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14 Smart Bicycle Tattoo Designs

Cycling enthusiasts can take their look to a new zenith through the remarkable glory of brilliant bicycle tattoos. These smart designs will let you enter the unique path of radiant athleticism. When you are fitted with one of these magisterial icons, no one will ever be able to question your dedication to riding. Guys who are always on the go can demonstrate their speedy lifestyle with a zooming bicycle tattoo. Bicycles indicate the love you feel for this transportation system.

Minimalist Bicycle Tattoo

Minimalist Bicycle tattoo exclusiveA pretty cool tattoo with minimalist bicycles is the one that attributes this mode of transport on the leg and a place especially related to the practice of this sport. Since it is through the strength of the lens through which we raise ourselves when we are on the bicycle. It relies on the place of the leg where we place it, the bicycle can be more or less precise.Bicycle tattoo

Minimalist Bicycle tattoo on the leg

Minimalist portrait of a bike emotion attached on one end to enhance a pro cyclist tattoo.  Tattoo design of a bicycle joint chain magic is portrayed on the leg of this human canvas. Minimalist Bicycle tattoos disclose a lot of different designs and all with thrown grace and look great.

Minimalist Bicycle tattoo on the leg

Minimalist tattoo dark inked

Bicycle lifeline minimalist tattoo portrayed in black ink. A very stylish and subtle ink for the stylish man who rides the bicycle for his well-being. An absolute classic piece of a bicycle originally known as penny-farthing or the high wheeler inked in black positioned just right above the knee and would look remarkably worn with the cycling shorts. It represents an old model of a bicycle but is linked with modern technology with the usage of extra fine lines for the detailing work, such as the strings relating the wheel to its center.

Minimalist Bicycle tattoo dark inked

Bicycle Day Celebration Tattoo

It is a colorful tattoo. It represents greenery of the country, sun, moon, and hills.Bicycle day celebration tattoo

Traditional American design bicycle day tattoo

A person who is inspired by cycling, He\She can celebrate this day by drawing bicycle tattoos. Traditional American design is popularized by its bold and vibrant colors. The black metal parts of the pedal and the rings are depicted and tinted in matte black, highly sprinkled enough that the difference versus the negative skin intensifies the metal parts. The roses are incredible, sketched in black, softly tinted in lively red and yellow-orange petal tips.

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Traditional American design bicycle day tattoo

Vintage Bicycle Tattoo

Bicycle Wizard tattoo

A bird Wizard is courageous and focused on its target, similarly, the bicycle riders know what their aim in life is, and they are quite sensibly concentrated on it. The wizard tattoo design is an excellent way of expression for bicycle riders and his design on the back is a bold, remarkable design for bicycle lovers.

Bicycle Wizard tattoo

Appealing bicycle tattoo

Centuries ago these designs were being drafted by bicycle riders on their body parts. In the design, a traditional bike is being developed with a rider looking unique with this hot, appealing beloved at the back seat. These types of biker tattoo designs depict that in the early fifties bikers headed to their tradition and set of rules set by them.

Appealing bicycle tattoo

Bicycle skeleton tattoo

This is an incredible design in which the array of colors conveys a bold and appealing look. In the design, the skeleton is drafted in a fabulous way on the hands of the rider. It reminds them that you should live life for today, death is sure to appear in the future.

Bicycle skeleton tattoo

Fish Riding a Bicycle Tattoo

Some people will get their bike tattoos because it reminds them of some great times they had with their bicycles when they were child. This is symbol of integrity that people can use to indicate that they still recall the good old days and they have not simply let go of their youth. The bicycle tattoo can illustrate by itself when learning this meaning, and you can also include in additional symbols of wisdom if you want the definition to be concised to everyone that notices your tattoo.

Fish riding bicycle tattoo on the toe

Fish riding bicycle on the toe

Colorful fish riding tattoo

Side tattoo of a fish on a bike, depicting a quote by Irina Dunn that says “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”. This Idea of a fish riding a bicycle reaches out to those that follow strange ways of doing things. The urge and comedy of it are surprisingly entertaining. This piece of art can have people ramble in their minds as they try to understand the meaning of what you have tattooed on your arm. So, if you are the type that likes to entertain people, this may just be best for you. This tattoo explains a colorful fish riding on a bicycle.

Colorful fish riding tattoo

Bicycle Crank Tattoo

Landscape designed bicycle tattoo

While most people get the bicycle tattoo, others are interested to add background landscapes or other images with their bicycle. The bicycle tattoos meant to depict adventure since they want to show the bicycle out in the world. In reality, you can include a landscape or some other background in  bicycle tattoos, but you must acknowledge the actual meanings that generate with those backgrounds. In most cases, people get full-bodied bicycles in these tattoos, but others will only add a bicycle part or two in their designs.

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Landscaped designed bicycle tattoo

Fish on a Bicycle Tattoo

Bicycle tattoos look extraordinary and they come with some very fascinating meanings, so it’s not a big wonder that so many people decide to get them. They are matched with adults of all ages since just about all of the meanings can make a point for all of us. As a bonus, you will discover that just about all well-designed bicycle tattoos look amazing on the skin. If you know that you will come out getting a bicycle tattoo, be sure to grab your time during the design procedure to make sure that you have something that you will always wear confidently.

Fish bicycle tattoo

The fish also has great significance to some ancient cultures that deposit great value in the writings of archaic tabloids found in Egypt that discuss the Anunnaki Gods, Who share similarities to the fish. According to evolutionary biology, Fishes were the first life forms that made the evolution from water to land and so no life on land including us would have survived without the FISH. All this evidence points to you having a stunning-looking fish tattoo that looks different and grabs the attention of the public. This part will further elaborate on what the fish tattoo symbolically depicts in different cultures and which ones match your personality.

Bicycle tattoo


  • What does a fish needing a bicycle mean?
  • The feminist leader Gloria Steinem expressed this expression as A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. She indicated that women can be happy and successful even if they don’t have a man supporting them.
  • What is a tattoo reference?
  • Reference imagery enables a small enthusiasm into your mind, how you are considering your tattoo, the styles you prefer, the colors you like, and how you are analyzing the desired outcome of your piece.

Obtaining a tattoo is relatively like taking a picture. However, pictures are a real-time contention of a moment that concerns a memory. On the other hand, tattoos are more like a brief of everything that symbolically illustrates steps. It triggers memories when you look at it and is presented as part of your identity.

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