Braille special tattoo

20+ Inspiring Braille Tattoo Ideas & FAQs

The world’s most popular tactile reading and writing system. Naming it after its creator, Louis Braille, it utilizes combinations of raised dots to spell out letters and punctuation. Around the world, people who are eyeless read braille with their fingertips and can write it using Perkins Brailler.

Braille tattoos are rising in fashionability and it’s not just for their beautiful aesthetic. These tattoos are a way for people to connect and communicate through the skin. It can draw the attention of those suffering no problems with their sight at each, but to completely appreciate the total extent of this new form of body alternation it helps to be fairly blind. It’s specifically created to be endured by those suffering some measure of visual impairment. 

Is Getting a Braille Tattoo Offensive?

Braille tattoo is just another language. It can not be offensive for blinds. If someone draws a braille tattoo on their skin, a blind person can not find that tattoo. Another perspective is that learning the language used by blind people should not be offensive. It opens a path to survive if someone will become blind in the future. But the blind can indeed recognize braille tattoos. If you have a braille tattoo on your arm or finger, a blind can understand the meaning of your braille tattoo by shaking hands.

Braille tattoo

Braille Tattoo Spine

Braille tattoo is a language built for the blind. By using braille language, sightless people can communicate effectively. Many people have no idea the braille was initially conveyed as a military code. The French army established braille in 1819. Originally, the soldiers used a code by the name ‘night writing’ to speak in the dark without making the sound. Louis Braille discovered ‘night writing’ as a young man, and at the age of 15, he improved a simpler version of the braille alphabet’s military code. Braille brought modifications so the braille could be easily used and realized by ordinary people. 

Braille spine tattoo black and white

The Braille tattoo looks attractive on the spine. Braille tattoo symbolizes different meanings for different people. Few people create tattoos in a way that symbolizes do not fear. Few people create spine tattoos symbolizing unconditional love. The spine looks attractive when the braille tattoo is drawn in a simplified manner. Braille spine tattoo is a common trend in the young generation doing it on their spine. Women are especially interested in drawing braille tattoos on their spines. 

Braille spine tattoo

Mainly black ink is used for these tattoos. But colorful ink can be used if the customer prefers. Customers can modify their design by their own choice.

Braille Arm Tattoo

Braille tattoo” as a form of identification between the blind would be irrelevant, as the blind can easily recognize others by talking to them. Such a technique would have a low success rate, as the implants would most likely shift during healing. There is a common myth that braille is a false language. Braille is the tactile alphabet that can be utilized to write in many languages.

Braille arm tattoo

Some people prefer long phrases to write. Few people prefer to write one lucky word. Couples prefer to write their spouses’ names. In Germany, any tattoos containing a nazi symbol are banned. Creating tattoos with Buddha’s name is offensive for certain religions. As a Muslim, you should not write lines of the Quran on your arm as a tattoo. It is prohibited. Malaysia which has a Muslim majority – has announced tattoos that contain religious iconography or symbols will be banned.

Braille arm tattoo black and white

Braille, I Am Enough Tattoo

This gorgeous minimalist tattoo is braille for ‘I am enough’. This design of some of the best three dots tattoo designs might help you make the right choice. The positioning and arrangement of the tattoo have a great influence on the 3 dots tattoo meaning that the meanings change with the way they are positioned. The dots can be arranged in various ways, each position carries different meanings.I am enough braille arm tattoo

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In braille, three dots placed in a triangle represent ‘I am enough’. So the reason behind tattooing the dots generally near to each other is because they represent a single phrase. If you are a fan of quote tattoos, the triangular three dots tattoo is an abstract piece that might attract you. If you are looking for other simplistic small tattoo ideas then the five dot tattoo is a unique design that you might love. It looks a bit similar to the three-dot ones but the extra dots give it an additional dimension to your design.

Braille special tattoo

Enough Braille Tattoo

To get a better understanding of what the three-dot tattoo explains, you only need to speak to anyone currently serving time behind bars. To prisoners, this tattoo design is symbolic of my messy life. Although not directly associated with one gang, particularly prisoners and gangs alike all understand the universal meanings associated with these three dots. It says you have preferred to live life on the edge, being crazy to the peak, everything gangs conquer off.

I am enough tattoo on the fingers

The most common areas to get the three dots inked on the body are around the eyes in a triangular pattern or on the hands. This way when two people come in contact with one another, they can quickly connect the person with the lifestyle without any doubts. The number three holds a very important meaning with Christianity, symbolic of the holy trinity. The three dots refer to the father, son, and holy spirit. Prisoners may have obtained the tattoo to represent a crazy life, it can also signify and connect with massive power.

