Are Lip Tattoos Safe

Are Lip Tattoos Safe For You?

Lip Tattoo includes the insertion of colors inside the lips by injecting needles. It is the form of lip tattoo art. If you get a tattoo inside or outside of the lip, you have to tolerate pain. Moreover, It is a pain-prone area and infection can cause easily.

A thought might cross your mind “Are they safe?”. Additionally, it is safe for you. If you are adventurous with your life, you should try lip tattoos.

Lip tattoos are the best options who seek less permanent tattoos. Therefore, The tattoo design can fade away with the transformation of the saliva. If you want to hide your tattoo from the public, you can go for lip tattoos.

Types Of Lip Tattoos

  • Inner Lip Tattoos

Lip is a sensitive area. Especially inner lip area is more sensitive and wet. Bacteria live there. To inject any needle there is not easy. You will face a lot of pain. Nerve starting and endings are there.

You can add small pictures or small writings inside the mouth. It is appropriate for inner lip tattoo design. The positive answer to the question “Are lip tattoos safe for you?”.

  • Lip Liner Tattoos

If you want to make your lips fuller, you can check out lip liner tattoos. They are not ordinary designs. They can minimize the lip areas so you can put lipstick on the reduced areas. A few people want to expand their lip areas by getting a tattoo.

Are Lip Tattoos Safe For You?

You can ensure the safety of the lip tattoos if you get them from a sterilized tattoo shop and a gentle tattoo artist. When you prepare your lips for getting a tattoo, you can be assured. You have to follow proper guidelines and aftercare, your tattoo will be safe. You can respond positively with “Are lip tattoos safe for you?”

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Pros Of Inner Lip Tattoo

  • Popularity

Many celebrities influence society by getting lip tattoos. As a result, They are becoming trendy. If you want to follow the trend, you will be interested in getting lip tattoos.

  • To Keep Privacy

You may wish to keep your tattoo private. If that is, you should try this tattoo. Few working places do not allow tattoos. If you are highly interested, you can get a lip tattoo secretly.

  • Low-commitment Issues

Getting a lip tattoo may mean you are low committed to your tattoos. Lip tattoos can fade away rapidly. After that, you can get another tattoo. It does not stay long.

Cons Of Inner Lip Tattoo

  • Fade Rapidly

Lip tattoos fade away very quickly. It stays hardly a few weeks. So, you need to touch up your tattoo every month which is costly and time-consuming.

  • Limited Designs

Only simple and small designs are appropriate for your lips. You can not try fancy tattoo designs if you want. There are limited designs for inner lip tattoos. But you should not be disappointed. They are beautiful.

  • Painful For You

The mouth is the sensitive area of your body. It is a painful experience to get a tattoo inside the mouth. Getting a tattoo outside the mouth is also painful. If you are afraid of pain, you may not try out this tattoo style. But We support with ‘Are lip tattoos safe for you?” although the pain has to tolerate.

Preparation For A Lip Tattoo

If you have cold sores problems, you should take antiviral medication before getting a lip tattoo. You should choose a design first that you want to get inside the lips or outside the lips. You should avoid brushing your teeth or consuming any food before the appointment. The cautiousness justified that ” Are lip tattoos safe for you?”

Long Lasting Time Of The Lip Tattoo

The dermis and epidermis are located inside the lips. All tattoo inks may fade away with time. Rather the tattoo inside the mouth fades away more quickly due constant transformation of saliva inside the mouth. Tattoo artists can suggest effective ways of keeping that tattoo longer. The statement agrees with the statement “Are lip tattoos safe for you?”

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Side Effects Of Getting A Lip Tattoo

  • Swelling

Creating a tattoo inside the lip is like an injury. If any injuries occur inside our body, it automatically swells. During the healing process, swelling is normal. But “Are lip tattoos safe for you?”, absolutely it is! You can use cold packs to reduce the swelling. Swelling sometimes results in fever.

  • Infections

If your tattoo artist does not use sterile equipment, you can be affected by skin infections. If you do not wash your mouth with a mouth rinse, you can catch infections. Bacteria can grow inside the mouth which turns into infections. But they can be treated by antibiotics.

  • Allergic Reactions

Some clients complain that tattoo pigments make their skin allergic. They suffer from allergic reactions. So, the tattoo artist should be careful about using colorful pigments. You can suffer from allergies to allergenic inks. Itchiness, rash, and hives can be the signs of an allergic reaction.

  • Scarring

Allergic reactions and infections can grow scar cells. They may create discomfort after you get the tattoo. But if your tattoo heals properly, you will not face scarring. We agree with ” Are lip tattoos safe for you?”.

  • Critical Blood-Borne Illness

Sanitation is very important during the tattooing process. If the equipment is unsterile, you can be attacked with HIV, Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C. Before getting the tattoo, you should check the place. If you go to a licensed tattoo shop, you can reduce this risk.

  • Difficult Removal

If you do not like the tattoo, the tattoo removal process is not easy. It is more painful as it is located inside the mouth. But the way is laser removal. It is painful and time-consuming.

Aftercare Of Lip Tattoos

Outside the lip, you can use O’Keeffe’s cream to keep moisturized. It would help if you avoided antibacterial soap to wash your inner mouth. Additionally, Artists recommend using an alcohol-free mouthwash. You should avoid eating acidic food during the healing time. So, You have to refrain from eating a few times. In addition, You have to wash your mouth twice a day. After all care, you have taken justified “Are lip tattoos safe for you?”


After a long discussion, we have concluded that lip tattoos are safe for you. Though there are a few side effects, you can avoid those by taking the proper steps. Conversely, lip tattoos are painful as the skin is sensitive. But to follow the trend is also important. so, there is no doubt “Are lip tattoos safe for you?”

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