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119 Unique Couple Tattoo Ideas to Express Your Love

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Are you searching for a couple tattoo designs? If yes, you are in the right place. We have showcased a unique couple tattoo ideas for you. Couple tattoo has the special craze for any committed relationship. As they symbolize sacred meanings, such as wholesomeness, strength, power, and good luck, they have encouraged the couple to have a beautiful relationship. They also express the good bonding between the partners. If you think that you have that kind of relationship, you can go ahead with the couple tattoo.

Matching Tattoos For Couples

Do you have a good relationship with your partners, father, mother, sister, or friends? you can get a matching couple tattoos. For your information, Couple tattoo does not always mean that the tattoo is done for the spouse. The matching tattoo can be for family and friends.

1. Love Couple Tattoo With Name Initials

The tattoo design symbolizes the era of love. Moreover, adding the name initial has also a special meaning. It seems that you are holding your love with you wherever you are going.

Couples may become happy to get a love sign on their arm. Adding name initials will increase the significance of the tattoo design. It looks like a simple artwork but it suits very beautifully. Simple black ink was used to do the tattoo. By noticing the design, you can understand its artistic design.

Love initial Tattoo


Love Couple Tattoo With Name Initials 1


2. Couple Lion & Lioness Tattoo

The tattoo design expresses the power and the strength. We know that the lion is the king of the jungle and he has the power. Similarly, The couple can get this lion design that has a strong bond between them

In this tattoo, you can see a half-face of a lion king and a lioness. The male partner can get the lion’s face to represent strength. On the other hand, the female partner can get the lioness to mean companionship. The lion and lioness is drawn very beautifully with the black ink. The male lion is partially shaded with black color and the lioness is shaded with light grey color.

Couple Lion & Lioness Tattoo


Couple Lion & Lioness Tattoo 1

3. Hummingbird Couple Tattoo

Hummingbird couple tattoo brings good luck to life. It is believed by different couples. The reason may be they have gotten something good.

This tattoo design portrays a pair of hummingbirds on the legs. Couples are very interested in getting these tattoos because they look artistic on the body part. It is the matching couple tattoo. The male bird is flying towards the female bird. Moreover, the female bird is sitting on the tree.

Hummingbird Couple Tattoo


Hummingbird Couple Tattoo 1

4. Angle Wings Tattoo

Angle Wings Tattoo symbolizes good luck. If any couple want to bring good luck to their life, they can get couple tattoo.

You can see a pair of wings on the hands of the couple. It is partially shaded with black color and intensified nicely. It suits beautifully on the couple beautifully. The design is medium-sized. You have to bear $100-$200 to get this type of tattoo design.

Angle Wings Tattoo


Angle Wings Tattoo 1

5. Squirrel Tattoo for Couple

This tattoo design symbolizes how funny and playful couples are. When you are playful as the couple, your relationship will be healthy

If you notice this tattoo design, you can see the illustration of a squirrel on the hand. It represents the naughtiness of the couple. It shows how joyful couples are and their love for animals. The date is also mentioned in the design. To get this tattoo design, you have to spend $150-$200.

Squirrel Couple Tattoo


Squirrel Tattoo for Couple 1

6. Couple Ring Tattoo

A couple ring tattoo portrays their immense love for each other. It is specially placed on the ring finger.

A pair of leaves are presented around the fingers. It looks like a ring. Couples are fascinated with this tattoo. The design is small and simple. Moreover, it looks like decoration on the finger. It does not cost more than $100.

Couple Ring Tattoo


Couple Ring Tattoo 1


7. Couple Quote Tattoo

The tattoo design portrays companionship and adding quotes can enhance the design.

You can illustrate any of your favorite quotes with this design. In this design, you can notice a girlfriend and boyfriend giggling together and two quotes are also illustrated.  They are really in a good mood. Couples can memorize sweet memories of themselves by getting this tattoo design. You have to spend $200-$300 for this tattoo piece.

Couple Quote Tattoo

Couple Quote Tattoo 1


8. Couple Fingerprint Tattoo

The tattoo design symbolizes keeping parts of each other through the design.

Couples can retrieve each other’s fingerprints on their hand. The design is created with red ink. It symbolizes that wherever you will go, I will find you by your presence with me. The tattoo looks so simple, but it is not too simple a process. If you go for a simple fingerprint, you have to spend $50- $100. On the other hand, if you go for a complex fingerprint, you have to bear more than $200.

