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91 Whale Tattoo Ideas That Can Shock You – With Meaning

The whale is the largest living animal right now on earth. This silent sea creature never impacts human life. Getting a Whale tattoo design on your body is a good idea because you get all the virtues of a whale in yourself. You will find many genres of whales. Orca, killer whale, humpback, Polynesian, and Blue whales you will find in the big sea. Here I am going to tell you about all these whale tattoo meanings. Also, I am showing you some authentic designs that you might be attached to. 

If you have wished to have a tattoo but cannot find the right design, I have a preference for you. If you are passionate, patient, and enduring the whale tattoo is recommended for you. The marine life is full of peace and pleasure. It is known that you will not get inked the tattoo unless you know well about it. So, learn all the meanings and benefits of whale tattoos. Some people want to know the mystery of whale tattoos. You should know that there is no specific story or history of whales. We get encouragement from the whales so, they deserve respect from us. 

Whale Tattoo Meaning

Whales are the largest and old animals in the world. This animal loves to live with friends are make love with them. They are also known as peaceful animals. You will not see them fighting or harming. A whale tattoo symbolizes peace, wisdom, love, and power. Also, whales are considered the symbol of good luck. They maintain socialism among themselves. 

There are different kinds of whales. Some are big, some are small. Their meanings are changed with their body style or movement. But the main purpose of whale tattoo design is same always. Try to understand the spirit of the whale and its tattoo design. Check out the latest whale tattoo ideas we have presented here.

Orca Whale Tattoo Meaning

The orca whale is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic whale family. It has a black and white color body. Orca tattoo symbolizes luck, domestic, and compassion. Whales like to stay with family. They protect their children with their utmost. If you ink an orca tattoo on your body it will increase your simplicity of luck.

orca tattoo


orca whale tattoo


orca whale tattoo1


orca whale tattoo 2


You can see some white parts in the black body of the orca whale. This species is one of the big species of whale. It surrounds the deep ocean alone, you cannot see it every day. Sometimes it seems with its spouse. This design looks perfect on the back side of your hands. However, it can be resized and inked on the neck, chest or shoulder. 

Blue Whale Tattoo

blue whale tattoo


blue whale tattoo 1


blue whale tattoo 3


The ‘Blue’ attribute for this species has come from the blue color body. Among all the species, this blue whale is the most popular among general people. Every year much research is completed on the blue whale. It is the loneliest living object in the world. Though it is a blue color you can also draw it with black color only; as you can in one of the designs given here. 

Beluga Whale Tattoo

beluga whale tattoo


beluga tattoo


beluga whale tattoo 2


beluga tattoo 01


beluga whale tattoo 3


Normally beluga whales live in the arctic area. The most beautiful whale catches everyone’s eye. This beluga design has been one of the trending designs for its cuteness. This beautiful face attracts many people; many fall in love with its blossom.

Is Beluga Whale A Dolphin?

Some people know the beluga whale as a Dolphin species. Or some others have confusion about it. But the answer is beluga whale is not from the dolphin family. The Beluga whale lives with its family member. The upper design represents the same thing.

Whale Tail Tattoo

whale tail tattoo


whale tail tattoo 2


whale tail tattoo 3


A whale’s tale is an interesting object for us. The scenery of the tail going underwater fills our minds with peace. You can see the sun in the third design picture. You may have noticed that this design has been used on hands, legs and necks. Some people fall in confusion to draw the tail. One sentence for you, you can draw the whale body then why not the tail?

Sperm Whale Tattoo

sperm whale tattoo

sperm whale tattoo 2

sperm whale tattoo 3

The Sperm Whale may not be cute as a beluga whale, but it fully reflects the whale symbolism. The sperm whale is one of the largest toothed predators. You can feel the faithfulness, loyalty, and devotion in this sperm whale design. You will find all reasons in it to ink this tattoo on your body.

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Killer Whale Tattoo

killer whale tattoo

killer whale tattoo 2

killer whale tattoo 3

killer whale tattoo 4

Killer whales and orca are almost the same. Both species have some white dots on their bodies. You can see different types of killer whale portraits here that can be inked on your body. One is simple design and another one is regular. A dangerous-looking tattoo design is given to some people who like fearsome tattoos.

Polynesian Whale Tattoo Meaning

‘Polynesia’ term is relating to Polynesia, its people, or their languages. One of the finest artistic designs is this. This design is one kind of language that not everyone can understand. This design comes with a whale body which makes a wonderful illustration. 

