Are Printer Tattoos Safe

Are Printer Tattoos Safe for Body Art?

Printer tatto are those types of tattoos that are made by using printers or such types of gadgets. Currently, it is one of the most popular tattoo types. But, there is a major concern for everyone. Are Printer Tattoos Safe? 

There are many factors that can answer your question. These factors have the proper answer to your question.

  • Printer Tattoos are Painless: Yes, you heard right. They are completely painless. They don’t require any kind of sharp tools to design anything. They use only lasers to design anything and computer algorithms to apply color to any design.

There is a fun fact about it. A device is known as “Prinker” made by Samsung in 2011 is used to design a tattoo on any part of body through smartphone. So, you have to acknowledge the remoteness capability. 

  • Choose Proper Ink: Choosing proper ink is another important fact. To get the best design, you have to set it up with the right ink and proper placement. You can take advice from a tattoo shop to get the right ink. But, one thing you must be concerned about. You must buy tattoo compatible ink, don’t you ever think about applying typist ink for your tattoo. Otherwise, skin diseases will be the final consequences.

Prison and Jungle Fact

In prison, prisoners use business or typist ink for printer tattoos. But, in the end, they have to bear various types of skin diseases. In the jungle, tree pigments are used to design a printable tattoo. But,  the negative side of it is less durable. 

  • Chemical Ingredient Fact: Most of the tattoo inks are almost chemical-free. So, you don’t need to worry about skin disease. However, some of the ingredients are secondary factors for cancer in particular incidents. So, it is advised to have a discussion with experts.
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Printer Tattoos are safe if you maintain the proper sequence of them. Taking advice from experts, following rules of buying ink, proper setup can keep you safe and give you a beautiful design. On the other hand, without maintaining proper guidelines, you will mess up. 


Are fake tattoos a sin?

A: According to Sunni Muslims, tattooing is a sin. As it involves changing the natural creation of God, it is considered the biggest crime in terms of the Quran. Tattoos are classified as ungentle things, which are banned from the Islam religion.

Do printer tattoos cause cancer?

Though almost all types of tattoo inks don’t contain harmful ingredients, they are safe. However, some of them are the secondary factors of cancer.  But, if you follow experts’ advice, it won’t be the reason for cancer.

Can I get ink poisoning from printer ink?

Poisoning from writing ink is very rare because more than an ounce of it must be consumed before problems occur. Printer ink is slightly more toxic than regular writing ink due to its more toxic ingredients. Writing ink poisoning, though rare, can occur if more than an ounce is ingested.


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