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27 Bluebonnet Flower Tattoo Designs & Meaning

Flowers are beautiful, a symbol of humane aesthetics and culture. Every individual flower has some character and resembles something related to our sentiments. Maybe that’s the sole reason behind people getting tattoos of flowers. Today we will discuss the Bluebonnet flower and its appeal as a subject of tattoo.

Bluebonnet Flower Meaning :

A flower with vibrant blue blooms in the spring and is found all over the USA. But Texas is the only place you get both Lupinus Texensic and Lupinus Subcarnoss species. It is the state flower of Texas. So, inevitably this flower entails a story of Texas spirit and pride. Except that this flower has some fascinating backstory.

An Indian story conveys, there once was a situation in some Indian tribe in Texas. The Sun shined strong, and all the water dried up. So, a sacrifice was to made to the great spirits. So that they blessed them with rain, but no one stepped up to do so. There was only a girl who agreed to sacrifice something truly valuable to her, so she did. Eventually, the spirits were pleased and condoned the whole tribe. Finally, it rained, and along with raindrops came the Bluebonnet flowers as a present for the girl for her bravery. Hence, this flower symbolizes courage and blessings.

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There’s another story about the origin of Bluebonnet. This story is regarding a great Christian soul of a nun who was known as the ‘Lady in the Blue’. When she left her earthly body, her spirit left the powerful blue behind in the fields. Which Indians discovered as the Bluebonnet flower in the morning. With this context, this flower tells a story of spirituality.

Bluebonnet Flower Tattoo Meaning:

A tattoo conveys the story and characters of the subject. Bluebonnets bloom in the spring and in places that get lots of sun. According to some people, this gives it the intrinsic meaning of joy and colorfulness. As the flower itself tells stories of spirituality, bravery, and blessings, so does the tattoo.

People from texas prefer getting this tattoo cause it carries the texas pride and spirit. Texas people also gift this flower to each other on state occasions. As we can see, the bluebonnet tattoo tells lots of stories. So, if these stories make a match with you, then you can think of getting it inked on your body. Though, we prefer you to be sure about a tattoo before getting it.

Best Places To Get Bluebonnet Tattoo On Your Body

The next question is, in which place of your should you get inked. Well, that depends on multiple criteria. If you’re an introvert and getting this tattoo for your love for anything or your values, then you might consider getting somewhere that stays covered. You may think of the shoulder or behind your ear.

But if you want this to represent your spirit, then get inked somewhere that is easily visible. That might be your hand or a finger or neck. Bluebonnet tattoos are considered small tattoo subjects, but there’s no rule. You have to do it small.

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Bluebonnet Flower Tattoo

Bluebonnet Flower Tattoo

Sunflower and Blue Bonnet Black White Tattoo

Sunflower and Blue Bonnet Black White Tattoo

Small Bluebonnet Tattoo Black and White

Small Bluebonnet Tattoo Black and White

Bluebonnet Ankle Tattoo

bluebonnet ankle tattoo

Bluebonnet Sunflower & Buffalo Tattoo

buffalo tattoo

Bluebonnet And Sunflower Tattoo Thigh

Bluebonnet And Sunflower Tattoo Thigh

Bluebonnet Tattoo on Shoulder

Bluebonnet Tattoo on Shoulder

Butterfly and Flower Thigh Tattoo

Butterfly and Flower Thigh Tattoo

Colorful Bluebonnet Ankle Tattoo

bluebonnet tattoo 3

Bluebonnet Flower Black & White Leg Tattoo

bluebonnet tattoo 4

Simple Black Flower Tattoo Hand

bluebonnet tattoo 5

Bluebonnet and Butterfly Tattoo Hand

bluebonnet tattoo 6

Bluebonnet Texas County Maps Tattoo

Bluebonnet Texas County Maps Tattoo

Simple Colorful Flower Tattoo on Rib

bluebonnet tattoo 8

Hat and Bluebonnet Arm Tattoo

bluebonnet tattoo 9

Blue Bonnet California Poppy Tattoo

bluebonnet tattoo 10

Bluebonnet Hat Tattoo Back

bluebonnet tattoo 11

Cross & Bluebonnet Flower Tattoo Hand

bluebonnet tattoo 12

Texas Map in Bluebonnet Hand Tattoo

bluebonnet tattoo 13

Bluebonnet Animal Tattoo Sleeve

bluebonnet tattoo 14

Bluebonnet Flower Tattoo Rib

bluebonnet tattoo 15

Bluebonnet and Map Tattoo Sleeve

Map Tattoo Sleeve

Simple Tiny Bluebonnet Tattoo

Simple Tiny Bluebonnet Tattoo 

Watercolor Bluebonnet Sleeve Tattoo

Watercolor Bluebonnet Sleeve Tattoo

Bluebonnet Knee Tattoo

bluebonnet tattoo 1


Bluebonnet Watercolor Leg Tattoo

Watercolor Leg Tattoo

It’s your body, your choice- do whatever you please. Don’t get hasty, it’s a decision for life, and you can’t divorce a tattoo after all. Go, decorate your body happily. Let your tattoo speak for you.

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