Couple Fingerprint Tattoo


Couple Fingerprint Tattoo 1

9. Mother-Daughter Love

This mother-daughter tattoo design explains how they are dependent on each other in terms of love.

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In this tattoo, you can see the cloud on the mother’s hand and the sun on the daughter’s hand. The clouds are floating around the sun. It looks like a protecting sun. Just like, the mother is the protector of their daughter. For this reason, the tattoo design is significant. You have to bear $50-$100 to get this tattoo.

Mother-Daughter Love


Mother-Daughter Love 1


10. Father-Daughter Love

This father-daughter tattoo design expresses how daughters are important to their fathers and the place they hold in the daughter’s life.

In this design, you can notice similar stars are portrayed on both hands. If I explain from the father’s perspective, the daughter is always the star in regard to how imperfect she is. From the daughter’s perspective, her father is always the hero, the star in her eyes. He protects her like a child without thinking how old she is.

Couple Star Tattoo


True Love Couple Tattoo Designs

When the couple is in true love, the glow of the love automatically reflects on their face. On the other hand, when they are in true love, they want to celebrate it by getting a beautiful couple tattoo.

11. Couple Heart Tattoo

The tattoo design symbolizes the importance of spreading love to have lovely relationship.

Couples may portray the heart on their legs as a symbol of love. It is a black artwork. The male partner holds the heart inside the black band and the female partner holds the heart between two black and red bands. The tattoo design is simple, but it is the colored one. So, you have to spend more than $100 to get this tattoo design.

Couple Heart Leg Tattoo


Couple Heart Tattoo 1

12. Couple Exclusive King-Queen Tattoo

Exclusive finger design explains the love and adorableness of the couple for each other

The tattoo design shows a king and queen design on the fingers. The heart is filled with red ink. The crown is illustrated beautifully with the design. Every husband should treat their wife as the queen. The reason that the wife takes good care of him and ultimately lives happily is possible only for the wife. It looks amazing. To get this tattoo, you have to bear $50 to $100.

Couple Exclusive Finger Tattoo


Couple Exclusive King-Queen Tattoo 1


Small Couple Tattoos

13. Small Avocado Couple Tattoo

The tattoo design shows that how cartoon character showing love to each other.

You can see two little avocado characters showing love to each other. It resembles a romantic relationship between partners. On the other hand, avocado has the heath benefit also. Just think, a couple is trying to be fit together and they are eating avocado as well as romanticizing the fruit also! Is it great!

Small Avocado Couple Tattoo

Small Avocado Couple Tattoo 1

14. Couple Love Tattoo

The tattoo design portrays a romantic couple and their wish to be together forever

The tattoo shows a love expression towards each other. You can see partners knotting their fingers as if they are best friends more than marital partners. In married life, when couples have become more than partners, I mean friends, they can overcome any difficulties.

Couple Love Tattoo


Couple Love Tattoo 1

15. Infinity Couple Tattoo

The tattoo design indicates an infinite amount of love for each other.

The tattoo represents an infinity sign on the arm. It is a minimal tattoo design. A cubic tattoo artist created this beautiful design. It means an infinity of love. We all know that taking up little water from the sea can’t decrease the sea level. Just like, If a little sadness occurs, their love will not decrease.

Infinity Couple Tattoo


Infinity Couple Tattoo 1

16. Couple Matching Crown Tattoo

The crown symbolizes the royalty of love.

The partners love each other so respectfully that it leads to treating them like kings or queens. The tattoo design is small and sophisticated. The crowns are shaded with black color. To get this tattoo, you have to spend $100 to $200.

Couple Ring Tattoo


Couple Matching Crown Tattoo 1

17. Couple Butterfly Tattoo

Couple Butterfly Tattoo symbolizes the naughtiness of the couple.

The tattoo shows beautiful butterflies with the quote. It symbolizes the happiness of love and giving freedom to each other like a butterfly. They are not supposed to bind each other just because they are married. The partners should trust each other and let partners fly!

Couple Butterfly Tattoo


Couple Butterfly Tattoo 1

Non-Matching Couple Tattoos

18. Couple Lock & Key Tattoo

In this tattoo, you can see the female partner has a lock on her hand and the male partner has a key also. It means the door of love opens only with that key also.

