How Does Social Media Influence the Tattoo Industry

How Does Social Media Influence the Tattoo Industry?

These days, tattoos are pretty much everywhere you look. Chances are you can find someone with a tattoo anywhere in a hospital, a library, or even on a college campus. Do you know what’s contributed significantly to that rise? Social Media! I think social media’s development and widespread use have done more for the exponential growth and social acceptability of tattooing than any other sector I can think of.

Finding new artists and designs throughout the world has never been so simple and available. The days of entering a shop and leafing through a binder containing tattoo concepts and images of an artist’s best work are gradually disappearing.

Background of Social Media

It’s true that tattoos have experienced tremendous growth during the past year. At the same time, social media has expanded independently of the tattoo industry. You are already aware of the principles behind social media marketing and its significance. Now consider how those functions in a creative sector like tattooing.

The first thing you need to understand is that tattoo artists are generally contract employees. They perform tattoos, frequently in a certain style, and have locations all over. Artists can emphasize their work, the places they work, and the things they want to do more of in the future using social media. It’s difficult to think of a social media platform more ideal for tattoo artists.

One of the finest methods to increase brand exposure quickly and cheaply is through social media. The fact that social media platforms allow for free registration is one of their best features. Literally, no start-up costs exist. This enables you to promote any service or item you have at no cost.

Given that organic reach is decreasing on social media platforms today, you must pay more frequently than in the past to reach individuals. Despite this, you can still obtain an incredibly high return on your investment. Social media paid to advertise is surprisingly prevalent. For instance, Facebook provides a fantastic advertising platform where you can buy advertisements to promote your content. Even though having a Facebook page is unnecessary, the entry barrier is relatively low because advertising may be sold for as little as $1.

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How Does Social Media Meet the Tattoo Industry?

Before they even think about getting a tattoo, a lot of people I know first peruse an artist’s social media account and examine the specifics of their work (a recent shift in consumer behavior). This is fantastic because it facilitates product-market fit by connecting artists with customers who appreciate their aesthetics.

Tattoo Design Trends

Social media plays a significant role in the daily lives of the great majority of us. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat, billions of users are regularly active on these platforms. On these platforms, most firms undoubtedly have a very difficult time. Simply put, they don’t have compelling messages to convey. nonetheless, tattoo artists? Their work is entertaining, fascinating, and… sharing!

Prior to the development of sizable social media platforms, tattoo artists competed for a place to feature their work in a tattoo magazine or on a show. A casual visitor should not have gone there. Simply put, it was incredibly difficult to gain a large following for your artistic endeavors, let alone to reach a vast public. Now that you can easily view the portfolios of innumerable artists, both artists and clients benefit.

Benefits of Social Media

Life has altered because of social media. Whether or whether the rest of the world wants to read it, we share our cuisine, friends, thoughts, and opinions.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest give tattoo artists a chance to share their work with a larger audience. Modern word-of-mouth marketing uses social media. Numerous people have shared, liked, and commented on our abilities, catching their attention as well as that of other artists and possible customers. Whether you are an established artist or just getting started, social media can bring in a ton of customers quickly if you know how to use it.

How to Stand Out Your Tattoo on Social Media?

Your own hashtag: When you first say it out loud, it could seem useless, but it’s a powerful way to spread the word about you. It will draw more visitors to your page if consumers use it while posting images of your work.

Avoid too generic hashtags:

If you use the hashtags “love” or “cool,” for example, your work will be soon buried behind a mountain of other submissions. To make sure you stay visible, always utilize hashtags that are pertinent to your industry and audience. Additionally, avoid using the same hashtag too frequently to avoid getting temporarily barred from using it.

Engage apps:

They can be surprisingly beneficial when you’re attempting to expand your social media presence, whether it’s an Instagram or Twitter account. HishHash is especially useful because it can help you discover fresh, pertinent hashtags and make sure you aren’t overusing existing ones.

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Mark significant tattoo artists’ pages:

There are many pages that share works by different artists. The intention of doing this is to encourage the page to promote the content you’ve tagged them in. Make sure you aren’t tagging traditional pages if you’re a dot work artist, for example, as they often post those of a particular style. Sharing your work on other pages might seem pointless, but they frequently have thousands of followers who will flood your page.

A professional social network profile is a must:

It’s not necessary to have a profile on the social network, but it’s a terrific additional resource for local customer acquisition. Create a business page for it and fill in all the details so that people can find you and know the hours of operation.

Consistently and frequently post:

Regardless of how excellent your work is, people dislike inactive accounts and don’t like to follow them. Try to publish a few tattoos per day, along with any necessary basic information.

Utilize the tale’s section:

Instagram and Facebook stories can significantly enhance your exposure, whether you’re sharing your own content or providing updates on your business. It’s an excellent approach to avoid algorithm updates and point your followers toward a post that they would not have seen otherwise.

How to Make a Good Tattoo Portfolio on Social Media?

Decide on a theme or a defining look:

Pages that specialize in one tattooing technique are typically significantly more popular than those that post a variety.

Make a place where customers can take photos:

This will maintain the consistency of your photographs whether you’re shooting outside against a brick wall or indoors in a more formal setting. While ring lights are an excellent indoor alternative to natural light, natural light is always preferable. You may develop an aesthetic, which is crucial for Instagram, by posting similarly staged photographs.

Reshare client Instagram stories of repaired work:

To avoid ruining the concept of your social media, only repost high-quality images rather than every client image you receive. Reposting photographs of finished work is typically a good idea because it demonstrates to new customers that your past clientele was satisfied with the result.

Uploading blurry or crooked images is prohibited:

Keep in mind that you and your work are represented on this website. People are more inclined to follow you if you maintain a rigorous professional tone and consistently submit quality content.


It’s not difficult to understand why individuals frequently regret getting something so permanent, like a tattoo when one considers how impulsive social media is and how acclimated society has evolved to lacking control when it comes to social media. A person’s physical appearance and decision to expose it to the public are reflections of who they are. In our opinion, getting a tattoo and using social media regularly is crucial for happiness. They serve as both a constant reminder of one’s goals and a means of communication that can either draw people who will contribute to or interfere with pleasure.

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