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