‘Maori’ is the Polynesian language. Maori tattoos and Polynesian tattoos are the same. 

polynesian whale tattoo

polynesian whale tattoo 2

A Polynesian design represents adaptability, power, and guidance. This remains the same in the whale tattoo. The maze in the body made the design fully unique and authentic. It helps you to understand the meaning of tattoos. 

Whale Shark Tattoo

whale shark tattoo

whale shark tattoo 2

whale shark tattoo 3

The whale shark is known for its big size like the blue whale. It is a slow-moving sea creature. Often it is seen on the shores while people take pictures of it. The whale shark tattoo reminds us

of its pride. This tattoo tells us that we can be calm and quiet even having a big body. This one whale has broken many records with its behavior. For this reason, tattoo lovers cannot deny inking this tattoo on their bodies.

Minimalist Whale Tattoo

minimalist whale tattoo

minimalist whale tattoo 2

minimalist whale tattoo 3

minimalist whale tattoo 4

You find the perfect look in minimalist designs. Not everyone likes big, tangled, and complex designs. But minimalist designs can be loved and enjoyed by everyone. You can find peace and naturality in tattoos. The thing is the size of the tattoo does not matter, but your interest matters.

Humpback Whale Tattoo

humpback whale tattoo

humpback tattoo

humpback whale tattoo 2

humpback whale tattoo 3

humpback whale tattoo 4

A humpback whale can live a life of 40 to 50 years. It spends most of its time alone roaming in the big ocean. Our mind becomes fresh when we think about the big open ocean. A tattoo can do the same thing to us. Getting a tattoo of a humpback can reduce our stress. This tattoo fully represents the meaning and symbolism of the whale tattoo. 

Simple Whale Tattoo

simple whale tattoo

easy whale tattoo

simple whale tattoo 2

Simplicity is always nice. These designs are realistic but you can easily draw this from an artist. In any place of your body, it can fit. You can color your design as you need. You are seeing some magnificent designs that you have to love. These are filtered from a vast amount of designs. 

You may be looking for some easy and simple designs, then these are for you. Get one of these designs to get peace in your life. 

Traditional Whale Tattoo

traditional whale tattoo

traditional whale tattoo 2

traditional whale tattoo 3

traditional whale tattoo 4

Now everything has been digitalized. But still, we have to follow our tradition. Traditional tattoos have deep meaning, this same for tattoos of whales Some colorful designs have been represented here. The most important thing the meaning is fully highlighted in these designs. For this reason, people fall for traditional tattoo designs. 

Great Whale Tattoo

great whale tattoo

great whale tattoo 2

great whale tattoo 3

Great whales are being extinct day by day. It is a good way to remind them by getting a tattoo. Great whales have many similarities with blue whales. Great whales are mostly known for their emotions. They don’t go away from their loved soul. The suggestion is to Get all the features of a whale inside yourself by getting a  simple tattoo on your body skin. 

Realistic Killer Whale Tattoo

realistic whale tattoo

whale realistic tattoo

realistic whale tattoo 2

These designs are fully detailed and look like real whales. This can bring us the ocean-type feeling. If you look at these designs we can see whales playing around us. I am sure this design will be praised by your friends and colleagues.

Whales spend their life with rules and regulations. They have huge bodies but never show any kind of arrogance to others. Choose the best artist to ink this tattoo. Because if you lose the quality of this design, the whole time will go in vain.

Geometric Whale Tattoo

geometrical whale tattoo

geometrical whale tattoo 2

geometrical whale tattoo 3

Geometric means square, sphere and triangles. Geometrical signs are used in many sectors like science, Business, arts and crafts. A tattoo design made of a geometric sign can be the best idea. You can see these designs are only made of geometrical signs. It represents your sharp mind. Show your taste in tattoos with a geometrical whale design. 

Tribal WhaleTattoo

tribal whale tattoo

tribal whale tattoo 2

tribal whale tattoo 3

Tribal tattoos have a solid meaning in their designs. If you focus on the designs you can see all the designs have something special in them. But don’t think these are old designs. You can use these as something creative on your mind.

The more creative you are, the more prosperity you will get in life. But never forget about respect for persons who truly deserve it. Whales are always honorable to us. We can learn many things from their behavior.

Space Whale Tattoo

space whale tattoo

galaxy whale tattoo

planet whale tattoo

whale space tattoo

space galaxy whale tattoo

Space is love for many people. Experts spend their life gathering knowledge about space. Your passion for space cannot be shown with a just tattoo. But you can show your love for both space and whales by getting a tattoo. You are seeing some colorful and amazing designs. 

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Have you noticed that all of these are related to space? Planets, moon, and space things are visible in these portraits. There also you can see the galaxy whale tattoo design. Fulfill your hope and increase your confidence about space study with a nice whale space tattoo design on your body. 

