13 Cute Pulse Tattoo in Love Shape Heart on Hand

34 Pulse Tattoo Design Ideas for Male & Female

Do you know what Pulse tattoo means? It presents life. It also depicts the love between siblings, best friends, and couples. We have collected unique designs for your need. But you should pulse tattoo is mostly small sized. If you are innovative enough, you can get a large pulse tattoo. Look forward to knowing more about pulse tattoo designs.

Music Lover Forearm Pulse Tattoo

If you are a music lover, you can try this tattoo. It illustrates a musical logo along with a heartbeat. Dark black ink has intensified the tattoo beautifully. It looks great on the forearm.

Pulse Tattoo

Love Pulse Arm Tattoo

You can this pulse tattoo for your lover. You can include your lover’s name to show your love. You can show that your heart beats for your lover. It looks stunning on the arms.

2 Expressing Love Pulse Tattoo with Name on Arm

Mountain Lover Pulse Half Arm Tattoo

If you love mountains and trekking, you can check this tattoo out. It illustrates the mountains along with heartbeats. It looks beautiful on the half arms.

3 Mountain Lover Pulse Tattoo on Half Arm

Dog Lover Pulse Foot Tattoo

Are you a dog lover? You can do the dog lover pulse tattoo. It represents the dog’s paw into the heart. It looks cute on the foot.

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Pulse Foot Tattoo

Cycling Lover Pulse Sleeve Tattoo

Young people are fond of cycling. They can choose this tattoo. It illustrates the cycle with a heart beautifully. It looks great on the sleeves.

Pulse Sleeve Tattoo

Pulse Circle Tattoo On Foot

In the tattoo, the pulses are drawn beautifully around the ankle. If you want to intensify this tattoo, you can use colors.

6 Pulse circle Tattoo on Leg

Love Expressing Pulse Sleeve Tattoo

You can try this colorful pulse tattoo if you want to express love. It illustrates a red heart. It looks wonderful on the sleeves.

7 Love Expressing Pulse Tattoo on Half Sleeve

Radium Color Pulse Hand Tattoo

This tattoo reflects lights from the pulse. It looks amazing the hands. But it is difficult to remove this tattoo. Pico laser is used to remove this tattoo.

8 Radium Color Pulse Tattoo on Hand

Pulse Wrist Tattoo with Heart

This simple pulse tattoo sets beautifully on the wrist. It includes a heart. It is perfectly illustrated with black ink.

Pulse Wrist Tattoo

Pulse Hand Tattoo with Name & Heart

You can draw this pulse tattoo if you love yourself. You can add a heart middle of the pulse. You can also include your name in the first and the last part. It looks great on the hand.

10 Pulse Tattoo with Name Heart on Half Hand

Pulse Forearm Tattoo with Red Color Heart

Love is a magical thing. To show love for yourself and for others, you can try this pulse hand tattoo with a red heart. It looks stunning on the forearm.

Pulse Forearm Tattoo

Amazing Small Pulse Tattoo

The small pulse tattoo looks cute on the hand. It adds a simple fine line. You can add your favorite short quote with the design.

Small Pulse Tattoo

Cute Pulse Tattoo in Love Shape Heart

It is the most preferable tattoo for females. It illustrates a heart and the pulses are shown inside the heart. It looks unique on the hand.

13 Cute Pulse Tattoo in Love Shape Heart on Hand

Pretty Pulse Tattoo with Tiny Alphabet

This pulse tattoo looks pretty on the wrist. You can add your name’s alphabet with the pulse design. It includes a heart which means showing love. You should definitely try out this tattoo.

14 Pretty Pulse Tattoo with Tiny Alphabet on Wrist

Cute Small Pulse Love Tattoo

Girls should definitely check out this small pulse tattoo as it looks cute on the arm.

15 Cute Small Pulse Tattoo on Arm

Lovely Pulse with Red Heart Tattoo 

If you want to write your lover’s name on your chest, you can do this tattoo. It includes a cute red heart. Boys are fascinated by this tattoo.