Couple Lock & Key Tattoo


Couple Lock & Key Tattoo 1

19. Couple Puzzle piece Tattoo

Just like puzzles, when they become connected, they will become complete. In the same way, the partners are complete when they are connected. It is the symbolic meaning. It symbolizes inseparableness truly.

Couple Puzzle piece Tattoo


Couple Puzzle piece Tattoo 1

20. Simple Couple Tattoo

The male partner can symbolize muscles and it represents the power of love. The female partner can symbolize the brain. The brain is the main part of the body just like a female partner is the inseparable part of love life. The other tattoo design also portrays the connection between a teacup and a teapot.

Simple Couple Tattoo


Simple Couple Tattoo 1

21. Neo Traditional Hawaii Tattoo

In this design, you will see a well-dressed couple and both of them are wearing flowers. It is a colorful design. Two dates are also included. It proves that traditional tattoos can be beautiful. It is placed on the legs.

Neo Traditional Hawaii Tattoo


Neo Traditional Hawaii Tattoo 1

22. Heart & Key Couple Tattoo

There is a heart-shaped lock is shown in the tattoo design and on the other hand, there is a fancy key. It looks wonderful. It represents the love for someone special.

Heart & Key Couple Tattoo


Heart & Key Couple Tattoo 1

Couple Cartoon Tattoos

23. Disney Micky &Minnie Mouse Tattoo

In the Disney cartoon, many couple characters are very adorable. Among them, Minnie is presented as the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse. In private life, Mickey is married to Minnie.

Disney Micky &Minnie Mouse Tattoo


Micky Minnie Couple Tattoo

24. Beauty & Beast Couple Tattoo

Beauty and Beast have a romantic relationship between them. They build a friendship, slowly, slowly, slowly, and very slowly that leads to them falling in love.  As a symbol of love, the couple gets this tattoo.

Beauty & Beast Couple Tattoo


Beauty And The Beast Couple Tattoo

25. Joker & Harley Queen Couple Tattoo

Couples can get a Joker tattoo if they think he is funny and a Harley queen tattoo if they think she is stylish to look at.

Joker & Harley Queen Couple Tattoo


Joker and Herley Queen

26. Couple Cartoon Tattoo

The design illustrates a cute cartoon animal along with that two love-shaped balloon is included. It is a colorful tattoo. It looks amazing.

Couple Cartoon Tattoo 1

Couple Cartoon Tattoo 2

27. Couple Connected Tattoo

You can see that two characters are holding a string. When two hands are close together, the strings are also connected. It is a magical design.

Couple Connected Tattoo


Couple Connected Tattoo (1)

28. Couple Anime Tattoo

Many couples are addicted to anime cartoons and movies. It shows two characters which are Gon and Killua. Killua fell in love with Gon and started to realize he felt a bit more than friendship towards him.

Couple Anime Tattoo

Couple Tom And Jerry Tattoo

29. Jack & Sally Couple Tattoo

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a 1993 American stop-motion animated movie introducing Jack & Sally. Sally has a crush on Jack Skellington but is unsuccessful in showing her affection to Jack. Sally is a rag doll-type character. Jack sang, “My dearest friend if you don’t mind . . . I’d like to join you by your side. Where we can gaze into the stars . . . “ Sally replied, “And sit together, now and forever.”. You can see these characters in this tattoo design.

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Jack & Sally Couple Tattoo


Jack And Shally Tattoo (1)

30. Star Wars Couple Tattoo

Among us, many of them are Hollywood movie fans. Star Wars fans are one of them. Some couples can get Star Wars-themed tattoo which looks very amazing on the hand. You can check out this design.
Star Wars Couple Tattoo
Star Wars Tattoo (1)

31. Penguin Couple Tattoo

Penguin Couple Tattoo 1

You can portray a happy and dancing penguin on your arm. This design is for joyful couples.

