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Top 10 Best Japanese Tattoo Artist In The United States

Are you interested in getting a Japanese tattoo? But you live in the USA. Of course, it is possible. You can find out wonderful tattoo artists in the different states of the USA, such as California, New York, Texas, etc. Through our article, you can learn about the best Japanese tattoo artists in the United States. So keep reading!

1.Takahiro “Taki” Kitamura


Taki was born in Japan, but at the age of two, he and his family relocated to the United States. He didn’t grow up in a location with a significant Japanese-American community, but because of his parents, he was surrounded by Japanese culture. To want your children to know their background and also balance it with the new country you are living in, he believes, must be a difficult balance. He is very grateful to my parents. He is the Top 10 best Japanese tattoo artists in the United States.

Takahiro “Taki” Kitamura

Starting The Passion

Taki’s fascination with tattoos was initially influenced by Japanese culture. In the chambara show Toyama no Kinsan, the lead character displayed his cherry blossom and wind-themed half sleeve during the program’s ultimate fight pattern. This was his first tattoo exposure.

Location:221 Jackson, San Jose, CA 95112.

Contact No: (408) 441-7770

Time: open from Tuesday to Sunday (11 AM to 7 PM)

He considered it to be the most awesome thing ever. The most influential tattoo publications in the US were Ed Hardy’s Tattootime books, which the man picked up. Even though at the time he had no concept of what a body suit was or even what it did.

First and foremost, my time spent studying in Japan and working with other Japanese artists has influenced my art and taught me the fundamentals of Japanese tattooing. This includes a thorough study of Japanese art, and I believe it’s safe to say that this applies to everyone who performs Japanese tattoos.

Without Japanese culture, including its history, folklore, and symbolism, Japanese tattooing would not be possible, and what my parents taught me has undoubtedly contributed to my knowledge of this. Living in Japan is also essential; you must experience the culture firsthand and go to the temples and shrines.

Taki’s commitment to advancing the Japanese tattoo tradition as an art form is also shown by the many books he has written on tattoo art and culture, his presentations on Japanese tattoos at conferences in Italy and Hawaii as well as the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, as well as his enthusiasm for the upcoming exhibition.

Chad Koeplinger, Horitomo, Roman Enriquez, and Taki worked together to launch a fundraising drive that resulted in an $18,000 donation to the Red Cross tsunami relief effort. Taki isn’t a one-dimensional tattoo artist; instead, he’s a creator on an adventure to learn about and spread Japanese tattooing worldwide.

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2. Rhyno


He is one of Tattoo Boulevard’s founding members. One of the few tattooists in Chicago with a focus on Japanese-style tattoos is Rhyno.


Starting The Passion

The only original tebori tattooist in the Midwest is Rhyno. His commitment is unwavering and gets stronger every day. He aspires to be able to work in Japan on an annual basis and perhaps acquire a “hori-” designation designating him as an honorary master of irezumi in the future. He has a tattoo shop in Chicago.

Location:3457 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657, United States.

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Contact No: +1 773-360-8411

Time: Wednesday to Tuesday at 12 pm.

He thinks that it’s important to give his customers excellent service and cultivate a good rapport with them. After all, getting a tattoo needs both the customer and the artist. While dedication produces good artists and craftsmen, compassion makes quality tattoo artists and people in general.

In 2013, he started his tattooing career. He learned at a street shop and tattooed any style that came through the door. He had always challenged himself to get better by studying how to create art using many mediums, including charcoal, watercolor, marker, and oil painting. He began studying the classic Japanese tattoo style known as irezumi in 2017 when he began creating mock-ups of traditional Japanese backpieces.

3.Sapo Boijseauneau

Starting The Passion

The tattoo community has known Sapo” Boijseauneau for a very long time, and his black and gray illustrations are sick. Look no further than Dan Martin, whom we selected as Best Tattoo Artist in 2013’s Best of Houston, for rich, vibrant color. His professional designs are amazing, whether they are used to create murals on the East End, works of fine art, or the human form.

Location:1401 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006, United States.

Contact No: +1 713-528-7904

Timeopen from 1 PM.

He’s a gentleman, so don’t expect to see him criticizing other people’s work in public. His portfolio includes several color pieces, but his single-needle and fine-line pieces belong in a museum.

4. Nick Caruso


Nick Caruso is a tattoo artist, traveler, and Staten Island native. A multi-platform award-winning designer, NICK CARUSO’s work has appeared in fiction and non-fiction books, branding, exhibition design, posters, and clothing. Nick designed book covers for New York Times bestselling authors while working as a designer for studios and publishers in New York City before opening his own studio in Pittsburgh. He is the Best Japanese Tattoo Artist In the United States.

Starting The Passion

He is one of the main tattoo artists of BOUND FOR GLORY. He started working here on October 10, 2013. He has 16.3K followers and expertise in doing Japanese tattoo designs.

Location:607 Forest Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10310,347-695-7255

Contact No: +1 718-979-4989

Time: closes at 8 pm.