Whale Skeleton Tattoo

whale skeleton tattoo

whale skeleton tattoo 2

whale skeleton tattoo 3

whale skeleton tattoo 4

Whales live for many years, more than the average human lifespan. Its max weight can be about 180 tons. Its skeleton is bigger than any other living object in our world. If you compare a whale with an elephant, the elephant is a baby at that time. People’s interest goes high when they hear about the skeleton of a whale. As the skeleton is huge, it is better to draw a big-sized tattoo. But some people use the design on their hands also. 

52 Hertz Whale Tattoo

52 hertz whale tattoo

52 whale tattoo

The 52-hertz whale is known as the loneliest whale. Experts say that this whale is unique in its own way. Getting the most unique whale tattoo can increase your confidence in front of others. 

A good tattoo design can be the reason for your happiness. These designs are filled with pureness. There should not be any confusion to choose this tattoo to ink. 

Cute Whale Tattoo

whale cute tattoo

cute whale tattoo

cute whale tattoo 2

The whale has a strong personality to be alone. They also have a cute look in the deep ocean. Some artists made this imagination into reality. The real body shape of the whale has been changed to make the tattoo cute. These cute illustrations are not only used by women but also men use this design on their body parts. 

Cartoon Whale Tattoo

cartoon whale tattoo

whale cartoon tattoo

blue whale cartoon tattoo

A cartoon tattoo is the best way to show our creativity. In many movies or documentaries, people use whale images. Sometimes the whale is used in cartoons to make the scenery gorgeous. The cartoon tattoo idea of the whale was made for young generations. But it is being used by all aged people. Also, some professionals are using it. 

Watercolour Whale Tattoo

watercolor whale tattoo

whale watercolor tattoo

water whale tattoo

whale water color tattoo

Whales spend the most time in the deep ocean. Sometimes they need to dive and swim in the air. Some photographers pictured the image of a whale swimming. The idea of watercolor tattoos came from that images. You have to spend a good time inking this tattoo. But after then you will get a fresh and unique design visible on your skin. 

Black and White Whale Tattoo

whale tattoo black

black and white whale

Black and white is one kind of art for many people. Black lovers try to find some black color tattoo designs for their bodies. They get peace in their minds through black color tattoos. But the fact is whales look fine in black colour. You can see the whale’s upper side and lower side has been visible in this design. 

Haida Whale Tattoo

haida whale tattoo

haida whale tattoo 2

haida whale tattoo 3

A new and trending design is presented here for you. I know that you have not seen this design before. Take a look at this design and let us know if you liked it or not. It seems like a muzzle or puzzle. But it is not something like that. But you can find mystery in this design. Your artist may be surprised when you will tell him to draw this design on your body.

Abstract Whale Tattoo

abstract whale tattoo

abstract whale tattoo 2

abstract whale tattoo 3

If you truly believe in whales are the symbols of peace and equity, get inked one of these tattoo ideas. The abstract tattoo has a lot of meaning. One thing you should know is that is used in every country in the world. wherever you go, you can show your personal attitude in front of others.

Theoretically and ironically, whale tattoo design has an impact on our life. If it is your first time getting a tattoo, then you must choose a captivating design from here.

Japanese Whale Tattoo

japanese whale tattoo

japanese whale tattoo 2

whale tattoo japanese

japanese whale tattoo 3

Japanese people respect history in their daily life. They don’t use anything without meaning. If you look closer at the designs you will find something historical or story-type meaning. As a whale is a sea creature, all the imagination is sea-related. This ritual is followed in many countries nowadays. Try one of these designs for yourself. 

Native Whale Tattoo

native whale tattoo

native whale tattoo 2

native whale tattoo 3

Native means local living. We already know that whales don’t live in one place for a long time. They change their living place every few days. People living in the coastal area are used to seeing these animals. You cannot say everything about whales. There are many things that are still a mystery about the whales. Especially their talking system still our scientists could not figure out. Our curiosity about whales will never end.

You have already seen 91 designs related to whales. But the question remains- have you understood the real meaning of whale tattoos? If your answer is yes, I hope you have chosen a design for your body from this tattoo gallery. The propensity of getting a tattoo is now in your mind. Don’t fall into hesitation to get a tattoo on your body.

You have seen many types of design. We have shown tattoo designs for hands, neck, chest, leg, wrist, belly, shoulder and all other parts of your body. Get a tattoo as soon as possible and show your love and respect for whales. It will not cost you much to draw a tattoo. But the benefit you will get is valuable.

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