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60 Fascinating Teddy Bear Tattoos With Symbolism

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The Teddy bear is a widely famous soft toy that is loved by both children and adults. Children love teddy bears because they are soft and cute. Adults are also fascinated by teddy bears because it symbolizes romanticism and lovable gift for their partners. Out of love, tattoo lovers are eager to get teddy bear tattoos. They are very cute and adorable along with providing soothing meanings.

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We have presented a few facts about teddy bears that make you more interested in teddy bear tattoos. After the facts, we have around 60 outstanding teddy bear tattoo designs that may amaze you. To know more, hold your attention here!

Interesting Facts About Teddy Bear

  • A teddy bear was sent to space in 1955. The name of the teddy bear was Magellan.T.Bear.
  • A person who is very interested in collecting teddy bears is called an Arctophile.
  • The largest teddy bear in the world was found at 19.41 meters in height.
  • The biggest collection of teddy bears has measured till now about 20,367 items.
  • The smallest teddy bear traded commercially was only 9 millimeters in height.
  • Washable teddy bears were not available until 1954, but they are available in the markets now.
  • In the past days, teddy bears were more likely to be real bears, but in recent days, teddy bears got looked like baby eyes and forehead features.
  • Real bears’ life is a threat due to reports caused by teddy bears.
  • Valentine’s day includes a special day which is called teddy bear day.
  • Winnie Pooh was the teddy bear-inspired character

Teddy Bear Tattoo Symbolism

  • Teddy bear small tattoo designs have deep meaning. Some of the designs reflect role-playing, a love for colorful animals like cow designs & goat designs, and wonderful ornamentation on the body.
  • Cute teddy bear tattoos have unique meanings. They portray the expression of love and innocence as well as how family love influences the person in real life.
  • Simple teddy bear tattoos are to show the simple design that beautifies the body parts. It symbolizes cuteness and an innocent mind also.
  • Broken teddy bear tattoo designs portray how joyful life holding around the teddy bear where people want to live forever.
  • Teddy bear women’s tattoos are basically soft designs. It symbolizes how women are soft from the heart when it is a matter of caring.
  • Teddy bear men’s tattoo designs hold a bold meaning that goes perfectly with men’s.
  • Teddy bear finger and leg tattoos sometimes spread wonderful and realistic meaning along with cuteness
  • Teddy bear memorial tattoo will remind you of your dear ones whom you have lost.

Small Teddy Bear Tattoos

Teddy bear tattoos are very cute to look at. One of the designs are portraying your passion for cooking with a colorful teddy bear and a magic pan. Some of the designs show a pink vibe. You can notice the teddy bear is playing hide and seek. A little teddy bear can lie on your upper arm also.

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Small Teddy Bear Tattoo

1. Teddy Bear Chef Design

2. Pink Teddy Bear Tattoo

3. Little Fineline Teddy Bear Tattoo

4. Teddy Bear Hide & Seek Tattoo

5. Hand poked Teddy Bear Tattoo

Cute Teddy Bear Tattoos

Teddy bear tattoos have amazing designs. They show colorful designs as well as cute girly teddy bears wearing frocks. It also shows a handsome teddy bear wearing a suit. You can portray a teddy bear family which consists of a father, mother, and siblings.

Cute Teddy Bear Tattoo

6. Cute Colorful Teddy Bear Tattoo

7. Teddy Bear Frock Tattoo

8. Handsome Teddy Bear Tattoo

9. Inked Teddy Bear Arm Tattoo

10. Teddy Bear Family Tattoo

Evil Teddy Bear Tattoo Ideas

You can see through the designs how teddy bears are brutally attacked and injured severely due to other evil teddy bears.

Evil Teddy Bear

11. Teddy Bear Brutal Tattoo

12. Teddy Bear Injured Tattoo

Simple Teddy Bear Tattoos

Teddy bears can be funny as well as can be sleepy. Some teddy bears may welcome you with a warm smile. those designs can be placed on the hand, rib, behind the ear, and on the legs. simple designs look very beautiful and attractive also

Simple Teddy Bear Tattoo

13. Funny Teddy Bear Tattoo

14. Teddy Bear Rib Tattoo

15. Teddy Bear Behind The Ear Tattoo

16. Teddy Bear Micro Tattoo

17. Sleepy Teddy Bear Tattoo

18. Teddy Bear Anime Tattoo

19. Teddy Bear Matching Tattoo

20. Welcoming Teddy Bear Tattoo

Broken Teddy Bear Tattoo Designs

The broken teddy bear tattoo features a broken teddy bear perspective. You can see the head of the teddy bear has been cut off. It is a terrific and scary event for tattoo lovers as well as a unique design.

