Dimensional koi fish tattoo

Koi Fish Tattoo: A Guide to Meaning, Style, and Placement

are you confused about what kind of koi fish tattoo you should get on? Want to try something new? Then explore the tattoo ideas and get yourself a good symbolic koi fish tattoo. The koi fish tattoo with or without color brings out some meaning in your life. It is corny also. 

What is a Koi fish body ink?

In Japanese origin name koi fish has a name of itself which is NISHIKIGOI. Koi fish is a brocaded carp that is delightful in varieties. There is some exciting news to share with you guys, though it is an iconic Japanese fish it got introduced by the very popular china. After that many farmers started breeding colorful koi fish.

To know the actual koi fish body art meaning you have to listen to a little story about long years back. There was a river named china’s Yellow river. In this river, a school of koi fish was swimming against the current of this river. They grew brawny after fighting against the current. It had kept up until there was a waterfall to the end. Mainly, the school of koi fish wanted to reach out to the waterfall against the current. In the meantime, most of the fish had given up fighting but some were uncommon. They kept swimming to reach the waterfall. Now, the story turned out more interesting that some demons were watching the koi fishes. They had laughed out loud at the fish’s endeavor. The demons made the path more critical for the fish. 

You will be more surprised to know that after fighting against the current for about a hundred years of struggling, only one fish lived. After surviving the whole path, God transformed the very one koi fish into a golden dragon one. After knowing the whole story, you guys can guess what does koi fish tattoo means. It means upkeeping and refutation.  

What does a Koi fish tattoo mean?

There are many types of meanings of koi fish. Once the very koi fish means perseverance and refutation. On the other hand, the other meaning of fish is someone is going beyond or has gone beyond in their own life. In another sense you can say that there are different colors of koi fish you can draw on your body and different colors bear different meanings and styles as well.

Significance of different colors of koi fish tattoos and their meaning:

Multiple colors bear multiple meanings according to the color and style pattern. Every color bears a positive meaning to your personality. Though there are many colors you can choose but you can choose traditionally five colors, white, black, blue, and red. gold 

White Koi fish body ink means;

This color resembles the earning career attainment as well as the son of a household. 

White Ink Koi Fish Tattoo

Blue koi fish tattoo significance:

Some experts say that the blue color bears the peace and calmness of your very own personality. But the other says the color blue brings out the masculinity and fertility of any person.

Blue Ink Koi Fish Tattoo

Blue Ink Koi Fish Tattoo

Red koi fish tattoo design and purpose:

Red color brings out the powerful meaning of the different types of personalities as who owns the body ink. Some carry out the meaning of love when the other has the symbol of strength. Some say red color means motherhood and mother love. It depends on your thought. The red-colored koi fish is very much known to body ink lovers. If you want to mean you have power that you own then you can choose the red-colored koi fish tattoos.

Red Koi Fish Tattoo

Red Koi Fish Tattoo

Black koi fish tattoo meaning:

Black is the significance of masculinity as well as fatherhood. It also helps to realize to let happening some success in someone’s life. 

Black Koi Fish Tattoo

Black Koi Fish Tattoo

Gold koi fish tattoo signification:

Do you know the story behind the significance of the koi fish tattoo? Then you should be acquainted with the golden dragon koi fish that God transferred into progress and prosperity. Now you know the actual meaning of the gold koi fish tattoo. The gold koi fish body ink means fortune.

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There is some yellow or orange colored koi fish tattoo art in tattoo art history that resembles different meanings. You want a unique colored and meaningful tattoo on your body. You know the path of your very own personality with the color that matches you. 

Gold Koi Fish Tattoo


Gold Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi fish lotus flower tattoo resemblance:

Body art experts think that lotus and koi fish has their similarities in their personalities. Lotus has come from the mud to become a beautiful flower whereas the koi fish struggled to live life beautifully. Both the tattoos together resemble prosperity and life fullness. 

Koi fish lotus flower tattoo

Two koi fish tattoo design and meaning:

Two koi fish and yin yang koi fish meaning typically the same but not in the list of shapes. It means the balance of life. It also means the duality of life with the life forces. The two koi fish represents sometimes have the two yin and yang configuration and teach you the balance of your life.  

