Black & White Ghostface Tattoo

20 ‘Scream’ Movie Tattoo Ideas

American slasher film ‘Scream’- has been an iconic horror movie franchise, releasing five films (5th on the way), a TV series estimated to gross over $740 million worldwide. ‘Scream’ was first released in 1996, directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson creating a strong worldwide fan club.
When you Google, ‘Scream’ the first thing that appears on your screen is a funny, spooky, and quirky character ‘The Ghostface’. Ghostface is the main attraction of this franchise universe. The character wears a costume as the Grim Reaper, a black hooded cloak, and a bizarre white mask, and carries a jagged knife to kill people. He is a psychotic serial killer with high stealth ability. He has no exact motivation to kill and his persona remains the same.

So, if you are a fan of the ‘Scream’ film series, you might just want to create a funny and sincere tribute to the series. Then, getting a humorous ‘Scream’ tattoo that everyone will notice is a fantastic way to do this! Here are some 20 iconic exclusive ‘Scream’ tattoos for you-

Black & White Ghostface Tattoo

1. Classic Black & White Ghostface Tattoo:

If you are looking for a basic, medium-sized, not so much colorful, or fancy type tattoo, then this tattoo is perfect for you. You can have it on your arm, back, or upper right or left chest.

Ghostface with Glitch Effect

2. Ghostface with Glitch Effect

If you want something new and unique, we advise you to give your Ghostface a slight glitch effect. This way, the tattoo becomes eye-catchy and serves an aesthetic purpose. The effect also reminds of the old times as well as the first ‘Scream’ movie that appeared in 1996. Nostalgia, isn’t it?

Ghostface with Periwinkle

3. Ghostface with Periwinkle

Still having trouble finding the right tattoo? And unsatisfied? Well, then hold on! Here is another tattoo design for you. You can elevate the beauty of the tattoo by adding a bloody knife next to your Ghostface and a periwinkle flower that resembles purity or innocence (Might be psychotic sometimes but yet has a softness inside). Some individuals might not agree with the flower aspect, however, as time is going on, new tattoo concepts and trends are emerging and new things are taking place with the Ghostface to make the tattoo unique.

Heavily shaded Tattoo

4. Heavily shaded Tattoo:

Over the years, Ghostface has developed into a legendary figure who has influenced a great deal of international tattooing artwork. If you aim for much darker, spooky, dark, and simple, then this heavy-shaded Ghostface can be a good choice for you. Ask your tattoo artist to create this strongly tinted with black and gray ink if you have ever been terrified by Ghostface and his horrifying mask and behavior.

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Heart-Shaped Ghostface Tattoo

5. Heart-Shaped Ghostface Tattoo:

Usually, Ghostface tattoos need a sizable area to be inked. However, if you are a minimalist and like things to be kept simple. Then putting your narcissistic Ghostface character inside a love shape can be chosen for you. The tattoo is simply noticeable and attractive without being overly edgy or highly shaded or excessively colored.

Puppy Eyes Ghostface

6. Puppy Eyes Ghostface:

Want to express your warm, playful, and humorous traits? But ‘Scream’ is your favorite film? Be at ease! We got your back. As we already mentioned this movie is not only scary but also funny and clever with hilarious moments. Make your Ghostface eyes bright and a little bit bashful using flowers and heart symbols to portray these various emotions collectively.

Ghostface Telephone Tattoos

7. Ghostface Telephone Tattoos:

Ghostface enjoys frightening his victims over the phone. We can’t think of him without his threatening style and his iconic eight-inch hunting knife. You can make your tattoo more aesthetic and vintage by adding a dazzling, exotic red rotary dial phone putting the Ghostface’s face in the center.

Chilling Girly Ghostface Tattoo

8. Chilling Girly Ghostface Tattoo:

If you planning to make the tattoo a Lil bit girlish and bring a pinkish vibe, then this can be one example. You can make the tattoo humorous by including heart-shaped sunglasses, a drink with a heart-shaped straw, and a cordless pink phone. Make sure to position this image on a compact part of a spacious body part for optimum effects. The forearm, which has lots of room and is rather narrow in comparison to other body parts, is a practical example and possibility for placement.

