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74 Amazing Stairway to Heaven Tattoo Ideas

Going all the way back to prehistoric times, religious art has been a practice for a very long period. This exercise aims to harmonize the mind with the body and the soul. Similarly, getting a stairway to heaven tattoo is a widespread practice among people who keep faith in the afterlife or strongly believe in their own spiritual dimensions. Here we have presented the 69 most stunning Staircase to Heaven tattoo designs for you to choose from.

Stairway to Heaven Tattoo for Arm

The arm is the obvious part of the body where one can easily portray their tattoo, which is a canvas for self-expression and storytelling. Most of the tattoo ideas we have provided have been inked on the arm using various objects including birds ( mostly dove as the symbolization of peace), watches, angels, Mother Mary or Jesus or a memorial portrait in respect of the beloved who has passed away. Keep scrolling till the end, until you find the tattoo you are looking for! 

Heaven Over Mountain Tattoo

 Mountains are noted for their vastness, solidity, and strong nature representing power or conquering obstacles. Life is a journey, and every step of our life, every obstacle that we face is nonetheless than conquering a mountain for a better view. we all are to mean we go through this. A combination of a mountain tattoo and a stairway to heaven tattoo would be creating a powerful meaning together.

So, if you are looking for a “heaven over the mountain”- type tattoo! then, here is a sample of that!

Cloudy Staircase Heaven with Dove/Pigeon

As we kept researching, we discovered that most of the Staircase to Heaven tattoos were associated with pigeons or doves, even if it’s not a universal or fixed symbolism. However, these two elements are mostly combined because both elements have Biblical and spiritual references. In Christianity, the dove represents the holy spirit, purity, and divine guidance.

On the other hand staircase to heaven is associated with a transformative journey and not losing hope of getting justice or happy afterlife days! There are almost thousands of Staircase to Heaven tattoos with doves/pigeons have been found. We have collected some samples for you:

Stairway to Heaven in the Chest

Do you know? In some culture tattooing on the chest hold a very significant meaning. Such as, In Japan chest tattoos are known as “Irezumi” and “Horimono”, which are believed to be a symbol of loyalty, status and protection.

On the other hand, in Celtic culture, chest tattoo is to believe as representative of their rich history and heritage. Not only, these two but also cultures like Polynesian, Native American, Thai and many so, have their own significant meaning for tattooing on the chest. Alongside the rich culture, the chest seems to be a great canvas to some people for visibility and space.

As the space is quite huge, you can add flowers, a dove, and a clock altogether with the stairs to the heaven tattoo. 

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Mother Mary and Jesus Christ or Cross Tattoos

Check out this artistic Mother Mary aka The Mother of the Jesus or The Virgin Mary staircase tattoo! These types of tattoos hold a highly significant meaning for those who choose to get them. Mother Mary is a very prominent figure in Christian beliefs and holds different meanings for each individual. If you want to express your fair and devotion towards her, and looking to get one, then this one can be the best choice of all! 

This one is a unique one! Not the regular black ink but rather red shadowed, which makes it more realistic and adds a striking depth to the design.

Cross/ Hanging Jesus Tattoo

Under the same theme, you can go for the following tattoo as well. This tattoo has a flying dove at the peak of the sky, radiating heaven’s light on the stairs and on the ground there’s the symbol of Jesus hanging on the cross. This holds a very deep meaning for Christians, as the design depicts the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Getting a tattoo like this would help one to remind the sacrifices Jesus Christ made, to guide people on the true path. This tattoo will also help one to stay committed to their faith. 

Heaven’s Angel Tattoo

getting angel tattoos has become popular nowadays! It’s done not anymore for the religious purpose, but rather from an aesthetic point of view as well. However, the tattoo is yet! can serve a significant meaning including seeking protection from evil acts and building a connection with the divine power!

Stairway to Heaven with Clock

Adding a Clock or stopwatch with your tattoo might symbolize the passage of time and also a reminder of the finite nature of life. Take a look at the following tattoos, some of the tattoos contain broken clocks or stopwatches, which may have the symbolization of stillness of time related to being stuck in a moment where one might have lost his or her close one or it also can represent the fleeting character of time which might indicate the struggle one is facing, has an end. 

Stairway to Heaven with Clock

Do you know? There’s Greek mythology regarding the hourglass. A  character named Chronos who is also depicted as an old man who used to carry an hourglass to represent the concept of “Father Time” and the inevitable passage of time. You can also get this unique tattoo of a hand holding an hourglass with a mini stairway to heaven! this will not only symbolize the fleeting character of time, as well as the equilibrium of life. 