Penguin Couple Tattoo

penguine tattoo (1)

32. Harry Potter Couple Tattoo

The Patronus Charm (Expecto Patronum) was the most famous and one of the most powerful defensive charms known to be wizardkind. It is mainly used by Harry Potter to fight off dementors, large, solid, and cloaked creatures without any face or actual body that Guard the wizard prison, Azkaban, for the Ministry of Magic. couples can portray this tattoo design.
Harry Potter Couple Tattoo
Harry Potter Tattoo (1)

33. Pokemon Couple Tattoo

The tattoo design reflects Kuromi and Genger. Kuromi is My Melody’s rival, who is a white rabbit or imp-like creature wearing a black jester’s hat with a pink skull on the front. Gengar is a dark purple, bipedal Pokémon with a roundish body. Couples can check this out as a matching design.

Pokemon Couple Tattoo


Pokemon Tattoo (1)

Husband-Wife Couple Designs

34. Couple Miscarriage Tattoo

It illustrates the scenario that a married couple has lost their child. They are remembering their unborn child by its footprint. It is a tragic incident.

Couple Miscarriage Tattoo


Miscarriage Tattoo (1)

35. Her One & His Only Couple Tattoo

This tattoo symbolizes how couples belong to each other and they are inseparable. It is placed on the arm.

Her One & His Only Couple Tattoo


Her One & His Only Couple Tattoo 1


36. Sun & Moon Couple Tattoo

The concept is that the sun provides power as the male partner provides mental power to the female partner. On the other hand, the moon provides lights like the female partner glorifies the male partner’s life. It is an interesting connection.

Sun & Moon Couple Tattoo


Sun and Moon Tattoo

37. Couple Skull Tattoo

The skull is not horrifying always. If you notice this tattoo design, the male skull is wearing a classy hat. The female skull is wearing a bow that looks girly.

Couple Skull Tattoo


Couple Skull Tattoo (1)

38. Couple Name Tattoo

Couples can portray each other’s names on their hands. Inside the infinity sign, two beautiful red heart is illustrated. In a different font, the partner’s name is mentioned. It looks nice. It resembles love for each other.

Couple Name Tattoo


Couple Name Tattoo


39. Couple Anchor Tattoo

The design shows two anchors on the hand. The anchors are slightly shaded with black color and ash color. They are intensified perfectly with black ink. It symbolizes supportiveness.

Couple Anchor Tattoo


Couple Anchor Tattoo


40. Twin Flame Couple Finger Tattoo

You can see two flames portrayed on the partner’s fingers. It symbolizes your perfectness as a couple. It looks amazing.

Twin Flame Couple Finger Tattoo


Twin Flame Tattoo (1)

41. Couple Family Tattoo

In this tattoo design, you can notice a lion couple holding their two babies. It looks like a happy family. male and female partners can get the same design.

Couple Wolf Tattoo


Couple Family Tattoo

42. Wednesday Couple Tattoo

It is inspired by the series “Wednesday”. In this design, you can see Gomez and Morticia Addams on the back of the arms.

Wednesday Couple Tattoo


Japanese Couple Tattoos

43. Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi fish is a popular fish in Japan. It symbolizes many good qualities. When any couple gets a matching koi fish design, it portrays their strength as a couple.

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo


Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo (1)

44. Yin &Yang Couple Tattoo

Japanese philosophy describes opposite forces that are interconnected as yin-yang. Similarly, couples are connected. It symbolizes connection.
Yin &Yang Couple Tattoo

Boyfriend Girlfriend Tattoo Designs

45. Country Couple Tattoo

It is common nowadays that partners are from different countries. So, to show their identity, they can create a tattoo on their arm. In this tattoo, you can see two globes. It symbolizes your willingness to travel to different countries.

Country Couple Tattoo


Couple Country Tattoo (1)

46. Connecting Couple Tattoo

In this tattoo design, you can create connecting dots to make the meaningful. You can see the plane by which the partners are arriving at the target place which is mentioned. It represents connectivity.

Connecting Couple Tattoo


Couple Connecting Tattoo (1)

47. Sparkling Wrist Couple Tattoo

Everyone does not like large designs. Some couple prefers small designs. According to your preference, this tattoo design will be perfect. It symbolizes sparking stars which means you are the star of my life.

