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60 Amazing Mortal Kombat Tattoos That Are Eye-catching

The Mortal Kombat Tattoo idea has come from the legendary American assassination game Mortal Kombat. The players of this game have loved the characters so much that they can decide to get a tattoo without thinking any other thing. 

The game characters and the weapons are the topics for the Mortal kombat tattoo designs. The main characters of the game are the scorpion, sub-zero, and Raiden. Their and their weapons tattoo ideas are presented here. Moreover, some other new and cool tattoo ideas are shown here that might catch your eyes. 

What Elements can be inked as Mortal Kombat Tattoos?

The mortal kombat is a fighting game. It was first introduced in 1992. It was updated many times. In every update, new features were included and introduced to the gamers. At this time, many characters, and weapons can be seen in the game that is popular. The game itself is a startling thing. So, anything related to it can be used as a tattoo. 

Mortal Kombat logo: You have played the game or not played it, but you must have seen its logo of it. The logo can be used as a tattoo on your body. A few logo tattoo designs are presented below. The logo represents the ‘Fatalities’ that is Mortal Kombat known for. ’

The Dragon: If you don’t want to draw the full logo, then you can take the dragon that is inside the logo as a tattoo. This dragon looks powerful and a real fighter. The dragon is not a character in the game. But the ‘Midway Games’ developer company has put the dragon face in the tattoo as a fighting symbol.

Characters: The characters are the main point of view of the game. There are several characters you can see in this game. Different people like different characters. Some people have taken characters as their idols. Liu Kang, Shang Tsung, Scorpion, Raiden, Kung Lao, Johny Cage, Jax, Sonya Blade, etc. are the characters of  Mortal kombat.

Weapons: Some artists have made tattoos of the weapons of this game and that has been viral.

Is Mortal Kombat Tattoo Dangerous?

Some people who do not play any kind of games have a negative opinion of mortal kombat tattoos. But the real matter is there is no negative impact of this tattoo on our lives. Rather than that, this tattoo can give you a good personality in front of others. So, if you have decided to get a tattoo of Mortal Kombat, you can get it without any confusion.

Mortal Kombat Tattoo Ideas

A good tattoo idea can bring happiness to your life. The game is known for its fatality and fighting. The tattoo ideas of this game have been created with the characters, weapons, and fight scenes. Your friends who do not love this game may not agree to get this tattoo. But as you have emotion for this game, then just pick up a tattoo design and get inked. 

Scorpion Mortal Kombat Tattoo

scorpion mortal kombat tattoo


mortal kombat tattoo 2


mortal kombat tattoo 3


mortal kombat tattoo 4


The scorpion is the most powerful and popular character in the game. Usually, A scorpion is known as the symbol of death, pain, and evil. But people do not love the character for its name. People love him for his power and powerful movements. This character looks much more aggressive and wild while playing. The good thing the is-the color of the tattoo can be inked as your choice. 

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Mortal Kombat Dragon Tattoo

mortal kombat dragon tattoo


mortal kombat dragon tattoo 2


mortal kombat dragon tattoo 3


mortal kombat dragon tattoo 4


The dragon in the game itself looks like a great warrior. His tattoo can be inked as a symbol of combat. In many communities, the dragon is muchly respected. Gamers love the dragon as much as they love the game’s characters. In the designs, you can see a circle surrounded by the dragon. You can remove the circle to make the tattoo more authentic. 

Mortal Kombat Logo Tattoo

mortal kombat logo tattoo


mortal kombat logo tattoo 2


mortal kombat logo tattoo 3


The logo attracts game lovers. The mortal kombat logo tattoo can be a good idea for you if you love this game. 

Mortal Kombat Symbol Tattoo

mortal kombat symbol tattoo


mortal tattoo symbol tattoo 2


The symbol of the game means a lot to gamers. You can see not all people can understand the value of this gaming tattoo. A particular category of people is familiar with this game and they show interest in this mortal kombat tattoo. This tattoo idea can be your personal choice at a medium-range cost. The relaxing matter is that this tattoo is cost-worthy when your friend appreciates your tattoo. 

