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20 Best Brain Tattoo Design Ideas & Meaning in 2023

For tattoo lovers, brain tattoo design is a new thing. But all the people love it. This tattoo looks like the brain so it carries the symbol of the brain. 

As the brain is the most complex thing in the world, this brain-looking design gives you a fascinating look. That’s why all people are willing to draw different kinds of brain tattoo ideas on their bodies.

Brain Tattoo Meaning

Brain tattoo is one type of tattoo design where you see a brain-shaped design. The brain symbolizes intelligence, power and knowledge. You can choose any color for your tattoo design.

These designs are the latest designs being used by a lot of tattoo lovers. Both men and women can put on this design. It may make your personality stronger than before. You can put this new design on your hand, shoulder, or anywhere in your body. 

Heart and Brain Tattoo Meaning

The brain and the heart together have a meaning. It means that you are listening to your brain and heart together. A lot of people fall into confusion to listen to the brain or listen to heart. This tattoo reminds you that you should hear both.

You put this tattoo on your hand and it will look like you are having your brain on your hand. Many people use this to look funny. Here we have brought the best 20 new and unique designs of brain tattoos. Now take a look at our brain tattoo design collection.

  1. Big Brain Tattoo

Big Brain Tattoo


Look at this tattoo design. It looks like a flying brain on your hand. It looks funny. You may like it as a funny-looking tattoo. 

Brain tattoos are always fantastic in our bodies. You can color it as you want. You can put this in your hand. Also, you can put it on your neck or anywhere. This design will not look odd anywhere.

  1. Minimalist Brain Tattoo

minimalist brain tattoo design


This is one kind of light and small design but it gives you a premium look. It is written here ‘BRAIN’ that looks finer. This is a delightful brain tattoo idea for you. Boys and girls anyone can have it. We can say that everyone will love it. No one can deny that they draw it on their body parts. We included it in our collection for its beauty.

  1. Pinky Brain Tattoo

pinky brain tattoo


This is like a knife cutting your brain. In the picture, you can see this tattoo is on the leg. But you can draw it in your hand. This is not a big-sized tattoo to draw it on the shoulder. This is a pink-colored drawing. Girls will like this color. Boys can draw this in other colors like black or green which suits you.

  1. Simple Small Brain Tattoo

simple small brain tattoo


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Here is a simple design for a brain tattoo for you. It is not big or not so small. That’s why it is liked by all. Put it on your body. If you are looking for a simple-looking tattoo you can try it. Here in the picture, you can see the tattoo on the side chest. You can put it on your hand or shoulder.

  1. Heart Brain Tattoo

heart brain tattoo


This heart-shaped brain tattoo is the most famous design now. People know the heart for the love symbol and the brain as a knowledge symbol. They both make fantastic tattoo designs together. It is like a combination of Hearth and brain. This combined design makes it more unique than others.

  1. Brain Cancer Tattoo

brain cancer tattoo


People with creative ideas need a better tattoo design. Many people draw brain cancer tattoos for the prevention of brain cancer. Good-minded people use it. It is also good-looking. The bigger size of this tattoo can be put on your shoulder. This tattoo will widen your personality. 

  1. Brain Cancer Survivor Tattoo

brain cancer survivor tattoo


Another meaningful tattoo design is here for you. It is also related to cancer patients. But it says about the brain cancer survivor. In this design, the brain is surrounded by a ribbon. Also, it supports cancer-surviving patients. 

  1. Brain Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

brain cancer ribbon tattoo


A ribbon with the brain cancer tattoo is a peacemaking tattoo. It is a sign of respect for the cancer-affected people. If you want to show some respect for cancer patients you can draw it on your body. Now this tattoo is becoming more and more popular day by day. It will suit most on the black color.

  1. Brain Tree Tattoo

brain tree tattoo


Tree and brain both together make a new design for tattoo lovers. Many people need a brain tattoo design for their bodies. Most people who love nature, look for it. If you are a nature lover you must put this design in your hand. Anyone can put this tattoo as it suits everyone.

  1. Bad Brains Tattoo

bad brain tattoo


Bold-minded people like bad brain tattoos. It is not bad but it looks like a villain. Surely you will love it if you are brave. Mostly the boys like it because women like cute and beautiful tattoo designs. So you can put this tattoo to prove your masculinity.

  1. Anatomical Brain Tattoo

anatomical brain tattoo


In this design, the brain and heart are together. Nowadays people are making this anatomical brain tattoo design trend. This design is a meaningful tattoo design for us. It says we have to hear our heart and brain both. It can give us a complete solution for any kind of crisis. Most of lovers use this tattoo.

  1. Brain Injury Tattoo

brain injury tattoo


Now the brain has been injured. This looks nice and fancy. This small but nice tattoo design can fit on your hand. Here you can see the tattoo is on the shoulder. But you can put it anywhere on your body. It will match your body style.

  1. Balance Heart And Brain Tattoo

balance heart and brain tattoo


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Now the heart and the brain are on a scale. It looks like both are being balanced. This tattoo design has been on our list because it is one of the most meaningful designs. People who need a tattoo that says something can take this balance brain and heart tattoo.

  1. Brain With Flowers Tattoo

brain with flower tattoo


A flower contains the symbol of beauty. If you keep a flower with our brain they both can make the best combination. You will love it. Not only you, every people on earth like this design as it contains a flower. Both males and females can draw this flower brain tattoo on their body.

  1. Half Heart Half Brain Tattoo

half heart half brain tattoo


Some people may like the half heart and half brain tattoo. You may have seen this on someone’s body. It increases the power of his personality. You should also draw this new half heart half brain tattoo on your hand.

  1. Right Brain Tattoo

right brain tattoo


Here is the right brain tattoo design. On this tattoo the right-side brain is available and the other part is missing. This makes it unique among tattoo designs. You can’t see it every day because it is one of the rarest tattoo designs. So if you need a new and unique tattoo design you must take this design.

  1. Brain Dead Tattoo

brain dead tattoo


Your brain-dead tattoo is here. In this design the brain is dead and it is flying away. It is not like other tattoo designs. It has its own meaning. If you are looking for your brain-dead tattoo you can take it. You can color it as you like. 

  1. Brain Tattoo On Head

brain tattoo on head


Here is a crazy tattoo design for you. One expert tattoo designer made it and it is being viral day by day. This gives you a crazy and superb look if you put it on your body. You can show this to your friends. They will be astonished to see this design on your body. They will just say “wow, what a design”.

  1. Cartoon Brain Tattoo

cartoon brain tattoo


This is a cartoon brain tattoo. This design looks like the brain is raining. It looks funny but you will like it. A cartoon is liked by all aged people. So it is the same for the tattoo design. Everyone will like this cartoon brain tattoo. So you don’t have to hesitate to put it on your body.

  1. Brain Fog Tattoo

brain fog tattoo


Recently a new type of brain tattoo has been popular. This is a brain fog tattoo. It looks like the brain is melting and its fog is going away. It gives you a pretty look. On your body, it suits perfectly if you can draw it in the exact place.


Final Words: We have shown you the best 20 brain tattoo design collection that we have right now. Here you have found many kinds of brain tattoo designs. These are the latest tattoo designs. Here the tattoo collection is given considering your need.

Since you are thinking of getting a tattoo you can choose your needed tattoo. From here you can choose a design to draw on your body.

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