Memorial Portrait Peice with Heaven’s Stairs

Memorial portrait tattoos hold a heartfelt tribute towards the deceased loved one. The design features a realistic representation and also an honour carrying the image of the loved one as a permanent remembrance. If you are looking for a memorial portrait, then go ahead, as it contains a greater deal of emotional value offering solace and a sense of connection.

Soulmate Towards the Heaven

The concept of ‘soulmate’ represents the deeper and more profound spiritual connection between two people, who share their mind, soul and body with one another. When the combination of soulmate and stairway to heaven happens, the meaning becomes more potent.

It represents the promise of ‘staying with one another for eternity, even after death, sharing the heaven together’. It shows “I share my life with you, I share my afterlife with you”.

Soulmate Towards the Heaven

Baby on the Stairway

The tattoo that we are going to suggest to you right now, holds a weighty meaning for those who have lost their child and to remember and honour the baby, this can be the symbol of “loss and remembrance”. Again those who have not experienced a crucial incident like losing one’s own child (God forbid that!) can have the tattoo as a representation of “Hope and Faith”.

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The tattoo can play a role in having faith in the divine presence and a belief that loved ones are in a better place! The sample tattoo was done in red showed, you can always customize the colour, keeping it grey or adding other colours!

Stairway to Heaven Tattoo for Military

The sacrifice of soldiers and the military can not be expressable. They always have been fighting from ancient civilizations to this day. Leaving behind the family, enduring massive physical pain and facing emotional challenges just to protect a country- takes an act of huge courage.

Minimal Stairway to Heaven ‘Fear God’ Forearm Tattoo

Now, if you want a minimal tattoo but are frightened to get one because Stairway to Heaven demands a lot of room! Then don’t worry! The minimalist tattoo “Fear God” we providing is for you.

Minimal Stairway to Heaven ‘Fear God’ Forearm Tattoo

Stairway to Heaven with Praying Hand/Hand of God Tattoo

A praying hand tattoo gives the idea of prayer and spirituality. The tattoo plays a significant role in reminding higher power. The praying hand is also known as mudra in Tibet meaning “gesture of wisdom”. Including the design with your stairway to heaven, the tattoo would add special meaning.

Coloured Stairway to Heaven Tattoo

People choose to have colourful tattoos because of aesthetic appeal as well as for artistic enhancement to go with fashion and trends. check out the following coloured stairway to heaven tattoo on the thigh along with the tattoo that had been done on the calf.

Stairway to Heaven with Animals

As mentioned you can add anything to your tattoo whether it is a bird or animal. here are some ideas with animals including wolf, tiger, lion etc. Each of these animals represents different unique meanings such as strength, power, loyalty, unity etc.

Stairway to Heaven with Animals

Wolfs are highly social animals representing unity and strength. If you are someone who has a strong sense of family and maintains social structure then this tattoo can be for you. Wolves do not only have amazing adaptability to surviving but are also skilled predators!

Stairway to Heaven Tattoo with Birds

Swallow Tattoo – This migratory bird is popular for their ability to travel long distances. The bird consists of strong meaning and myth. During the maritime, sailors used to get swallow tattoos as a symbol of ‘protection’.

They used to believe, if they have this tattoo, no matter where they go, they can return home without any harm. The bird used to be known as the guardian of sailors.

On the other hand, in Greek mythology, it is believed that when Adonis ( the lover of the goddess Aphrodite) died, Aphrodite transformed his body into a swallow so that they could stay together forever.

Stairway to Heaven Tattoo with Birds

Stairway to Heaven with Eyes

Stairway to Heaven tattoo already symbolises the journey towards enlightenment and on the other hand eyes represent perception, knowledge and the ability to see beyond the physical realm, which ultimately connects the concept of the stairway to heaven with eyes.

Stairway to Heaven with Flowers

When it comes to getting a tattoo associated with the heavens, our mind comes with adding the stuff including angels, feathers, doves/pigeons, and flowers. Check out the full hand tattoo sample:

Full Back Covered Tattoo

Like the chest, the Back is also a great canvas for expressing one’s bold personality. By adorning your back with the majestic theme of “Stairway to Heaven”, you would be able to amplify the depth of your spiritual personality.

Final Thoughts

As it has been said from the beginning of this article, what this tattoo represents, is why it is important for people! well, this captivating theme is not only associated with divine power, religion or spiritual alignment but also an emotional connection with those people whose soul has left the world. You can adorn yourself with the tattoo to find inner peace or keep the memory permanently of your departed one. Good Luck!

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