Scream Knife Tattoo

Scream Knife Tattoo

9. Scream Knife Tattoo:

You can also choose to simply imprint the Ghostface’s face on the knife with yellow Madagascar periwinkle flowers. Although Ghostface tattoos are the most popular, yours will be more distinctive. It will show how passionate a supporter you are of these films. You can also request that your tattoo artist place a few vivid red droplets next to or around the knife to show that these are the remains of his victim’s blood.

Sleepover Ghostface Tattoo

10. Sleepover Ghostface Tattoo:

You can also make a sleepover Ghostface tattoo on your arm and keep your Ghostface inside a heart shape while holding a phone in one hand and a book in the other, lying on the bed with his pink slipper. While the majority of horror films are gloomy, your ‘Scream’ tattoo doesn’t have to be! you can add as many colors as you like to make it more vibrant and colorful. Additionally. a vibrant tattoo will be more noticeable and draw attention wherever you go.

Ghostface Cat Tattoo

11. Ghostface Cat Tattoo:

Are you a cat person? just look at this cat wearing a Ghostface costume and gripping a knife by its tiny paws. Cute enough to be inked on your hand.

Striper Ghostface Tattoo

12. Striper Ghostface Tattoo:

If you thinking to make something naughty, then try this striper Ghostface. it can be inked on both male and female bodies. If you want to express your own personality or the type of woman you are looking for, then go for this one.

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Ghostface chilling with coffee

13. Ghostface chilling with coffee:

To make your tattoo look more chilling you can have a hoodie-wearing Ghostface while drinking the coffee. this would represent not to forget drinking coffee and take a break while working.

Scream Dialogue Tattoo

14. ‘Scream’ Dialogue Tattoo:

The most memorable ‘Scream’ movie dialogue from Ghostface is, “What’s your most favorite scary movie? – He uses this, to taunt his victims before attacking. You can tell your artist to make a dialogue tattoo with Casey Becker crying face.

Girl Holding Ghostface Mask

15. Girl Holding Ghostface Mask:

 You might also choose something different from others, like a lonesome girl clutching Ghostface mask in her hands, symbolizing her loneliness, and innocent inner self.

Halloween Ghostface Tattoo

16. Halloween Ghostface Tattoo:

There are many different ways to create a humorous and funny ‘Scream’ Tattoo. you can also have a peek at the image above to see how the wearer mocked Ghostface by making him appear more adorable and less frightening. Along with the words “No you hang up”, the wearer additionally added hearts to the tattoo also the huge orange vibrant pumpkin is giving a Halloween vibe. This makes fun of Ghostface’s persona, who usually contacted his targets before killing them.

Ghostface Full Arm Tattoo

17. Ghostface Full Arm Tattoo:

You can get a frightening yet endearing Ghostface tattoo with heart symbols if you are not afraid to experiment with your tattoo and don’t mind a little ridiculousness. Here we bring out to you, another Astonishing full-arm Ghostface colorful tattoo. Numerous artists have spoofed the figure over the years and created funny puns that communicate love or romantic sentiments with it.

Couple Ghostface Tattoo

18. Couple Ghostface Tattoo:

Here is another simple tattoo idea for couples. You both can carry the same tattoo on your bodies as a symbol of sharing common taste.

Scream Spider web Tattoo

19. Scream Spider web Tattoo:

Spiders primarily spin webs in order to capture their prey.  whenever an insect flies over into a spider web, it gets stuck on the sticky threads. Later, the spiders use their teeth to inject poison into the prey and enjoy the meal. Similarly, the creepy killer also spins traps and taunts his victims, and stabs them using his knife to death. If you want to portray Ghostface’s characteristics then we would suggest you to add a spider web and blood on his knife.

Scream Mask Tattoo

20. Scream Mask Tattoo:

Placing a tattoo combining the mask and skull with splashing blood can be undoubtedly a great idea. the tattoo will appear exceptionally clear and attractive because of the area’s openness.

In addition to influencing, the direction that slasher movies would take in the future, the film’s suspenseful plot and multiple build-ups gave the franchise devoted followers. On a regular basis, fans are spotted making purchases and bragging about the franchise and the characters in it. On social media, they also pay respect to a number of the movie’s many iconic moments. Since the premiere of the first movie fans has created a ton of tattoos, most of which are gorgeous to look at and some of which are downright spooky! In today’s article, we tried to cover the majority of exclusive tattoo designs of the ‘Scream’ movie for you. So, Which ‘Scream’ tattoo design is going to take place on your body?

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