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16 Lovely Pulse Tattoo with Red Heart Name on Chest

Creative Pulse Hand Tattoo

The creative pulse tattoo looks wonderful when you add history line with it. As we see, it represents the year “1971”. Similarly, you can add your birth year. It is usually done on the hand.

Pulse Hand Tattoo

Pulse Lovers Tattoo

Lovers can wear similar tattoos. One tattoo can be represented a king and another maybe queen. This tattoo has a beautiful blue background. It looks beautiful on the arm and back.

18 Lovers Do Pulse on Forearm and Back

Pulse with Lover Name Tattoo

Women love to do tattoos on their bodies. We can see the girl has written her lover’s name with pulse design on the ribs. It looks stunning.

Pulse with Lover Name Tattoo

Super Creative Surgery Tattoo

The tattoo represents a musical instrument with a common pulse design. Some parts of the tattoo have been shaded nicely to make it beautiful. It sets perfectly on the forearm.

20 Super Creative Surgery Pulse Tattoo for Music Lover on Forearm

Pulse Foot Tattoo 

This foot tattoo looks very attractive because black ink has intensified the design. You can add a single alphabet to beautify the tattoo.

21 Black Ink Pulse Tattoo on Foot

Pulse Tattoo on Half Sleeve

The pulse sleeve tattoo is very beautiful to look at. It represents pulses. It also illustrates a red heart. It looks wonderful on the sleeve.

Pulse Tattoo on Half Sleeve

Rainbow Heart Pulse Chest Tattoo

The rainbow heart pulse looks incredible on the chest. It illustrates a heart filling with rainbow colors. The pulses are also designed with colorful ink.

23 Incradible Rainbow Heart Pulse Tattoo on Chest

Simple Pulse Back Tattoo 

Young people are now fascinated with black and white tattoos. This black and white tattoo illustrates pulses increasing and decreasing. It looks beautiful on the back.

24 Simple Black Ink Pulse Tattoo on Back

Dog Lover Pulse Hand Tattoo

This adorable dog head pulse tattoo is for dog lovers as it has illustrated a pet dog.

25 Adorable Dog Lover Pulse Tattoo on Hand

Small Love with Pulse Shoulder Tattoo

If you like having tattoos but not large ones, you can try this simple tattoo.

26 Small Love with Pulse Tattoo on Shoulder

Pulse Belly Tattoo for Lover

You can mention your name as well as special dates along with this tattoo design. It looks unique as it is a dark-inked tattoo.

27 Beautiful Pulse Tattoo for Lover on Belly

Pulse Arm Tattoo with Bird

You can add bird wings to your Arm tattoo.

28 Incredible Pulse Tattoo with Bird on Arm

Pulse Hand Tattoo

This tattoo is drawn in different languages. If you have expertise in multiple languages, you can try out this tattoo.

Pulse Hand Tattoo

Pulse Chest Tattoo with Heart

The tattoo looks beautiful because it has a blue and pink colored background. Girls are eager to try this tattoo.

30 Super Lovely Color Ink Pulse Tattoo with Heart on Chest

Small Pulse Wrist Tattoo 

Women prefer this type of small tattoo because it has different appeals to pulse tattoo lovers.

31 Super Cute Black Ink Small Pulse Tattoo on Wrist

Bike Lover Pulse Chest Tattoo 

Are you a bike lover? You should definitely check out this bike lover tattoo.

Pulse Chest Tattoo 

Pulse Chest Tattoo for Doctor

Are you a doctor? You are not legging behind doing tattoos. This pulse chest tattoo for a doctor is perfect for you.

32 Pulse Tattoo for Doctor on Chest

Simple Pulse Rib Tattoo

Girls! If you have a beautiful body, you can try this tattoo because it illustrates the plane line and the tattoo placed on the rib.

33 Simple Plane Line Pulse Tattoo on Rib

Pulse tattoo is now in trend. Choose any of the designs from us and make yourself beautiful. We have a collection of mostly small tattoos

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