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11 Top Icarus Tattoo You Must Try in 21st Century

Icarus Tattoo idea you might see recently, but it is an old term. Icarus was a man and he had wings. This made him different than others. Honestly, if you haven’t tried any tattoo and are willing to have one you can use the Icarus tattoo design. People love it because of the ancient history of Icarus. 

You might be thinking about why you should put a tattoo design of Icarus. Maybe you don’t know about Icarus. After you know about him you will be asking for a tattoo for his honor. 

Since you need only authentic and unique new designs we have tried to collect some best tattoo designs for you. Surely you can find your tattoo design which you can draw on your body part. There are a lot of types of Icarus design tattoos, you can see the difference between them and take the design that suits you.

Icarus Tattoo Meaning

The Icarus tattoo has a great meaning. To know this meaning you have to know his history first. Icarus is an ancient greek mythology character. He was not an angel but he had wings. His father’s name is Daedalus. Icarus is known for his tragic death. He fell in love with the sun. 

Daedalus once created wings to escape prison. They were successful but Daedalus told Icarus not to fly higher and not to go too close to the sun. But Icarus thought that he knew more than his father. When they were flying together Icarus went higher, as a result, his wings melted. He flew down and drown in the seawater. 

The fact is Icarus got what he deserved for his bad decision. His tattoo will remind us that we should be careful taking decisions in our life. We have to make decisions in every step of our life. If we make mistake like Icarus we will get our award. 

Getting an Icarus sun tattoo or wings tattoo can be an alarming sign for us. I hope you have understood the Icarus tattoo meaning and now you can put his tattoo. You 

  • May need a tattoo design for your hand, neck, chest, shoulder, or neck. Here we have brought plenty of designs that you may like in 2022. Take a look at these:

Icarus Falling Tattoo

icarus falling tattoo


When Icarus lost his wings, he fell into the sea. We all know about his falling. Some try to make his falling remarkable by making a tattoo. It reminds us of his mistake. We can learn from his mistake and take good decisions in our daily life. In this design, we can see Icarus falling after his wings are burnt. Draw this tattoo, it may alert you to take bad decisions in your life. 

Minimalist Icarus Tattoo

minimalist icarus tattoo


Icarus is a character in Greek Mythology. It can be assumed that his tattoo will be big-sized. But some people like small and minimalist tattoos. For them, this tattoo is perfect. This can be fit in your hands, neck, or anywhere you want. But it looks better on the hands as you can see in this design. The sun is also visible in the background and you can see one eye in the middle of the sun. 

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Icarus Wings Tattoo

icarus wings tattoo


Wings tattoo is always attractive to us. Icarus had wings on his back. It was his father’s creation. With his wings, he could escape from the prison. But he did not listen to his father, he flew higher than his limit. As a result, his wings got burned by sun heat. His wings are a passion for some people. Some say they get power by seeing his wings flying. 

It is not a small-sized tattoo, this design needs some space. Here you can see he is using this design on his hands. You can use it on your shoulder for a better look.

Icarus Back Tattoo

icarus back tattoo


Some people think that Icarus was an Angel. But it is not true. He had wings on his back but he was a part of mankind. People’s interest is not on his back, in his wings. Most of the tattoo designs of Icarus have one thing in common; his falling. Also, you can see a portrait of his falling and trying to save his life in this design. 

It is a large tattoo design. You can use it on your chest or on your shoulder. If you want to resize it you can do it for other parts of your body. 

Flight of Icarus Tattoo

flight of icarus tattoo


We have learned that Icarus and his father flew together. You may have seen various types of tattoos of Icarus. If you were looking for his flight tattoo this one is for you. This one is perfect for both men and women. Many of your like to use tattoos on shoulders.

If you look closely you will see he is starting his flight with his wings. It feels like he is gathering his power. The sun is visible on the top of the head. This design covers the whole shoulder. 

Icarus and Daedalus Tattoo

icarus and daedalus tattoo


We already know that Icarus is the son of Daedalus.  It is rare to find both of them in one tattoo design. But we have collected this design for you. Two personalities are fond of this design; it has to be bigger sized. You can notice that his father was trying to save him. 

He used it on his leg. You can use it on your hand if you want to make it more unique. But be careful about the details of the design. In this design, you see both Icarus and Daedalus are highlighted. 

Icarus and The Sun Tattoo

icarus and the sun tattoo


In the story of Icarus, he and the sun is related to each other. He was drawn into the water because of the Sun. But it was his mistake that he did not listen to his father’s order. His father knew that it could be dangerous to fly in a higher position.
Icarus thought that he knows more than his father which takes him to death. In this design, his wings are being melted for heat. Feathers are falling one by one. This scene is an emotional part of his story. You can show honor for him by drawing this tattoo on your body. 

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Icarus Tattoo Sleeve

icarus tattoo sleeve


A full-handed tattoo can be eye-catching to people. This design is not similar to others.  Because you can see Icarus’s six packs in this tattoo design. The more you use unique design, the more you become attractive. 

This design covers the full hand. If your hands are empty and you are interested to get a tattoo, you can use this one definitely. His wings are fully spread on your hand. It may take a long time to draw this tattoo. But being patient you will get this design on your hand. 

Icarus Tattoo Small

icarus tattoo small


A small tattoo makes your hand more pretty. Some men and women like to get small tattoo on their bodies. You will find a variety of Icarus and Daedalus tattoo designs. But all the tattoos are either big-sized or middle-sized. That’s why this small tattoo design has been included in this design list. 

A small tattoo doesn’t make your hand odd. Rather than that it catches people’s eye at your hand. This tattoo design can be used on your hand if you are willing to get a small tattoo. 

Simple Icarus Tattoo

simple icarus tattoo


People’s tattoo needs cannot be known before they speak about it. Some choose complex, designful, and colorful tattoos. On the other hand, some need an easy and simple-looking tattoo design. This type of design can carry your personality. Some good-minded people use this simple design on their bodies. It depends on their taste and nature.Not all the people like the same thing. For those who like simple design, we have included this design as the Icarus simple tattoo. 

Greek Mythology Icarus Tattoo

greek mythology icarus tattoo


A historical event was Icarus’s death. People still respect him and his father Daedalus. In this design, we can indirectly see Icarus and the sun. You may like this tattoo cause you find everything you need in a tattoo design. You may be thinking that others will like this or not. Don’t worry about it, there is no one who can ignore it. 

On any part of your body, you can use this one. This is fully your choice that which design you need for your body. If you like it you can draw it on your body. 

All ages of people are using Icarus tattoo designs on their bodies. Men and women, boys and girls, professional and non-professional are using this tattoo. Icarus and his father are still in many people’s hearts. People try to show honor and respect by drawing their tattoo designs on their bodies. Some say that it is the only way to love them. Because they are only history for us. 

You have seen these tattoo designs, I hope that you have found your desired tattoo for your body. Being a Greek Mythological character Icarus is still much famous. Not only in western countries but also in other countries of the world knows this story of them. 

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