Two koi fish tattoo meaning

Traditional koi fish tattoo:

There are many kinds of traditional koi fish tattoos named: Japanese koi fish tattoos, yin-yang tattoos, and lotus flower koi fish tattoos. The story behind the traditional koi fish tattoo resembles the china long years back. 

Japanese koi fish tattoo keynote:

Japanese origin name of koi fish is Nishikigoi. Though china first introduced the koi fish but the Japanese breed the fish into different types. It resembles the originality of your personality. 

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi fish yin yang tattoo:

These tattoos are mostly BnW, black, and white. But if you want to do it delightful then you can do it with dignity. Yin yang koi fish tattoo means your twoness personality of yours. The other meaning of this type of tattoo is the parallelism of your life, of your world. The tattoo can be shaped unendingly shaped or swimming-shaped. You may put colors on it or not. It is totally on your side. 

Koi fish yin yang tattoo

Koi fish yin yang tattoo

Dragon koi fish tattoo keynotes:

We all know the story of the Yellow river of china. The dragon was the showstopper of the story, to be frank. It resembles the obstacles that created the struggling fish but the fish survived till the end. Dragon mainly was the negative character of the story but in the tattoo world, it can be used for a successful life through obstacles. The other meaning of the dragon koi fish body ink is the rebirth and transformation of life. Both dragon and koi fish is the significance of the Asian origin. Most Asians do body art as the power of ferocity of a dragon.

Another meaning of a tattoo is to start afresh. 

Dragon Koi fish tattoo

Dragon Koi fish tattoo


Pond koi fish tattoo

Pond koi fish tattoo


You can design on your back with a bunch of koi fish and it is surrounded by lotus flowers and a pond. It must be hurtful to do that. Also, it will take a lot of time. But, it is an interesting fact to be uncommon in an easy sense. Also, it has a deep meaning that, koi fishes’ story has already been known and the pond makes them controlled to the meaning of the outside of the world. But the world is as not ruse as you think and you have the power to do the thing on your own. 

Vector koi fish tattoo

Vector koi fish tattoo



Those who are interested in physics, all know what a vector is and how a vector works. So, it basically helps to the line putting properly with the right measurement of the koi fish body and design structure. It can be easy and interesting and fascinating as well, you can wear it with dignity and funky dresses. 

Family koi fish tattoo

Family koi fish tattoo



Family koi fish means actually the equity of your friends and family and the importance of their life to them. The mutual understanding reflects in the tattoo and resembles matured love. 

Rib piece koi fish tattoo

Rib piece koi fish tattoo


The rib piece koi fish body ink is the most interesting tattoo on the body part area. If you can do it, you will definitely nail it with a good vibe.

Inspiration koi fish tattoo:

There will be some inspirational quotes with koi fish tattoo is one of the interesting ideas to do koi fish tattoo. Believe it or not, it can be the most fascinating tattoo if you can make it right with your thst kind of appearance.

Sun koi fish tattoo


Sun Koi Fish Tattoo

There will be a koi fish tattoo with the vibe of the powerful, the strength of the sun, altogether resembling the power and bravery thing you can do the anything in the world. This confidence makes you do everything.

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Dimensional koi fish tattoo

Dimensional koi fish tattoo


Dimensional koi fish tattoo


Koi fish tattoo with dimensional strategy will help you to reach out to outstanding positions to make your tattoo cope with the new generation style.

Small koi fish tattoo

Small koi fish tattoo



People nowadays use minimal things to use it as fashion or other sense. Minimalistic things bring shorter ways to prove deeper meaning and are easy to understand. When we are talking about body ink, it must be minimal because it causes less pain with a fashionable sense of art. So, small koi fish is a pleasure to the eyes of those who are lovers of small koi fish tattoos.  

Realistic koi tattoo

Realistic koi tattoo



In today’s new generation presence of a realistic vibe can make anything so so beautiful that it will help you to realize how you can be powerful and brave. 

Japanese lantern with koi fish tattoo

Japanese lantern with koi fish tattoo is a japanese traditional process with a deeper meaning to resemble it. So, it has some respective and illustrative ideas to preserve the notion of the symbol.

