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54 Best Crab Tattoo Designs For You

Tattoo is a word that comes from the Polynesian word ‘tatau,’ which means ‘mark made on the skin.’A tattoo is a form of body modification. People want to alter their bodies, inserting ink, dyes, and pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the crust layer of the skin to art a sketch of tattoos. Tattoos are broad in three categories: symbolic, pictorial, and purely decorative. Crab tattoos hold a symbolic group.

Crabs tattoos are not simple ink, but this image bears a dense meaning. Crabs are invertebrate creatures that live in the water. These tattoos are an excellent choice for men and women.
A crab is a symbolic word, people like to ink crab tattoos to symbolize rebirth, renewal, wealth, happiness, strength, virility, prosperity, adventure, loyalty, etc. These tattoos also signify harmony, good fortune, and balance. People like to ink these tattoos for their symbolic meaning.

Crab Tattoo Meaning

Crab tattoos have many meanings, and it symbolizes different meanings for different persons. A crab tattoo is trendy for small sizes. Crabs bear a great significance in different cultures like Greeks and Egyptians.

The Egyptians think that the crab is the symbol of rebirth and renewal. In Egypt, the crab symbolized the pictures of danger. That’s why they receive crab tattoos as a sign of rebirth and renewal.

Greece believes that crab stands for communication, navigation, and protection of danger with the help of ocean Gods. They also use crabs as a symbol of sailors, masculine power, and water elements.

The Chinese identify the crab as a symbol of good luck. In China, people ink crab tattoos as an indication of transformation and excellent protection. They think that the crabs are the source of protection to seafarers and travelers that protect them from dangers and troubles. Crabs tattoos used to be an aphrodisiac for men that suffer from a lack of sex drive.

As crab is a symbolic word, people like to ink crab tattoos to symbolize rebirth, renewal, wealth, happiness, strength, virility, prosperity, adventure, loyalty, etc. These tattoos also signify harmony, good fortune, and balance. People like to ink these tattoos for their symbolic meaning.

The value of a crab tattoo has two sides.

  1. Crab has a sturdy shell that can endure hardship and inconvenience. For this reason, people ink crab tattoos to symbolize reliability, self-confidence, and security. 
  2. The crab has strong claws that can defend and attack any offender. People ink this tattoo to express their courage, determination, and strength of character.
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Crab tattoos have plenty of options for tattoo artists of various sizes, colors, shapes, and designs. So one can ink it and find out one’s perspectives and wishes.

Cancer Crab Tattoos

Cancer is the name of the zodiac. People who have an interest in astrology cancer tattoos get popular with them. Cancer crab tattoos carry significant symbolic meaning for crab tattoos lovers. The most popular spots for placing these tattoo designs include the lower leg and ankle, chest, inner wrist, back, and shoulders.

Cancer Crab Tattoos

Cancer Crab Tattoos 4

Cancer Crab Tattoos 3

Cancer Crab Tattoos 2

3d cancer crab tattoo

Traditional Crab Tattoo

Samuele Briganti is the most famous traditional tattoos artist. For a traditional interest, the crab tattoos have a connection to all living elements of the ocean. Animals in the ocean always fight to protect their exits. Some people think that if they ink these tattoos, they will get inspiration from their conflicts.

Traditional tattoos

Traditional crab tattoos

Neo-traditional Crab Tattoos

Neo traditional crab tattoos

Neo traditional tattoos

Cute Small Crab Tattoos

Small cute crab tattoos look very nice and attractive on hand and foot. People can ink these tattoos quickly to get attraction and express their perspective. Some women like to wear these tattoos on their bellies as a fashion.

Small Crab Tattoos

Cute Small Crab Tattoos

Cute Small Crab Tattoos 2

Small Crab Tattoos 2

Small Crab Tattoos on Leg

Cute Small Crab Tattoos on foot

Crab Tattoos On Foot 3

Crab Tattoos on foot

Cute Small Crab Tattoos on Belly

Cute Small Crab Tattoos on belly

Crab Tattoos on belly

King Crab Tattoos

Among different types of crab tattoos, king crab tattoos bear an aristocratic sketch. These tattoos represent the tough shell that stands to withdraw any hardship. Sebastian is an interesting character for king crab Tattoos designs. King crab symbolizes wealth, strength, renewal, and this tattoo is bigger and more daunting than any other crab tattoo.

