11 Legendery Fenrir Slavic Tattoos on Chest

30 Fenrir Tattoo Ideas For History Lovers

The Fenrir tattoos bear the history of the universe. In the history of nature and mythological tales, The wolf is considered a powerful animal. In Norse mythology, there are different characters like Fenrir, Geki, Freki, and Hati. Why are you so interested in Fenrir tattoo. The most common answer is you are a history lover. The second opinion can be you want to show your level of knowledge. It symbolizes strength and power. If you are a fighter against oppression or you want to break that chain of the world. these tattoos are for you. To know more about the Fenrir tattoo, keep reading this article.

Viking Fenrir Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a line of mountains. It also shows a wolf spreading a fire flame from its mouth. This black and white tattoo looks lovely on your forearm.

1 Viking Fenrir Try Tattoos on Forearm

Fenrir Half Arm Tattoo

This black tattoo represents the leaves’ design. It is a purely black artwork. The leaves are shaded with a grey color. It will enhance your forearm.

2 Significant Fenrir Black Art Tattoos on Half Arm

Fenrir Belly Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a wolf shaded with grey ink. It looks amazing on your belly.

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3 Fenrir Wolf Tattoos on Belly

Fenrir Neck Tattoo

The fenrir tattoo reflects a tiger with black ink fine line. It represents you are brave. It will beautify your neck.

4 Amazing Black Ink Line Fenrir Wolf Tattoos on Neck

Norse Fenrir Forearm Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a wolf that is roaring. There is a shaded design behind the wolf. It looks wonderful on your forearm.

5 Norse Fenrir Wolf Tattoos on Forearm

Angry Fenrir Face Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a wolf that seems very angry. It is shaded with blackish ink. It looks realistic. It suits wonderfully on your half arm.

6 Angry Fenrir Face Tattoos on Half Arm

Fenrir Head Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a wolf artistically. It looks real as it has complex designs shaded with black color. It looks amazing on your head.

7 Tarrible Fenrir Try Art Tattoos Covering Neck to Head

Fenrir Full Hand Tattoo

The tattoo represents an angry wolf shaded nicely with black and white color. it looks amazing when you do it perfectly. It will cover your full hand.

8 Amazing Black Ink Ragnarok Fenrir Tattoos Covering Full Hand

Fenrir Thigh Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a wolf having a pair of red-eye. It also includes Scandinavian runes. It looks wonderful on your thigh.

9 Ferocious Fenrir Tattoos on Thigh

Runes Fenrir Sleeve Tattoo

The tattoo portrays a Scandinavian rune in black and red color. It also includes a shaded wolf. It looks beautiful on your half sleeve.

10 Runes Fenrir Tattoos on Half Sleeve

Fenrir Slavic Chest Tattoo

The tattoo represents a wolf having blue-colored eyes. It also illustrates chains that mean the wolf is not free. It looks amazing on your chest.

11 Legendery Fenrir Slavic Tattoos on Chest

Black Art Fenrir Sketch Hand Tattoo

The tattoo portrays an angry wolf. It is a beautiful artwork of black color. It looks very lively on your half arm.

12 Legendery Black Art Fenrir Sketch Tattoo on Half Hand

Fenrir Chest Tattoo

The tattoo represents a wolf designed with unique black art. It looks stunning on your chest.

13 Absolute Lovely Fenrir Sketch Tattoo on Chest

Viking Fenrir Sketch Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a wolf. Its cells are intensified due to grey color shading. It looks amazing on your shoulder.

14 Incredible Viking Fenrir Sketch Tattoo Covering Chest to Shoulder

Fenrir Wild Wolf Tattoo

Just look at the tattoo! It represents a wolf with a dot work shaded with a grey color. It looks wild on your half hand.

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15 Amazing Dot Work Fenrir Wild Wolf Tattoo Covering Half Hand

Fenrir Significado Tattoo

The tattoo includes a calm wolf and Scandinavian runes. This black and white look amazing on your half arm.

16 Black Ink Fenrir Tattoo Significado on Half Arm

Fenrir Realistic Tattoo

This realistic Fenrir tattoo looks amazing on your forearm as it represents an angry wolf.

17 Unterarm Fenrir Tattoo on Forearm

Fenrir Half Hand Tattoo

The tattoo portrays Scandinavian runes with complex black designs. It suits your hand.

18 Tribal Neotrad Fenrir Tattoo on Half Hand

Tribal Fenrir Arm Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a tribal wolf suiting perfectly on your half arm.

19 Tribal Viking Fenrir Tattoo on Half Arm

Mythical Fenrir Tattoo

The tattoo represents the mythical character Fenrir. Fenrir is mainly a wolf. This beautiful tattoo covers your rib to your belly.

20 Pretty Black Art Mythical Fenrir Tattoo From Rib to Belly

Ancient Fenrir Wolf Tattoo

In this tattoo, a black wolf is represented. Shaded Chains are also illustrated. It contains multiple complex designs. It covers your back.

21 Solid Black Ink Ancient Fenrir Wolf Tattoo on Full Back

Viking Fenrir Complex Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a wild wolf very artistically with chains. It will enhance your back.

22 Solid Black Ink Viking Fenrir Wolf Slavic Tattoo on Back

Viking Fenrir Back Tattoo

Just watch out for the tattoo! what a beautiful Vikings design! It illustrates a wolf in a shape of a tree. It looks amazing on your back.

23 Significant Tribal Viking Fenrir Tattoo on Back

Fenrir Forearm Tattoo

This wolf tattoo is magically beautiful. It is shaded with black color that makes the tattoo elegant.

24 Magical Round Design Fenrir Wolf Tattoo on Forearm

Fenrir Wrist Tattoo

In this black tattoo, we can see a black wolf and a series of trees over the wolf’s head. It looks stunning on your wrist.

25 Gorgeous Fenrir Wolf Tattoo on Wrist

Fenrir Writing Tattoo

You can write Fenrir on your finger with black ink. It looks classy.

Fenrir Writing Tattoo

Heroic Fenrir Tattoo

You can portray heroic character of mythology on your chest. Fenrir, the wolf, is a heroic character. It will cover your shoulder to chest.

27 Heroic Fenrir Tattoo Covering Shoulder to chest

Fenrir Neck Tattoo

You can draw a design of wolf and Scandinavian runes on your neck to chest.

28 Beautiful Viking Fenrir Tattoo from Neck to Chest

Fenrir Thigh Tattoo

How nicely shaded the tattoo is! It illustrates a black color shaded wolf having red eyes. You must be amazed to see the roaring tattoo. It is a beautiful leg tattoo.

29 Superb Skin Art Taugh Fenrir Tattoo on Thigh

Dark Ink Fenrir Hand Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a beautiful wolf and it will beautify your hand.

30 Dark Ink Fenrir Wolf Tattoos on Hand


How was the Fenrir born?

Fenrir was born as a snake. He was half dead when he was born.

What is Fenrir’s gender?

Fenrir can be male and female. The marvel cinematic universe’s version of Fenrir’s is female. Mythological counterparts are male.

Is Fenrir mortal?

Fenrir is immortal and it has immune to protect against diseases. Its age can not be increased.

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