During the Puja, he created an innovative design for Kali puja and named it Kali the Destroyer. He had created a yokai tattoo for one of his clients. He tried the Samurai tattoo stencil design on the sleeve recently. The client loved the tattoo design. If you want to know more about his tattoo design, visit his Instagram account.

5. Phil Colvin


A tattoo artist named Phil Colvin runs his own Memorial Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia. He was one of the first artists to discuss stipple shader cartridges, consisting of three liners in a mag tube cartridge. The only problem he had, aside from the quality of the stippling cartridges he could find, was the technical details of the tool and its potential uses for it. He made the decision to create his own since he was enthusiastic about the variant’s possibilities.

Starting The Passion

Owner and tattoo artist at Memorial Tattoo, Phil Colvin, has been tattooing people for more than 25 years. In Phoenix, Arizona, he first worked at Peter Tattoo in 1989. In 1992, he relocated to Atlanta and began working for Body Images. He first met and began working with Whirlwind Walt Clark, Gary Yoxen, and Shay Cannon.

Gary opened Tornado Tattoo a couple of years later. Chris Garver, Ami James, Darren Brass, Gregory Christion, Cindy Stroemple, Little Jeff, and numerous others, once again. He spent a few years there before returning to Atlanta and working with Shay at Urban Tribe once more. He is known as the Best Japanese Tattoo Artist In the United States.

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Location:1867 Iona Dr. SE, Atlanta, GA 30316, USA, Georgia (U.S. state)

Before Phil was ultimately willing to go out on his own, he was there for the first 4.5 years of Liberty. At that time, Memorial Tattoo was created!

Since taking over Memorial eight years ago, Phil has created one of Atlanta’s finest teams. Working with so many wonderful artists and having everyone at the shop treat him like family has been amazing. Phil specializes in photorealism, black-and-white, Japanese, and traditional American tattooing.

6. Jake Shalhoub

Starting The Passion

The best tattoo parlor in Las Vegas is called Sunrise Tattoo. It claims that a customized work-focused tattoo parlor is within a few minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Giving individuals the best tattoos they could ever want is its area of expertise. It was founded in 2019. Jake Shalhoub is the owner and operator. He has been tattooing for more than ten years and has won several awards.

Location:100 Taylor St, Nashville, TN 37208, United States.

Contact No: +1 615-664-7724.

Time: closes at 6 pm.

7. Chris Ayala

Starting The Passion

The best custom tattoo studio in Houston is called Scorpion Studio. They provide all the solutions to your search for the best tattooing. Professional, award-winning, and licensed tattoo artists offer the best standards in tattooing as well as the answers to all of your creative needs! Chris Ayala is the owner of the tattoo studio and one of the finest tattoo artists in Texas.

Location:1401 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006, United States.

Contact No: +1 713-528-7904

Timeopens at 1 PM.

8. Ryan Dubya

Starting The Passion

Golden Grizzly Tattoo specializes in unique tattoos, but they also provide a lot of off-the-wall flashes. Golden Grizzly Tattoo’s owner and tattoo artist is Ryan Dubya. Despite the fact that it’s a young business, their artists have been working here since 2009 and collectively have more than 20 years of experience.

Location:1225 E Brady St, Milwaukee, WI 53202, United States.

Contact No: +1 414-885-0077.

Time: closes 8 PM.
He is the Best Japanese Tattoo Artist In the United States. They are implementing extra security measures at Golden Grizzly Tattoo because of COVID-19 to protect our clients and staff. To reduce the number of customers in the shop at once, we are now operating as an appointment-only business. Their artists are skilled at quickly and expertly executing a variety of styles.

9. Sean Perkinson


Sean  Perkinson, 51, lives in Santa Rosa, California. Sean lived in Santa Rosa, Moraga, San Leandro, San Francisco, and Oakland in the state of California. Since 2018, Sean Perkinson has been employed by Faith on Sundays and Mondays.

Starting The Passion

Eventually returning to Oakland, Robert Klem established the FTW Tattoo Parlor. He gave Sean Perkinson and Jason Phillips the shop. They continued what he started, and the Bay Area now has one of the most well-known shops.

Location:600 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, United States.

Contact No:+1 707-566-9955.

Timecloses at 7 PM.

 Although he prefers Americana and Japanese-style tattooing, he is a rather well-rounded tattoo artist. He does not limit himself to simply these two tattooing techniques. I’m at ease with nearly all aspects of tattooing.

10. Timpac Cyrus

Starting The Passion

Timpac Cyrus has an amazing tattoo shop in Sacramento, California. The name of the tattoo shop is Forever Tattoo. It provides a great vibe to the customers. He is an amazing tattoo artist according to the customers.

Location:2312 K St, Sacramento, CA 95816, United States.

Contact No:+1 916-443-8118.

Timecloses at 7 PM.

He makes customers comfortable. Moreover, he makes sure that customers are getting appropriate services.

We expect that you have enjoyed reading our article. If you are truly a tattoo lover, this article helps you to choose the right tattoo artist for you. The artists have not only expertise but also the ability to treat customers nicely. To know more fresh content, keep your eyes on our website.

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