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92 New Galaxy Tattoo Ideas – For Space Lovers

A galaxy is a bound system of Planets, stars, and asteroids. Galaxies have vastness with elements inside them. A Galaxy tattoo can show your love, interest, curiosity, and respect for the galaxy and space. Not every person can understand the significance of space things. You have come here because you love space and galaxies and you are willing to get a space and galaxy-related tattoo on your body. A good galaxy tattoo idea can make you feel free to ink a tattoo on your skin.

We are used to talking about galaxies in our everyday life. But we don’t know anything much about galaxies. When we know the expansion of the galaxies, we fall in love and wish to get a tattoo of it. Whether you have to show love for space or just want to improve your look, one galaxy tattoo will be your supreme idea. 

Galaxies are the most mysterious object for mankind. There are countless galaxies in our universe. But people could not even know everything about our Milkyway galaxy. Its immensity has made it more mystic for us. Thus, the tattoo idea of the galaxy is being popular day by day. 

Galaxy Tattoo Meaning

The meaning of the Galaxy tattoo cannot be described in a few words. The Galaxy is a different substance for different people. For some people, it’s just curiosity. On the other, some people spend their life knowing about galaxies. For them, galaxy tattoos are the sign of a dream, Knowledge, and love for the creation of god. 

Here I have brought some of the best, new, trending and amazing galaxy tattoo ideas for you. We tried to cover all the designs engaged with galaxies. I tried to cover all the designs that will win your heart. 

Galaxy Tattoo Sleeve

galaxy tattoo sleeve


sleeve galaxy tattoo


galaxy tattoo sleeve 1


galaxy tattoo sleeve 2


galaxy tattoo sleeve 3


Simple Galaxy Tattoos

simple galaxy tattoo


simple galaxy tattoo 2


simple galaxy tattoo 3


simple galaxy tattoo 4


Galaxy Black & White Space Tattoo

galaxy black white tattoo


galaxy black white tattoo 2


galaxy black white tattoo 3


Only the portraits of galaxies would be boring. Some astronomical objects can enhance the beauty of tattoos. Including stars and planets make any tattoo design perfect. You may see astronomers in some of the designs. A person in the tattoo makes the tattoo significant for the artist and the users. Our solar system is a part of the Milkyway galaxy. You can ink the sun and the planets of the solar system with space background.

A sleeve tattoo is the most famous idea in every country of the world. Because your hand is always visible to others. If you need an easy design to choose the simplest design from the list given here. The Black and white design gets another level of respect from tattoo lovers for its uniqueness. Don’t get carried away by what others say. Always prioritize your soul’s needs.

Galaxy Watercolor Tattoo

galaxy watercolour tattoo

watercolour galaxy tattoo

galaxy watercolour tattoo 2

galaxy watercolour tattoo 3

Small Galaxy Tattoo

small galaxy tattoo

galaxy small tattoo

small galaxy tattoo 2

It doesn’t matter whether you are getting a small tattoo or a big tattoo. Your love and eagerness matter when you choose a tattoo. You know the most about your lifestyle, taste, needs, and affection. Take suggestions from friends but don’t forget to respect your own choice. Small tattoos are also known as minimalist tattoos.

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A tattoo is the only thing that will stay with your body all the time. If you don’t like your tattoo you will not be able to find peace and calmness. Sincerely select the right tattoo.

Galaxy Rose Tattoo

galaxy rose tattoo

galaxy hand rose tattoo

galaxy rose tattoo 2

galaxy rose tattoo 3

Celestial Galaxy Rose Tattoo

calestial rose galaxy tattoo

calestial galaxy rose tattoo

calestial galaxy tattoo

The Rose and the galaxy are connected to each other. Both are the greatest creations of our God. The Rose surprises us with its beauty and smell. On the same contrary, galaxies make us feel proud to be a part of the universe. Every galaxy tattoo design has its own way to make you fall in love. You cannot say ‘No’ to any of these tattoos. But you get a chance to see a vast number of designs and choose the perfect one for your body. 

People become astonished to see god’s creation. In a galaxy, you will see countless stars and dust, anti-matter, dark matter, and many other things. The tattoo of a galaxy widens your mind and increases respect for your creator.

Galaxy Elbow Tattoo

galaxy elbow tattoo

elbow galaxy tattoo

These designs are covering the elbow of the person. Medium-sized tattoos can be used on elbows. Though it is not a trend to draw tattoos on elbows, it is a good idea to do something new. It proves your creativity to your friend circle and colleagues. A Space ship is absolutely related to space and galaxies. Without a spacecraft, astronomers cannot visit any planet.

Guardians of The Galaxy Tattoo

guardian of the galaxy tattoo

i am groot tattoo

galaxy groot tattoo

guaridan of the galaxy tattoo 2

guardian of the galaxy tattoo 3

Guardian of the galaxy is a movie series from Marvel. It has been one of the most popular movies till now. People love this series so much that they started inkling tattoos of these movie characters. Among them, Groot is the funniest and cute. But people also want other characters’ tattoos to get inked. 

The tattoo design of Guardian of the Galaxy is related to the Galaxy tattoo idea. Because this movie series is full of our Milkyway galaxy. They travel from one planet to another and fight for victory. The reason people choose the tattoo of Guardian of the Galaxy is they get inspiration from the character tattoo. So, are you thinking to get inspired by these tattoos?

Galaxy Space Tattoo

galaxy space tattoo

galaxy space tattoo 2

space galaxy tattoo

galaxy space tattoo 3

Milky Way Galaxy Tattoo

milkyway galaxy tattoo

milky way galaxy tattoo

milkyway galaxy tattoo 2


The Milkyway and the Andromeda are neighboring galaxies. They both are spiral galaxies. Scientists say that they will crash one day. After Milkyway, Andromeda is the most researched galaxy.