Sparkling Wrist Couple Tattoo


Couple sparkle Tattoo (1)

48. Tiny Emotional Couple Tattoo

The tiny design portrays both emotions, such as smiling and crying. Couples sometimes try different designs. We can suggest this design also.
Tiny Emotional Couple Tattoo

49. Forever & Always Couple Tattoo

Couples want to be with their partners forever and always. That is why, they try to create forever and always tattoo for themselves. In this tattoo, you can see it is written with black ink on the arm.
Forever & Always Couple Tattoo

50. Soulmate Couple Tattoo

When couples love each other so much that they feel that they are soulmates. To celebrate this moment we can create a soulmate tattoo. It symbolizes immense love.
Soulmate Couple Tattoo

51. Bow & Arrow Couple Tattoo

The tattoo design is placed on the arm. Male and female partners can get similar bow & arrow designs for themselves to show their love. The tattoo design symbolizes romance and desire.
Bow & Arrow Couple Tattoo 1
Bow & Arrow Couple Tattoo 2

52. Deer Couple Tattoo

If you notice that tattoo design, you can see two deers are portrayed. They are created with black ink. The female deer has flowers on the head and the red rose is also placed. The deer couple tattoo symbolizes good luck.
Deer Couple Tattoo

53. Sexy Hand Couple Tattoo

The design portrays a pair of sexy pieces on both hands. Couples sometimes want to get something that looks good on the body as well and people admire them also for the design. The design symbolizes how sexy you are as a couple. It looks good.

Hand Couple Tattoo

54. Suble Couple Tattoo

The tattoo design portrays an emoji of a smiley and the other hand mentioned that it is a smiley. It is a minimal design. Some couples like to get small designs and think that they will look sexy. It symbolizes happiness.

Suble Couple Tattoo


55. Lobster Couple Tattoo

In this tattoo, you can notice two lobsters are drawn with black ink and it is placed on the hand. The design can be black and white or can be colorful. It signifies everlasting love.

Lobster Couple Tattoo

Lobster Couple Tattoo

56. Couple Words Tattoo

On the arm, male and female partners are portrayed forever with a love sign. When you keep close both hands, you can see the full words. It symbolizes connectivity.

Couple Words Tattoo


Couple Words Tattoo

57. Angel Number Tattoo

Couples can create 444,111,333,888,222 on their hands because it is an angel number. It is believed that angel numbers may provide good fortune to them.
Angel Number Tattoo 1
Angel Number Tattoo 2
Couple Angel Number Tattoo 4 1
Couple Angel Number Tattoo 3
Couple Angel Number Tattoo

 58. Christian Couple Tattoo

The tattoo portrays a Christian cross which is a sign of their religion. Both partners can create the same design and it will look awesome.
Christian Couple Tattoo

59. Sugar Skull Couple Tattoo

This brightly colored skull represents departed souls, unlike the ghoulish skulls associated with Halloween. Caballero said it’s a celebration of their lives. Couples can portray sugar skulls on their body. It can be a colorful design or can be black and white design.

Sugar Skull Couple Tattoo 1


Sugar Skull Couple Tattoo 2
Sugar Skull Couple Tattoo 3
Sugar Skull Couple Tattoo 4

60. Badass Flash Couple Tattoo

The tattoo design shows a colorful flash. It looks badass on the body. You can prove that you are a cool couple like others by creating this design.

Badass Flash Couple Tattoo


61.Celtic Couple Tattoo

couples can recreate Celtic tattoo designs on their fingers and it looks classy. It is a small tattoo design. It represents eternity.

Celtic Couple Tattoo


62. Owl Couple Tattoo

Couples can get matching owl tattoos for themselves. Here is the beautiful design for you.

Owl Couple Tattoo


63. Compass Couple Tattoo

Compass provides direction to people. Couples can get compass tattoos for themselves to stick themselves to the direction of love. Compass tattoo generally looks black and white. So, maintenance costs for these tattoos are usually low.

Compass Couple Tattoo


64. Lesbian Couple Tattoo

Lesbian couples have also the privilege to get tattoos for themselves and it is quite normal now.

Lesbian Couple Tattoo


65. Funny Couple Tattoo

The tattoo design is a fictional illustration of wanting to touch each other. It looks cute on the hand. Couples sometimes like funny designs also.

Funny Couple Tattoo


Our designs are not only beautiful but also inspiring. There are a variety of designs. According to your choice, you can choose any of the designs. It will be dependent on your personality and how you lead a life as a couple. To know more about tattoo designs, keep your eye on our website.

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