22 Roman Colosseum Tattoo Design & Meaning

In the world’s history, the Colosseum has been a well-known architectural figure. It is a Roman amphitheater, also known as the Flavian Amphitheater, located in the heart of Rome, Italy. The Colosseum is an oval structure with a 20000 square meter floor surface, a long axis of 188 meters, and a 57-meter-high barrier that can hold nearly 90000 spectators. It is considered among the most ancient ruins in the world, and it is a sight to witness. The Colosseum is significantly different from current theatres and stadiums. It featured gladiatorial combat, animal fights, public shows, conflicts, and stage shows, among other things!

Colosseum Tattoo Meaning

The Colosseum, as one of the final icons of Imperial Rome, has forged its way into becoming the Seven Wonders of the World, despite being constantly attacked by nature or man. The Colosseum tattoo is a symbol of tenacity and dignity for the entire city of Rome.


  1.   Colosseum tattoo sleeve :

The grey and black inked Colosseum with a warrior drawn in front.

Colosseum tattoo sleeve

The Black and Grey inked Colosseum with lion drawn in front of it.


 The Grey And Black inked Colosseum Roman Tattoo draw realistically


  1.   Colosseum tattoo simple

A black ink tattoo on the hand in a circle with a window in another circle.


 A small outline of the Colosseum on the hand


 A black-inked gladiator Colosseum tattoo on full Body Back.

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  1.   Colosseum tattoo chest

The black Colosseum and a warrior drew on the entire chest.

Colosseum tattoo chest

Black and grey half chest half arm tattoo with colosseum, warrior, and soldiers.


  1.   colosseum tattoo arm

Full Arm Tattoo with a warrior on the top.


 Half Arm Tattoo with brown ink.


Full Arm Tattoo made realistic with black and grey.


Black and grey inked Colosseum in the hand.


Black and grey colosseum design with the scenery in the hand


  1.   Black and grey colosseum tattoo

Black and Grey half Colosseum tattoo on leg


 Black and White colosseum tattoo drawn with trees and warriors in front.


Black and White Colosseum Tattoo with girl drawn below.


  1.   Colosseum tattoo back

The grey and black inked Colosseum tattoo with roman god on the side and warrior on another side. Black, grey, and red-inked colosseum with a lion on the top drawn on one side.


  1.   colosseum tattoo small

Black and white colosseum  & gladiator tattoo on hand


Black and white colosseum tattoo on the upper forearm.


Black and white colosseum tattoo with clouds


Black inked tattoo with SPQR written


Roman  gladiator colosseum tattoo sleeve



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