Lip Tattoo Removal Cream

5 Best Lip Tattoo Removal Cream Reviews & Buying Guide

Lip tattoos or lip makeup are a great way to enhance your lips and provide a plump look to your lips without the use of any injections. The process is that a tattoo artist will do their work of art on your lips which will result in better-looking and define lips. However, lips are very sensitive and during that procedure anything such as a tattoo gone wrong or a mistake from the artist. Then the best way to solve is to use a lip tattoo removal cream.

Although, there are other methods, for example, laser technique or a salt-saline technique. But a lip tattoo removal cream is the best also the cheapest one to go through. That is why we came up with a list of the best creams for removing tattoos from your lips that you can find on the market now.

  1. Biotouch Color Lift Microblading Supplies

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One of the best tattoo removing cream from your lips is the color lift from Biotouch. It is a liquid product that helps to remove, correct and camouflage tattoos on your lips even it’s been years. It comes in a 1 oz bottle and is very effective.

The product can mix with a small portion of your skin pigment color and you can use it for microblading, cosmetic tattoo removal, or even permanent makeup.


Mixing capabilities – The product easily mixes with your skin and provides a more defined work.

Quality – It is a super high-quality product that comes in a 1 oz bottle.

Shelf life – The product provides a 2-year shelf life and we recommend that you store it in a cold place.

Pros –

  • Easy to use
  • Clears skin pigments immediately
  • Mixes well with your skin tone
  • Perfect for microblading

Cons –

  • Price tag
  1. Tattoo Correction Serum

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The tattoo correction serum is a kind of tattoo removal cream that removes any pigment very effectively and efficiently; moreover, it also restores your original skin. Manufacturers use skin-safe ingredients that will not cause any damage let alone pain to your skin and if someone has allergies, they can also use the product without any worries.

It is a liquid product that comes in a bottle and is fairly easy to apply on your skin. The product offers 35 minutes in which the tattoo will fade and you can restart the process.


Safe ingredient – The product has no such ingredient that will harm your skin.

Efficiency – It has a reputation for dissolving any pigment on or under the skin and restoring your original skin tone within minutes.

Usage – The product is very straightforward to use. You can dip the liquid directly and if it is an old tattoo then you can apply the product multiple times in a 35 minutes gap until the tattoo fades.

Pros –

  • Skin-safe ingredient
  • Easy to use
  • Restores original skin tone
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Cons –

  • Requires a needle to use the product
  1. 15ml Tattoo Correction, Correction Fluid Liquid Removal Tattoo Ink Line

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The tattoo correction fluid from TMISHION is an amazing lip tattoo removal cream with all-natural ingredients. Everything in the product is organic and non-toxic which ensures the safety of your skin every step of the way with the product.

It is a perfect product to use when it comes to removing tattoos. The product contains color bleaching agents which help to break down every bit of pigments and remove it in an instance. However, you do need to keep your skin wet throughout the process of using the product.


Safety – It is extremely friendly with any type of skin as it contains all-natural and organic ingredients.

Usage – the product is easy and simple to use and apply, especially when color bleaching.

Pros –

  • Perfect for color bleaching
  • Made from non-toxic ingredient
  • Comes in a 15ml bottle along with a useful dropper

Cons –

  • Price
  1. 4 Weeks Tattoo Removal Cream

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It is also another all-natural tattoo removal cream that helps to remove and also reduce the damage on your skin. The natural ingredient in the product helps prevent any burning, discoloration, or scarring on your skin after using the product on your lips. Moreover, it also works on both black and color tattoos.

The product comes with an effective removal agent which helps to remove every bit of ink from your lips along with ink-stained layers without any issues. Furthermore, it does not clog any pores on your lips which allows for the skin to fully absorb the product and remove your tattoo.


Safety – The product is natural and the manufacturers guarantee no scars, burn marks, or discoloration after usage.

Efficiency – It has an agent that goes inside the pores and removes the ink and ink-stained layers from within the skin.

Skincare – The product is mild and moisturizes your skin by breaking down stained epidermis.

Pros –

  • Does not clog the pores
  • All-natural ingredient
  • Mild and moisturizes your skin
  • Removes every ink-stained layer on the skin

Cons –

  • Takes some time for the end results

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The tattoo removal cream from INKED UP is one of the most reliable skin care and tattoo removal creams on the market that does not damage your skin after usage. It is an all-natural 100% safe product that safely removes any tattoos that you do not desire on your lips.

You will have to massage the product on the tattoo; however, it does take some time to show results depending on the age of the tattoo. It is a quick absorbent cream that allows your skin to quickly take it in and lets the cream act to remove the tattoo.


Efficiency – The product is quick absorbent which allows for it to go under the layers and remove the tattoo.

Safety – The manufacturers guarantee 100% natural ingredients which will not harm or scar your skin.

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Pros –

  • Quick absorbent
  • 100% natural
  • Perfect for sensitive skins

Cons –

  • You will have to apply the product on a consistent basis for a period of time

Other methods of removing a tattoo from your lip

Apart from using a lip tattoo removing cream, you can also consider –

  1. PICO Laser

It is one of the newest technology to remove any tattoo from your lips. The method requires short bursts of high power energy which breaks the pigment that allows complete removal of the ink on every layer. However, you will require to take at least 5 sessions to completely remove the tattoo and some old tattoos may require up to 8 sessions to see the results.

  1. Surgical Excision

By the name you can guess that is a surgical procedure where a doctor cuts the skin where the tattoo is on your body. After that, the doctor closes the wound by bringing the surrounding areas together and closing them.

It is an effective method to remove lip tattoos as they cover very little area on your lips and an expert physician can do the process without any issues. However, the process is painful and requires a longer recovery period to fully heal the wound.

  1. Dermabrasion

It is a non-surgical method by which doctors plan surgical skin. The process creates a raw wound in which the body starts to push the pigments away.

Firstly, the doctors will numb the area and an abrasive bush will help to exfoliate the tattoo. Then the body tries to cover the wound by pushing out pigments along with the tattoo ink and eventually removing every layer of ink form the skin.

How much does it cost to remove tattoo from your lip?

The cost of tattoo removal depends on the age of the tattoo and also the size of the tattoo. If you use cream which is the cheapest and also a very effective way it can cost around 10 dollars to up to 20 dollars depending on the product that you use. Moreover, it also depends on how much you are applying; for example – if you see results in a single bottle usage then it comes around to 10 dollars. However, if you require to use multiple bottles over a period of time then it will cost more.

Apart from the usage of the cream other methods such as some non-leaser methods like the ones we have above can cost around 100 dollars to almost up to 1000 dollars. Laser methods are more costly and depend on how many sessions you require and the size of the tattoo.


Tattooing your lips are in fashion and fashion can go wrong if it is not done by a seasoned professional. That is also true for lip tattoos and you can suffer for the mistake of the artist. In most cases, people do regret getting a lip tattoo and end up using various creams to remove that ink and end up with almost no results.

That is why brought you an entire article on the best lip tattoo removing cream that we could find that provides a guaranteed result upon usage.

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