Braille enough body tattoo

Elif Braille Tattoo

Braille tattoo that is precisely developed to be experienced by those suffering some measure of optical impairment. Relying on the geographic location of the body that one wants to ornament there is the possibility for massive shifting of the implants in direct relation to how much movement that body part encounters daily.

Elif tattoo on the hand

Elif braille tattoo mainly originated from Turkish film. There is a story. The tattoo we notice on Elif’s back. It means Unconditional Love that’s what she wants from Omer and Omer wants one thing from Elif and that is truth. Another name of Elif braille tattoo is the elif denizer tattoo. It is named after Turkish actress Elif Denier. This tattoo is drawn usually on the neck area and spine. Different phrases are encrypted through braille language. This tattoo represents the motto of individual life. This tattoo reflects the motto line of the whole life that inspires a person most. The below tattoo explains a braille language. A pair of bird wings are drawn for beautification.

Elif tattoo on the neck

Braille Finger Tattoo

As people with normal vision, we often take for granted the ways of our life. It would be odd if we were visually impaired. Sight impacts nearly every aspect of our lives, including the tattoos we prefer to decorate our bodies with. Except for the whir of a tattoo machine and the irritation of being pricked by needles for hours on end—the tattoo world is largely visual and the end product is almost totally observable. However, many people with visual impairments and some who are assumed legally blind have tattoos. 

Braille exclusive finger tattoo

Sisu is a Finnish concept illustrated as stoic determination, tenacity of purpose, bravery, courage, stability, hardiness and is held by Finns themselves to express their national character. While we do not have the same term in English, we still love the idea behind this braille tattoo. Here is a hand-poked braille tattoo on a finger that was completed without the aid of a tattoo gun. See how tiny the dots can be decorated in this style?

Braille finger tattoo with fire

Braille Faith Tattoo

Braille tattoos are an innovation that enables the blind to enjoy body improvements too. Klara Jirkova, a student at the University of Arts in Berlin, forwarded an innovation to alter the body to allow the blind to feel those cultural statements through their sense of touch. Braille tattoos now let the entire world experience the diverse pieces of art you may prefer to put in your skin. The raised bumps that comprise these braille tattoos consist of implants under the skin and could involve individual dots or a small tablet of embossed text. The dots can be relatively small, but not as small as standard braille text as the body’s muscles would consume them too deep to touch.

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Faith tattoo

‘FAITH’ ambigram tattoo placed on your Forearm. This one falls under the category of a chain ambigram tattoo. This tattoo means the sinner word as the main word, and when it will be noticed from the opposite side it will read as a saint. Of course, sinner and saint are two contrary words. This will be done in a way that it will have two words in one word FAMILY when the word read from the opposite side forever will also come across. This will have two opposing words as one word. This one is a great design to unfold the message of togetherness as a family.Braille faith tattoo

Dark ink, as well as colorful, is used for drawing faith tattoos. This tattoo is permanent. It looks so natural. This tattoo has religious value also. Few people draw this tattoo to show how faithful they are towards the almighty. Braille faith tattoos look wonderful on the forearm and neck.

I love You Braille Tattoo

Many people are getting Braille tattoos. They are not sub-dermal implications because they like how they look. Although individual ball implants would pose too many problems due to migration, flat premade square silicone “character” sheets with pre-positioned dots would solve the readability problems. These individual square sheets could be conducted and implanted with the desired effect.

Braille love tattoo

There is also a sense that the message is confidential to others. It is very much like tattoos in Arabic or other languages. The words cannot be explained by those who do not know the language. Few people prefer drawing love quotes that say “love is blind’. few people want to write ‘love’ in Spanish on their hand. This beautiful purple butterfly has the word “mum” tattooed to show love for the mother. Could the message be directed to the wrong translation? Yes, it is possible. If one dot is put in the wrong place could the whole meaning be changed? Yes, it is possible.Love is blind tattoo


How are Braille tattoos made?

The braille tattoo originated in Berlin. The Braille Tattoo was designed by Klara Jirkova. Series of implantable surgical steel, titanium, or medical plastic is placed under the skin. The tattoo can then be read via touch.

Can you get a Braille tattoo?

Most people prefer flat (ink) braille tattoos. Others prefer small surgical beads inserted under their skin to create raised braille dots. If an individual is not ready to go that far, temporary braille tattoos are also convenient for them.

What does the I Am Enough tattoo mean?

A constant reminder to self that we are enough the way we are and no one has the right to try to transform us or notify us we are not enough. Self-love is very important to be a happy person.

What do dermatologists think of tattoos?

Most dermatologists suggest leaving skin with moles or abnormalities clear of ink because tattoos include needles and blood, non-sterile tattoo practices can direct to transmissions of blood diseases like syphilis, hepatitis B, and even HIV.

Braille tattoo is an interesting style that works with words and alphabets. It is like a trend. A young portion of the population is highly interested in drawing braille tattoos.

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