Broken Teddy Bear

21. Broken Teddy Bear Hand Tattoo

22. Broken Teddy Bear Leg Tattoo

23. Teddy Bear Name Tattoo

Teddy Bear Female Tattoo Ideas

Females are attracted to soft designs of teddy bear tattoos. There are designs that show favorite quotes, caring gestures, objects like safety pins & bottles, and foods like french fries and chicken wings. You can say the designs are yummy also!

Teddy Bear Female Tattoo Idea

24. Teddy Bear Quote Tattoo

25. Teddy Bear Caring Tattoo

26. Teddy Bear Safety Pin Tattoo

27. Teddy Bear Colorful Bottle Tattoo

28. Teddy Bear French Fry Tattoo

29. Teddy Bear With Wings Tattoo

30. Teddy Bear Employee Tattoo

Teddy Bear Men Tattoos

Men usually prefer the bold type of designs as well as cute types of designs also. Couples are also interested to get matching teddy bear tattoos for themselves. That is why we have shown that design also. There is a concept of a two-headed teddy bear along with American traditional designs. We have presented the designs with the theme of ice cream and an enjoyable picnic.

Teddy Bear Men Tattoos

31. Teddy Bear Dancing Tattoo

32. Colorful Teddy Bear Arm Tattoo

33. Large Teddy Bear Foot Tattoo

34. Couple Matching Tattoo

35. Teddy Bear Ignorant Tattoo

36. Teddy Bear With Blocks Tattoo

37. Little Teddy Bear Flower Tattoo

38. Sad Teddy Bear Arm Tattoo

39. Two-Headed Teddy Bear Tattoo

40. Cartoon Teddy Bear Picnic Tattoo

41. Teddy Bear Ice-Cream Tattoo

42. Teddy Bear Polo Tattoo

43. Teddy Bear Holding Heart Tattoo

44. American Traditional Teddy Bear Tattoo

45. Angel Teddy Bear Tattoo

46. Black And White Teddy Bear Tattoo

Teddy Bear Finger Tattoo Designs

As teddy bear designs can be small, we can set them on our fingers. We have presented two beautiful finger designs that portray cute teddy bears.

Teddy Bear Finger Tattoo Designs

47. Colorful Teddy Bear Finger Tattoo

48. Teddy Bear Black-Inked Tattoo

Teddy Bear Leg Tattoos

We have presented here teddy bear tattoos which are placed on the legs. Flowers may be portrayed and the moody teddy bear can be reflected. You can try realistic views of teddy bears.

Teddy Bear Leg Tattoo

49. Realistic Teddy Bear Tattoo

50. Teddy Bear Sunflower Tattoo

51. Purple Teddy Bear Tattoo

52. Sentimental Teddy Bear Tattoo

Teddy Bear Memorial Tattoo Ideas

Teddy bear tattoo designs can connect mothers to their children, partners with emotions, and memories with their best friends. those designs can be heart-touching and overwhelming to tattoo lovers.

Teddy Bear Memorial Tattoo

53. Mother Child Teddy Bear Tattoo

54. Memorable Name Teddy Bear Tattoo

55. Best Friend Memory Teddy Bear Tattoo

56. Teddy Bear Hamburger Tattoo

57. Mr. Bean Teddy Bear Tattoo

58. Teddy Bear Camera Tattoo

59. Teddy Bear & Panda Tattoo

60. Teddy Bear Fish Tattoo

What are the interesting names? If you do not notice any of the designs, you will miss the amazing designs. We believe everyone deserves joyful life and cuteness like teddy bears. There is an interesting lesson you can say. Spread the joy like the teddy bears do for us. Get a teddy bear tattoo done and spread joy toward humanity!

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