King Crab Tattoos

King Crab Tattoos v

Crab Tattoos Simple

Crab tattoos are simply the first choice for overall people. It looks simple but carries a dense inner meaning. It is small and more accessible to ink bodies that are the most beneficial sides of these tattoos. People also get the opportunity to take this tattoo in office decoration. These Tattoos symbolize livelihood and wealth. Generally, people choose to ink these tattoos on their fingers, wrists, arms, and legs.

Crab Tattoos Simple

Crab Tattoos Simple leg

Crab Tattoos Simple easy

3d Crab Tattoos

The 3d crab tattoo is more gorgeous than any other tattoo. It looks like a living animal that creates fear for funky people and glee for insects lovers. one can ink 3d crab tattoos on arms, muscles, and back. It also can be placed on the back shoulder.

3d Crab Tattoos

3d Crab Tattoos 2

3d Crab Tattoos back

Crab Tattoos Black and White

Crab tattoos black and white is the initial pace of tattoos inked, but it gets popular at all. Some people like to ink these tattoos all over the body, and suitable spots to ink this tattoo are the hand, leg, and chest. These tattoos are pretty big, attention-seeking, and memorable.

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Crab Tattoos Black and White

Crab Tattoos Black and White 1

Tattoos Black and White

Crab Tattoos Black and White Hand

Red Crab Tattoos

Red crabs tattoos are very popular with Chinese people. These tattoos symbolize happiness, wealth, strength, masculinity, and loyalty. These tattoos also signify good fortune and harmony. For these reasons, people like to ink red crab tattoos. Red crab with an arrow tail is the most famed tattoo.

Red Crab Tattoos

Red Crab Tattoos 2

Red Crab Tattoos 3

Colorful Crab Tattoos

In many ancient cultures, the potential meaning for colorful crab tattoos was endless. Crabs also are deeply symbolic animals in modern cultures and convey this meaning crab tattoos colorful ink on the leg, arm, and hand.

Crab Tattoos Colorful

Tattoos Colorful

Colorful Crab Tattoos 1

Colorful Crab Tattoos 2

Crab Tattoos On Foot

Most tattoo-lover women like to wear simple cute crab tattoos on their feet. They think that their tattoos also go with them, show their value, and save them unfavoured incidents. They decorate feet to attract others’ attention easily.

Crab Tattoos On Foot 1

Crab Tattoos On Foot 2

Small Crab Tattoos on foot

Blue Crab Tattoo

The sailors or fishers ink blue crab tattoos on their bodies as a symbol of protection. Life on the water is hard, and they fight to survive it like a crab. Here people wear blue crab tattoos out of faith and respect that it protects them from danger.

Blue Crab Tattoos

Blue Crab Tattoos 2

Blue Crab Tattoos 3

Blue Crab Tattoos

Feminine Crab Tattoo

Some Women like to ink soft, minimalistic, and feminine tattoos. They can take crab tattoos on these designs from here. If you believe that you are a romantic, sentimental and approachable person, feminine crabs tattoos will express your spirit.

Feminine Crab Tattoo

Feminine Crab Tattoo 2

Geometric Crab Tattoos

Geometric-shaped crab tattoos are in different geometric shapes like squares, triangles, circles, etc. The geometric crab tattoos have staying power, for which these tattoos have grown popular. It’s one of the fantastic tattoos. But men like to ink animal tattoos containing geometric shapes.

Geometric Crab Tattoo

Geometric Crab Tattoo 2

Japanese Crab Tattoo

Japanese crab tattoos have deep meaning and purpose. These tattoos represent Japanese culture and history. According to Japanese tradition, tattoos bear social status and devotion to religion. The creatures that are exiting in the real world choose their image to ink in traditional Japanese tattoos. These tattoos, another name is Samurai crabs tattoos.

Japanese Crab Tattoos 3

Japanese Crab Tattoos 2

Japanese Crab Tattoos 1

Maryland Crab Tattoo

Maryland is a state in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions of the United States. In Maryland, Blue Crabs tattoos are more informative. People of this state believe that these tattoos are the signs of their protection.

Maryland crab tattoos 2

Maryland crab tattoos 3

Maryland crab tattoos 1

Neon Crab Tattoos and Piercing

Neon Crab is a professional and funny group of artists who furnish service for tattoo lovers and help people design a perfect piece of art. They provide materials to ink tattoos that are safe and homely for people and the environment. This group of artists also help people reach an informative decision when decorating their bodies with tattoos. Neon Crabs tattoos are more prevalent in London than in any other part of the world.

In fine, crabs are a symbol of defense. Their hard shell, oversized claw, and seemingly fearless attitude are all symbolic of their strong defensive capabilities.A crab tattoo is a great choice for people who want to wear unique but deeply symbolic animal tattoos.

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