Raiden Mortal Kombat Tattoo

mortal kombat raiden tattoo


mortal kombat raiden tattoo 2


mortal kombat raiden tattoo 3


Among all the characters of Mortal, Kombat Raiden is popular for his fighting styles. His outlook is also cool. Tattoo artists have shown their creativity with Raiden’s tattoos. They made some elegant and gorgeous tattoo ideas that have been famous. In some of the tattoos, he is holding his weapon in his hand which makes the tattoo more fearsome.

Kitana Mortal Kombat Tattoo

mortal kombat kitana tattoo


mortal kombat kitana tattoo 2


mortal kombat kitana tattoo 3


Kitana is the female fighter character of the game. Most female Mortal kombat lovers choose Kitana tattoos for themselves. Respectfully, the Kitana tattoo design represents feminine power. As this is a fighting game, people will love more violence and fatalities. The game is full of thrills and enjoyable moments. You can remind the scenes simply with a tattoo of it. 

Sub Zero Mortal Kombat Tattoo

mortal kombat subzero tattoo


mortal kombat subzero tattoo 2


mortal kombat subzero tattoo 3


One of the most powerful characters is sub-zero. If you have played the game you know how people love him. The scorpion and sub-zero look the same. This character always wears a face mask. His ice power can be highlighted by some blue lines. You can add different colors for one tattoo as your choice. You should know that sub-zero has a tattoo on his arm. 

Mortal Kombat Tattoo Sleeve

mortal kombat tattoo sleeve


mortal kombat tattoo sleeve 2


mortal kombat sleeve tattoo


mortal kombat sleeve tattoo 2


If this is your first tattoo and you are confused about where to draw the tattoo, then you should know that the sleeve tattoo is the most famous at this time. There is no particular reason for it. But it is easy to move your hand around and you can wear a hand-cut T-shirt to show your tattoo to your friends. 

Mortal Kombat Reptile Tattoo

mortal kombat reptile tattoo


mortal kombat reptile tattoo 2


mortal kombat reptile tattoo 3


The reptile tattoo is for those people who need an abash-looking tattoo. Because his look can make you feel feared whenever you see it. Normally, people are used to drawing his face only as a tattoo. But his body can also be inked as a big-sized tattoo on your chest or shoulder. Have you ever thought about that?

Mortal Kombat Scorpion Chain Tattoo

mortal kombat chain tattoo


mortal kombat chain tattoo 2


mortal kombat chain tattoo 3


The scorpion character has a chain as a weapon. People feel the power by seeing the chain in the scorpion’s hand. That scene you can make special by getting its tattoo. Getting a fight scene tattoo is a good idea that only a few people understand. People have emotions for the game and a tattoo is a good way to show emotion.

Mortal Kombat Kano Tattoo

mortal kombat kano tattoo


mortal kombat kano tattoo 2


Kano is a muscleman character in the game. Kano tattoo can be used in black and white colors. It will be better to use saturated color for the Kano tattoo on your body. Tell your artist to make sure the muscles are clear in the tattoo. Otherwise, the tattoo design will lose its balance. 

Mortal Kombat Chest Tattoo

mortal kombat chest tattoo


mortal kombat chest tattoo 2


mortal kombat chest tattoo 3

mortal kombat chest tattoo 4


mortal kombat chest tattoo 5


The chest is a big part of our bodies. Whenever we think of getting a tattoo the chest tattoo idea comes first. People have an interest in chest tattoos but they cannot make decisions. The main reason behind it is the lack of encouragement. For you, here are some Mortal Kombat chest tattoo designs given that might you like. 

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Mortal Kombat Hand Tattoo

mortal kombat hand tattoo


mortal kombat hand tattoo 2


mortal kombat hand tattoo 3


A hand tattoo can be big or small in size. But the tattoo quality matters much more than the tattoo size. You may have seen many hand tattoo designs before. But these designs that you are seeing, are the unique designs that were disclosed recently. The hand tattoo can be simple or complex. But remember, your hand will be visible all time. 