Galaxy Chest Tattoo

chest galaxy tattoo

galaxy chest tattoo

galaxy chest tattoo 2

galaxy chest tattoo 3

Galaxy Star Tattoo

galaxy star tattoo

galaxy star tattoo 2

galaxy star tattoo 3

galaxy star tattoo 4

People love to dream and intended to expand their creativity. Space and galaxies help them to think in their own way. As people dont know much about space things so, you can represent any of your thinking with a tattoo design. When you are tired and suddenly you look at your galaxy tattoo on your hand, that can make you relaxed. It can be used to reduce your depression and sadness when you are alone. 

Geometric Galaxy Tattoo

geometric galaxy tattoo

galaxy geometric tattoo

triangle galaxy tattoo

Spiral Galaxy Tattoo

spiral galaxy tattoo

spiral galaxy tattoo 2

spiral galaxy tattoo 3

The ‘Spiral’ term is used for a few galaxies. Our Milkyway is also a spiral galaxy. Because when you see the galaxy, it is like moving in a circle. You can view its top and bottom at the same time. This tattoo reminds us that everything in our universe is continuously moving.

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Galaxy Hand Tattoo

galaxy tattoo hand

hand galaxy tattoo

galaxy hand tattoo

Tribal Galaxy Tattoo

tribal galaxy tattoo

tribal galaxy tattoo 2

galaxy tribal tattoo

tribal galaxy tattoo 3

Galaxy Back Tattoo

galaxy back tattoo

galaxy back tattoo 2

galaxy back tattoo 3

Looking at a galaxy tattoo makes us feel how small we are. Galaxies are a small part of the huge space or universe. But the small galaxy isn’t that small. This reminds us that we are nothing but small creations of god compared with galaxies. There are billions of colorful stars in our galaxy. You can make your tattoo design as you dream of. You can resize and color as you want. There is no obstruction in a tattoo of the galaxy. 

Galaxy Cat Tattoo

galaxy cat tattoo

galaxy red cat tattoo

galaxy cat tattoo 2

galaxy cat tattoo 3

The cat is cute and the galaxy is mysterious. Both made these designs unique and more adorable to tattoo lovers. You don’t have to find the meaning of this design. It can catch anyone’s eye in a public place. 

Galaxy Swirl Tattoo

galaxy swirl tattoo

swirl galaxy tattoo

Galaxy Tattoo Stencil

galaxy stencil tattoo

galaxy tattoo stencil

galaxy tattoo stencil 2

Galaxy Thigh Tattoo

galaxy thigh tattoo

galaxy tattoo thigh

thigh galaxy tattoo

Getting a tattoo design of your dream-what could be better than this? People love to think about space things. But it is only possible for astronomers to go to space. But for us, getting a tattoo is the only way to show ambition for the galaxy. Different kinds of colors in the design makes our mind active and stress-free. 

Thigh tattoos cannot be shown all time because of wearing pants. But if you just need your own satisfaction, you can ink tattoos on your thigh. It is your body and you have the right to draw on any body part.

Galaxy Tattoos for Men

Though men and women like to get galaxy portrait tattoos there are special designs only for men. Boys mostly use wolf tattoos and skull tattoos. Boys and men need something scary to ink on their bodies. Boys also like flowers and cats but they would prefer wolf or skull tattoos for themselves. Some tattoo designs are given that can be used only by men. Take a look at them and pick up one for you. 

Galaxy Wolf Tattoo

galaxy wolf tattoo

galaxy wolf tattoo 2

galaxy wolf tattoo 3

galaxy wolf tattoo 4

Galaxy Skull Tattoo

galaxy skull tattoo

galaxy skull tattoo 2

galaxy flower skull tattoo

Galaxy Flowers Tattoo

galaxy flower tattoo

galaxy flower tattoo 2

galaxy flower tattoo 3

The flower is a sign of love and pureness. The flower is related to space because the flower also has its own beauty and nature that attracts people. Normally flower tattoo designs are used by women. In this design, the flower and the space have been mixed and created a pleasant view. So, it can be called the galaxy tattoo for women.

Galaxy Butterfly Tattoo

galaxy butterfly tattoo

Moon Galaxy Tattoo

moon galaxy tattoo

galaxy moon tattoo

galaxy moon tattoo 2

Among many known and unknown objects of our galaxy, the moon is the most beautiful thing. It is Earth’s only natural satellite and essential for us. Getting a moon tattoo also can be considered as getting a galaxy tattoo. Tell your artist to add galaxy things inside the moon’s body. A Moon tattoo is simple and easy, so it is better to draw it in a small area or you can get it in a big size. It’s fully your choice. 

Galaxy Dragon Tattoo

galaxy dragon tattoo

galaxy dragon tattoo 2

There is no end to knowing about our home galaxy Milkyway. You will rarely find any person who doesn’t know about it or has no interest in space. With the help of Astronomers and scientists, we are constantly learning about space and the galaxy. Also, our interest and curiosity are growing day by day. We cannot contribute to space research but at least we can show our love for galaxies by getting a tattoo. 

You can choose a design from here for your hand, sleeve, chest, shoulder, neck, face, wrist, leg, or any part of your body. All the tattoo ideas related to space and galaxies have been shared here. I don’t think any design idea is left. If you think I have missed any tattoo design simply let me know about it. The most important thing is here you see every tattoo design is unique. No old design has been included here.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the tattoo ideas here. If you have chosen a design, go to an Artist and get inked.

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