Mermaid koi fish tattoo:

Mermaid koi fish tattoo


It is another kind of tattoo idea that will come with funny and funky poses to draw on your body and it helps you to conjugate the meaning and fashion on both sides.

Meaningful Koi Fish Tattoo Designs of Different Body Parts

Koi fish tattoo forearm:

You can paint on your forearm with the essence of a watercolor splash and paint with delightful color combinations as a meaning of colorful joyful life with the essence of struggle in it. 

Forearm koi fish tattoo

Koi fish back tattoo

You can paint the tattoo to show power, prosperity, fortune, love everything in the different places of your body. The choice is yours where to put on. Some people choose the whole back side of the body to paint their tattoos. You can do the same. 

Koi fish Back tattoo


Koi fish Back tattoo


Koi fish Back tattoo

Half sleeve koi fish tattoo:

Half-sleeve koi fish tattoo done with a Nishikigoi style to maintain the ancient style. the black and white tattoo turns into sketching and it helps you to be unique with your winged koi tattoo. 

Half sleeve koi fish tattoo

Avatar koi fish tattoo:

With the help of a dragon and koi, add some avatar or cartoon-style design to be unique and delightful. 

Avatar koi fish tattoo

Koi fish leg tattoo:

Do you feel your tattoo so plain that you want your leg a tiny treat? if the answer is yes then do the body art about the koi or dragon koi or colorful koi or whatever and give it a chance to explore with your body. The thin outlined shape shaded work on your feet will be classy and will go with your personality.  

Koi fish leg tattoo

Pisces koi fish tattoo:

Are you into zodiac signs? If you are and you are one of the Pisces then you are in the progressive career-oriented club member as your zodiac sign and tattoo choice represent you to be one of them.  

Pisecs tattoo

Gemini koi fish tattoo:

Those who are into zodiac signs and are into the Gemini moon sign, they can style with the koi fish tattoo.

Gemini tattoo

Koi fish cherry blossom tattoo:

The orange-colored blossom tattoo with the koi helps you to look stunning. The delightful color palette will help you to live up the life and brighten the world with colorful patterns.

Koi fish cherry blossom tattoo

Koi fish tattoo chest

Do yourself a favor and do with the chest koi-designed tattoo to treat your body with a classy and sexy look to impress the opposites. 

Koi fish tattoo chest 

Koi fish watercolor tattoo:

The essence of watercolor can be used as a perfect tattoo. The design can be a plump of color and a koi fish art. Art becomes significant in its way. 

Koi fish watercolor tattoo

Koi fish watercolor tattoo

Matching koi fish tattoo

You can draw the upside down two koi fish tattoo or match the tattoo with your partner or friends who are the best. Another idea for couples is that you can art half of your body and the other half of your partner on the other partner. 

Matching koi fish tattoo


Matching koi fish tattoo

 Koi fish tattoo on shoulder

A tattoo drawn on the shoulder helps you bring the uniqueness of the tattoo world. 

Koi fish tattoo on shoulder

Koi fish tattoo on shoulder2

Koi fish tattoo on thigh:

Treat your thighs with the brightest color with the splash of watercolor and a koi fish dragon tattoo.

Koi fish tattoo on thigh

Angry koi tattoo:

This design helps you to show the boldness of your attitude and the challenges of your life.

Angry koi tattoo

Koi tattoo on the wrist:

The flaunting koi tattoo with the adorable vibe on your wrist symbolizes the loveable side of your attitude.

Koi tattoo on the wrist

Band koi tattoo:

The band koi tattoo with the help of a band circle with the touch of colorful sites around your forearm.

Band koi tattoo

Most Asians tend to do familiar things to get their body most fascinated. So, they get familiar with things with a deeper meaning that includes both personality and characteristics. In the case of certain things altogether, both Asians and other origins are likely to get the body ink with the strongest meaning named with koi fish tattoo.

Basically, the koi fish tattoo is dedicated to those men who are the bravest and not likely to give up on things easily. It is the specialty of the tattoo to the experts and the person who decides to get the tattoo. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your body a new segment to conquer the world.

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