Mortal Kombat X Tattoo

mortal kombat x tattoo


mortal kombat x tattoo 2


The iconic game Mortal Kombat is still being played with addiction in many countries. Gamers have another level of tendency for this game. Some gamers have been die-hard fans of their favorite character. The ‘X’ here does not mean anything extraordinary. It means fatality. 

This is a virtual place, so you cannot meet the characters in real life. But you can satisfy your mind by getting your favorite character’s tattoo on your body.

American Traditional Mortal Kombat Tattoos

mortal kombat american tattoo


mortal kombat american tattoo 2


mortal kombat american tattoo 3


Americans are always different from the rest of the world. Also, they have different tastes in tattoos. They do not like complex or rough tattoo designs. Americans look for something simple but unique and meaningful. Some of American’s choices of Mortal Kombat Tattoos are presented here. You may have already noticed that these are different than regular tattoos. 

Baraka Mortal Kombat Tattoo

mortal kombat baraka tattoo


Baraka’s two swords in his hand make him an interesting character in the game. This tattoo idea is not famous for scorpion and sub-zero. But you can try it as a new tattoo and let it be popular. This totally looks like a fatality tattoo. This one can be inked on your body as a fashionable tattoo that you were looking for. 

Beefy Muscle Mortal Kombat Tattoo

mortal kombat muscle tattoo


mortal kombat muscle tattoo 2

mortal kombat muscle tattoo 3

You can easily beat your enemies if you play with the muscleman characters in the game. From that thought, the machismo or muscle power tattoo idea was invented. Though if you are not a fan of badass scenes in the game you will love these characters. Because everyone loves muscle powers. 

Bloodlines Tattoo Mortal Kombat

mortal kombat bloodline tattoo

mortal kombat bloodline tattoo 2

Mortal Kombat tattoos are intimidating as the game. Gamers always look for something bold and strong. The bloodline tattoo is an influential idea for gamers. Seeing the blood helps them to increase their bravery and fight with more powerful enemies. These designs are also realistic enough to get noticed. 

Liu Kang Mortal Kombat Tattoo

mortal kombat lui kang tattoo


mortal kombat lui kang tattoo 2

One of the most powerful characters in the game is Liu Kang. Both boys and girls show interest to get Liu Kang’s tattoos on their bodies. If you have never gotten inked before then this tattoo can be painful for you. But if you select the right tattoo, you can feel the tattoo is pain-worthy. 

Mileena Mortal Kombat Tattoo

mortal kombat mileena tattoo

mortal kombat mileena tattoo 2

Mileena is another feminine character in the game just like Kitana. This female character tattoo has some specialty. Have you ever scrutinized her eyes? You will fall in love with her eyes if you look carefully. Don’t think much about the color of this tattoo. It can be replaced with another light color. 

Mortal Kombat Back Tattoo

mortal kombat shoulder tattoo

A shoulder tattoo has to be big, bold, and stunning that can easily catch anyone’s eye. Small tattoos are incompatible in the back or shoulder. Select a recognizable thing to get the tattoo on your back. A simple and easy tattoo can be inked on the back to save you time. Carefully choose the color for your back tattoo. 

Mortal Kombat Fatality Tattoo

mortal kombat fatality tattoo

mortal kombat fatality tattoo 2

Naturally, gamers like violence and fatality tattoos. You have to defeat your enemy to win the match. To remind all the badass scenes, gamers will go for a fatality and bloody tattoo. Your favorite character’s move can be inked on your body. That will be an inspiration for you to play the game again and again. 

However,  I have tried to show you tattoo ideas of Mortal Kombat characters, weapons, and other related tattoos. These characters are Level-1 grade characters that can easily defeat their opponent. I have shown Scorpion, Subzero, Kitana, and Mileena’s tattoos. These tattoos are amazing and stylish. The most important thing about these tattoos is, these tattoos are totally unique. I am sure you haven’t seen these designs before.

Since 1990 after the game was introduced, millions of people are loving it till now. They are encouraged to get a tattoo because of that love. You have to spend money and time to get an output of the perfect tattoo on your body. These designs are not separated for boys and girls. Because these are made by artists for both boys and girls.

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